SVG Element Support

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Enable SVG elements in the editor


Install using the Joomla Extensions Installer -

After installation, assign the plugin to an Editor Profile in Editor Profiles -> Features & Layout -> Additional Features.

Enable SVG Elements


This plugin will allow common svg elements in the editor when added in the Code Editor or from some other source.

Important: Enabling the usage of SVG elements should be done with caution. SVG elements can potentially be exploited as an attack vector by malicious users. It is highly recommended to restrict the usage of this feature to trusted users or within a secure environment to mitigate any security risks.


This plugin adds support for the full list of SVG elements - - but for simplicity allows all possible attribute types for each element.

The tag is padded with a non-breaking space while editing to prevent its removal. This non-breaking space is removed on saving or when switching to code view.



  • Add updateservers to the xml file


  • Patch in xlink:href attribute for tag


  • Make all element names lowercase to prevent removal


  • Update language file