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Leverage the ChatGPT AI to produce dynamic content or refine existing material.


Install using the Joomla Extensions Installer -

After installation, assign the plugin to an Editor Profile in Editor Profiles -> Features & Layout by dragging the icon into an editor toolbar row.

Add the ChatGPT icon to the editor toolbar


This plugin requires access to the ChatGPT OpenAI API -

Once you have signed up for the API, generate an API key - - copy the key, and paste it into the API Key field in the ChatGPT parameters in Editor Profiles -> Plugin Parameters -> ChatGPT.

Set the ChatGPT API key

Set any other parameter options as required.

Generate content using the ChatGPT dialog

Sending a request using the ChatGPT dialog

Generate content using a Textpattern

Prefixing any prompt in a block element (paragraph or div) with the :ai prefix will send the prompt as a ChatGPT request and replace the prompt and prefix with the result.

Sending a request using the textpattern :ai prefix

Process or generate content using Custom Preset Prompts

Preset Prompts can be easily created within the Plugin Parameters by assigning a Name and a Prompt instruction. These prompts can either be utilized on selected HTML content or employed to generate fresh text. Preset Prompts will be accessible from the ChatGPT button menu.

Create Preset Prompts to process or generate new content
Example Custom Prompts created in the ChatGPT Plugin Parameters

Accept or Reject Edits on processed content

Before inserting AI-processed content, users can preview the differences made to the selected content. If the Show Differences option is activated during insertion, these alterations will be highlighted within the editor. Users then have the flexibility to accept or reject changes, either on an individual basis or collectively.

Accept and Reject changes made by the AI to selected content
Show Differences in the original and processed content and Accept and Reject edits.