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  Thursday, 26 May 2022
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Hi team,
When I add an image with JCE to a J!4 article, I choose an image from the Media folder with JCE.
Thing is, that when doing that, the link of that message is images/mediafolder/images. So far so good but when I use J! particles, I meet this issue that
the images is not in full (column) width until I manually add 'nomarginall' in the image class setting. Due to displaying an image by a particle, the image link should start with a trailing slash: /images/mediafolder/images or otherwise they aren't displayed. Can you tell me how this can be solved? Thanks!

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more than a month ago
Usually the Joomla SEF plugin will correctly resolve all urls (links, images etc.) on the page to add the leading slash, but it appears this J! particles extension is not being processd by the SEF plugin, so you will need to add the leading slash yourself before inserting the image.

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