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  1. Django29
  2. JCE Editor
  3. Wednesday, 31 May 2017
Frequent question (and rare clear answer) on the web : How can we display 3 columns in JCE ?

Each column containing titles, images, and regular text.

And without the obligation to create a specific custom.css.
This code works, entered manually :
<div class="row-fluid">
<div class="span4">...content 2...</div>
<div class="span4">..content 3 ...</div>
<div class="span4">..content 4 ...</div>
But is there a procedure in JCE to do this more easily, and with more parameters (width of each column, alignments , more rows...) ?
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Apologies for the lack of reply, occasionally a post will fall through the cracks... :(

At the moment there is not easy way to insert complex layouts like the one above with additional parameters. I am hoping to come up with some kind of solution for easier grid layouts this year.
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OK Ryan. But that's why we prefer sometimes to install a pagebuilder, like SPPagebuilder using JCE, even when we use it only at 2%...
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