Server Filesystem

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The Server Filesystem plugin allows access to and managing of folders on the same server as the Joomla site but outside of the Joomla root folder.


Install using the Joomla Extension Manager.


In Editor Profiles -> Editor Parameters -> Filesystem, set the Filesystem option to Filesystem - Server, then set the Base Directory and Root URL values.

This plugin requires that you set the absolute path - the Base Directory - to the folder outside of the Joomla root, as well as the absolute URL - the Root URL - to that folder, which may be another domain or sub domain, depending on your hosting setup.

filesystem server config

Note: Server restrictions, such as the PHP open_base_dir setting, might prevent access to files and folders between hosting accounts, rendering this plugin unusable if such access is required.



  • Update getRootDir method to bypass Joomla Filesystem processing in JCE Pro 2.9.55 or later. This prevents defaulting to or creating an images folder.


  • As the Server Filesystem is an extension of the default Joomla Filesystem, the File Directory Path can now be empty if the Joomla Filesystem Allow Root Access option is set to Yes.


  • Refactored and fixed errors in Joomla 4 and Joomla 5