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Image Manager Extended


  • Changed: Added support for static gif files in the Image Editor.
  • Fixed: Error message on upload on servers where the exif_read_data PHP function is disabled.


  • Added: Watermark images on upload.
  • Fixed: Error messages when uploading or editing images due to updates to the PEL library.
  • Fixed: Incorrect crop area size in Thumbnail Editor.


  • Fixed: Image fields not filled when selecting an image in thumbnail view mode. 


  • Fixed: Fatal Error when creating/editing content in Joomla 1.5


  • Fixed: Resize dimensions not correctly calculated if only one value is set.


  • Fixed: Multiple images inserted incorrectly in Chrome.


  • Fixed: Incorrect dimension value when one value is changed twice.
  • Fixed: Edit Image button not available if GD not installed on the server, but IMagick is.
  • Fixed: Image previews not loaded when more than 100 images are displayed in the list.
  • Fixed: Error in Image Editor when changing between Crop and Resize options.


  • Fixed: Dimensions values not changing when a value is altered.


  • Changed: Added back vertical-align Alignment options
  • Changed: Replace underscore and dash with space in image Description


  • Fixed: Equal Values checkbox unresponsive when clicked.


  • Changed: Reduce Align options to Left, Right, Center.
  • Fixed: Cannot Save or Apply edits in the Image Editor when using JCE 2.4


  • Fixed : Image Editor Apply action returns error message on IIS
  • Fixed : Images with uppercase extensions rejected in inline-upload
  • Fixed : Set default popup link title from image title.


  • Fixed : Popup image inserted into existing popup link when manually creating multiple popup items.


  • Fixed : Image Editor loading indicator position in Webkit browsers
  • Fixed : Loading image in Image Editor in IE11


  • Fixed : Error applying image edits on Joomla 1.5


  • Fixed : Error in dialog in IE8
  • Added : Option to set whether IMagick is the preferred image processing engine (will fall back to GD)
  • Changed : Don't automatically set the popup title from the image alt attribute. 


  • Fixed : Error / blank alert dialog when uploading image using drag&drop into the editor.


  • Fixed : Add fallback function for servers that do not support the PHP exif_imagetype function
  • Fixed : Canvas errors in the Image Editor in Firefox 22
  • Fixed : Image Editor uses the Joomla Filesystem API to write image data where applicable - fixes errors when using Joomla FTP mode.


  • Changed :Change yes/no parameter select lists to radio lists
  • Fixed :Fix transparency when resizing some png and gif files
  • Fixed : Difficulty sorting multiple images when changing view mode.
  • Fixed : Use dimensions of first image in multiple selection list when creating popups rather than default thumbnail dimensions.


  • Fixed : Unable to apply or save edits in Image Editor in Safari
  • Fixed : Skip resize if no width and height set.
  • Fixed : Remove use of realpath to create full cache folder path.
  • Fixed : Square thumbnails not cropped from center.
  • Fixed : Image not inserted when using drag&drop upload in the editor.
  • Fixed : Thumbnail sizing when inserting multiple images


  • Fixed : Resize ratio when disabling constrain in the Image Editor.
  • Fixed : Crop selection when changing X, Y values in the Image Editor.
  • Fixed : Update single / multiple selection options when Popup Type is changed.


  • Fixed : Resize errors on uploading when upload resize options are hidden.
  • Changed : Image Editor uses differnet methods to apply and save edits based on browser features.
  • Added : Fields to set width, height x and y crop values in Image Editor. 


  • Fixed : Cropping thumbnails not working with PHP GD.
  • Fixed : Error in display thumbnail output if file doesn't exist.


  • Fixed : Can't change Alignment or Border values.
  • Fixed : Border style serialization improved.
  • Fixed : All default attribute values set (class, direction, style etc.) are now applied to drag & drop uploads.


  • Fixed : Always Include Dimensions option not applied.
  • Fixed : Image Editor now uses Image Library fro transform processing.
  • Fixed : Some default attribute values not applied.


