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  • JCE 1.1 - 1st September 2006

So there you have it, an official release date for JCE 1.1.

I was hoping for an earlier release, but as there is a significant amount of new stuff, a lot of it new javascript, there is a lot of testing to do before the release.

JCE 1.1 will be released as in the past, with an Editor Mambot, the Admin Component, and a selection of extra, optional plugins. These plugins will be:

Image Manager - formerly Image Manager Lite, this provides basic image upload, delete, rename etc., without any resizing, thumbnailing or popup support.Image

Manager SE - The 'subscription edition' Image Manager with extra features such as resize and thumbnail on upload, thumbnailing, popups, image resize and rotate.Media

Manager - a basic Media Manager with support for quicktime, windows media player, real player, shockwave, flash.Media

Manager SE - the 'subscription edition' Media Manager with added FLV support. 

File Manager - similar to the existing File Manager, but including all the new 'manager' features listed below.Advanced

Link - basic version of Advanced Link with hierarchical selection of Joomla content (see the dev blog).

Advanced Link SE - 'subscription edition' of the Advanced Link plugin with add Search capability, and the ability to create 'favourites' from links.  Also includes content popups using the JCEUtilities mambot.All the new 'manager' plugins have new functionality :

  • Sorting of the file list by name and extensionSearching
  • of the file list
  • Inline, floating dialogs for upload, rename etc.File
  • properties are extracted and displayed dynamically when a file is selected, this reduces overall loading time of the file list, especially when the are large files or a lot of files in the selected folder.

The Template Manager plugin (a new version of the current templates plugin), will be released a little while after the main JCE 1.1 release. Not only will this plugin allow you to insert content from html files, but will also allow you to create new files from the editor's contents, and insert content from a Joomla article.Following

the release of TinyMCE 2.0.7 (not sure about the release date), the Caption plugin will make a reappearance, as TinyMCE 2.0.7 fixes a bug that prevents the caption plugin from working with current versions of TinyMCE.JCE

1.1 will include the latest version of TinyMCE,, which adds a few new plugins developed by Moxiecode. JCE 1.1 may also include the TinyMCE spellchecker.