Each Add-on that is able to upload and display files - Image Manager, File Manager, Media Manager etc. - includes a Permitted File Extensions parameter to set the types of files that the add-on can upload and display.

The Permitted File Extensions Editor

To edit the Permitted File Extensions, click on the pencil icon adjacent to the Permitted File Extensions field in the parameters of the relevant add-on (eg: File Browser). The text field itself is not editable.

permitted file_ext_edit

The Permitted File Extension editor will open displaying the list of extensions (file types) associated with the add-on, grouped by type, eg: Text, Images, Adobe® Flash®, Audio, Video, etc.

permitted ext_editor


Extensions are represented by a rectangular box containing the extension icon, name and checkbox indicating the extensions status - checked = permitted, unchecked = not permitted. A permitted extension can be uploaded and will be displayed in the add-ons Browser list. 

permitted ext_item

An extension box can be dragged within its group to re-order or between groups to move it to another group.

permitted ext_drag

Removing Extensions

Extensions can be removed by unchecking the checkbox*

Adding Extensions

  1. Click Add new type to add a new extension to the group. A new extension box will be created containing an empty text box, blank icon and a remove button.
  2. Type in the new extension in the text field without the leading dot, eg: fdf

A new extension can be removed by clicking the remove button.

permitted ext_new_item


Extension Groups

Extension Groups are represented by a rectangular box with the group name at the top, a drag handle on the left and a checkbox on the right indicating the group status.

Extension Groups associate extensions with a certain application or media type, eg: Microsoft Office® or Audio. Some add-ons such as the Media Manager use these groupings to determine how a particular media file is to be embedded. In some browsers such as IE, the groups are used as filters when selecting files to upload.

Each group contains an Add new type option, clicking on this will allow you to add a new extension to the group.

Groups can be re-ordered by drag and drop using the drag handle.


permitted ext_group


Removing Extension Groups

Extension Groups can be removed by unchecking the checkbox. Removing an Extension Group will remove all the extensions in that group*

Creating Extension Groups

  1. Click on the Add new group to create a new Group box.
  2. Type in the group name in the text field at the top of the box, eg: Video
  3. Extensions can be added to the group by dragging them into the group form other groups, or by adding them using the steps in Adding Extensions.


permitted ext_new_group

* Default Extensions and Extension Groups (those that aren't created by the user) are never completely removed. They can be added back at any time by checking the checkbox.