  • Added : GD and Imagick image libraries
  • Added : Option to set image processor GD (default) or Canvas.
  • Added : Option to set default attributes
  • Added : Drag & Drop upload support.
  • Added : "Always Include Dimensions" option - set to No to allow images to be inserted without dimensions.
  • Fixed : Can't select image in JCE 2.3.0 beta
  • Fixed : Image Editor issues in JCE 2.3.0 beta
  • Fixed : Crop Thumbnail option not applied.
  • Fixed : PNG thumbnails saved as jpeg.
  • Fixed : Inocrrect thumbnail dimensions used when inserting multiple popups.
  • Fixed : Thumbnails distorted when created using "Crop Thumbnail" option.


  • Fixed : Multiple image insertion with popups
  • Fixed : Cropping in the Image Editor resizes the image to fit the crop window
  • Fixed : Fix image resizing to fit within editor window in Image Editor.
  • Fixed : Add quality slider for all browsers on save in Image Editor
  • Fixed : Saving images in Firefox in the Image Editor would produce file sizes greater than the original.
  • Fixed : Rollover images
  • Fixed : Use default mode value if no cookie set.


  • Fixed : Cache directory path creation
  • Fixed : PNG images are now saved correctly in the Image Editor
  • Fixed : Thumbnail Editor preveiw sizing if only one dimension set
  • Fixed : Images can now be resized up in the Image Editor
  • Changed : Thumbnails created on upload are now created using canvas in the browser (supported browsers only)



  • Fixed : Thumbnail folder creation
  • Fixed : Image resizing when inserting multiple images
  • Fixed : Image Editor window size when image size exceeds screen resolution
  • Fixed : Thumbnail preview size
  • Fixed : Thumbnail detection from thumbnail prefix
  • Fixed : Some parameters cannot be empty eg: Image Editor presets
  • Added : Parameters to hide some dialog options  




  • Fixed : Updating popups
  • Fixed : Upload resizing when only one dimension value is supplied.



  • Fixed : Styles list updating margin, align, border options
  • Fixed : Border values compressed in Styles field
  • Fixed : File Browser list thumbnails display in Firefox 3.6
  • Fixed : Thumbnail Editor dialog unresponsive in Firefox
  • Fixed : Thumbnail Editor dimensions calculations when values removed
  • Fixed : Resize and Thumbnail errors in FTP mode.
  • Fixed : Multiple popup creation in IE and Webkit
  • Fixed : IE7 / 8 issues in the Thumbnail Editor
  • Fixed : Silence Fatal Error Ouput to prevent javascript errors when resize / thumbnail fails due to memory issues
  • Added : Crop To Fit option for Thumbnail creation in the Upload dialog. This cahnges the default Thumbnail behaviour to proportionately thumbnail images on upload unless this option is checked.



  • Update : Improved security by adding feature access, file name and path checks on all filesystem functions
  • Fixed : Creating Thumbnails on Upload
  • Fixed : Setting Border options to "Not Set"
  • Fixed : Create / Delete thumbnail messages


  • Fixed : Errors when uploading and resizing images that have dimensions smaller than the resize dimensions.
  • Fixed : Context Menu link


  • Changed : Proportional checkbox and label removed from Upload dialog.
  • Changed : Resizing and Thumbnailing on Upload can now be done by supplying  single value
  • Added : Tooltips to Resize and Thumbnail options in the Upload dialog.
  • Added : The Thumbnail Editor can now create thumbnails using a single width or height value
  • Added : Memory check before resizing or creating thumbnails where these actions require GD and may cause server errors with large files.
  • Changed : File List Cache option disabled by default
  • Added : File List Icons are displayed first using any associated thumbnail, then the exif thumbnail if available, then a cache thumb is created if possible, otherwise a scaled version of the full image is used.
  • Fixed : Creating thumbnails on uploading


  • Fixed : Inserting images not in File Browser list
  • Fixed : Inserting popups where image does not have an associated thumbnail
  • Fixed : Creation and display of image icons in Images mode.
  • Added : Option to disable Icon caching
  • Tuesday, 08 June 2010