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  • JCE 1.0.5 to be released as JCE 1.1

So, I've been blogging the development progress of JCE 1.0.5 and a litte bit about the new features in JCE 1.1, and I have also outlined a roadmap, which I have recently changed, and this might all be causing some confusion as to what is being released when. Forgive me, I'm a little new to all this.

JCE 1.0.5 was originally intended as a maintenance release, to fix a couple of bugs and smooth a few things out. Well, I have learnt an awful lot since the release of 1.0.4, working on 1.1, and trying to implement a lot of cool features that would make JCE more powerful and easier to use. When I started to look at the code of 1.0.4 and compare it to what I had been working on, I saw an opportunity to correct a lot of mistakes and optimize a lot of the functions. I had also been working on a little API that would help me in building and maintaining plugins, so I decided to take the stuff that was ready and build it into 1.0.4, releasing it as a 1.0.5 update. This started to look less and less like a maintenance release, so I made the decision to push it on to JCE 1.1.

I was also starting to feel increasingly obligated to those users who had subscribed (thank you!) to release a JCE version that had at least a few advanced member only features, before you all started demanding your money back! 

This is what you can expect in JCE 1.1

  • The live_site/www bug has been fixed!
  • All Manager plugins now include sorting of the file list by type and by name (see a screenshot here as well as the ability to search the current directory for a file or files.
  • Draggable floating dialogs replace those horrible div layers for upload, rename etc. See a screenshot here
  • Manager plugins have heltips for common attributes (URL, Title, etc.). See a screenshot here
  • Most of the Manager icons have been replaced.
  • The Media Manager plugin will support mp3 (through Quicktime at the moment) as well as Real Media and Shockwave. A Media Manager with FLV support will be released for members soon after the 1.1 release. The option to use a script based insertion of the media object is also available, to counter the IE6/IE7 issue tha emerged recently.
  • I've tried to make things a little bit more secure where possible. I have also attempted to optimize and share as much code as possible.
  • The Image Manager plugin will be released to members only, non-members will ge the Image Manager Lite. Depending on how things go with regards to time, the Image Manager may begin using a lightbox type of popup. This will be compatible with lightbox itself, and existing popups will be converted on page load, until I can find a way to create a tool that can do this conversion to all old popups in the database.
  • JCE has been upgraded to use TinyMCE, and includes 2 new plugins - a Layer plugin, to create floating layers in your content, and a Style plugin, which allows you to edit almost any CSS style property. These are already available in the current TinyMCE version that ships with Joomla! 1.0.10.
  • The phpThumb and getID3 libraries have been updated.
  • I have had another crack at fixing the user directory feature that has not really ever worked for many users (according to the forum posts).
  • Attempted to make JCE produce more XHTML compliant code through better configuration of the TinyMCE editor. JCE now uses 'raw' encoding by default and all plugins have been configured to use a utf-8 charset.

I can't think of anything more to write at the moment.

Please be patient while I try and get JCE 1.1 together.