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  Thursday, 03 May 2018
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Hi guys,

i purchased yesterday the JCE PRO (2.6.28) to speed up my works on a new website, but i have an issue with "Media Manager" using YouTube and in general, all online hosted video (i tried also Vimeo).

the feeling is that i can fill the media definition form selecting the media type (Youtube etc) insert for URL, define position, size and alternate text, and when i push to insert the movie, i can see in my article the box with the code (i can see also in code preview) but when i save it, all the box disappear.
i was thinking could be an incompatibility with ALLvideo for K2, but also disabling the plug-in and trying again i have the same result: video bound to youtube and similar disappear
this evening i updated with the latest release (2.6.29), but i have the same issue

Instead, if I try to add a "local video" with flash and html5 everything works fine.

i saw also this

and tried with firefox fut same issue.

Can someone help me to understand (maybe) my mistakes?

more than a month ago
dann..... RSfirewall !!! :( :( :( I find the problem:

RSFirewall scambles tags
If you have RSFirewall installed, please read this article -

I will check with RS support to write a exception rule instead enter my ip address in whitelist
more than a month ago
found a solution:

2 ways.

1. if you wrote/add articles from your home/work and you have static IP address: write a whitelist with your IP address and subnet (if applicable): in this way, RSFirewall will ignore all restriction and check for connection from this IP(s)

2. if you don't have a static IP address, write an exception rule in RSfirewall with this sentence:

Exception Type: component
Use RegEx: no
Match: com_content
Skip PHP protections: no
Skip SQL protections: no
Skip JS protections: YES
Skip Upload protections: no
Reason: Allow <iframe> in content
Published: Yes

(tnx to Heidi4web for providing this solution)
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