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JCE 1.1.0 beta released!

Okay, so I've finally got round to releasing a new version of JCE, even if it is a beta version.

So why has it taken so long? Well, version 1.1.0 is almost a complete rewrite of the JCE Editor Mambot and all the plugins and includes the latest version of the TinyMCE editor, 2.0.8.

This release is particularly significant as it sperates the plugins into two different types, standard plugins available to all, along with the editor mambot and admin component, and 'Subscription Edition' plugins, available to those of you who have purchased or will purchase a JCE site subscription.

There have been far too many changes to write up as a changelog as one would usually do, so I will go through each part of the JCE system one by one:

The Editor Mambot

As mentioned above, the editor mambot includes the latest version of TinyMCE, which itself includes a number of new plugins, such as a Layer plugin, for creating div layers in your content items, an XHTML Xtras plugin, for adding elements such as cite, abbr, del and ins, and a specific command for inserting non-breaking space characters. The editor itself includes numerous bug fixes (you can check out the specifics here ) and a new gzip compressor is included to speed up editor loading times.

I have also added a number of new features to the editor itself, such as the ability to toggle the editor on or off (the state is remembered with a cookie), the default state can be set in the Editor configuration.

I have also attempted to overcome the dreaded 'www / live site' problem that has plagued mosCE and JCE for so long, by including all javascript files with a relative url.

The mambot now includes an api that centralizes all file functions and plugin setups, which not only makes it easier for me to create and maintain plugins, but will make it easier for uses to create their own, possibly with full 'Manager' functionality.

Help System

JCE 1.1.0 includes a new online help system, that uses articles on this site to provide Help topics for the main plugins and Admin sections. Thse articles will be able to be tranlsated using JoomFish, providing a full multi-lingual help system for JCE.

This is still in development, and most help articles are not yet available.


The plugins are now seperated into 2 types, Standard plugins, available to all, and 'Subscription Edition' plugins for JCE site members.

Standard Plugins

  • Image Manager - This is similar in functionality to the older Image Manager Lite plugin, and includes all the new functionality of all the Manager plugins. This plugin is installed with the Editor Mambot.
  • Advanced Link - Similar to the old Advanced Link, but without the Search option. Features the new Ajax powered Joomla! links dropdown list. This plugin is installed with the Editor Mambot.
  • File Manager - Identical in functionality to the old File Manager but with the new Manager interface.
  • Media Manager - an all new Media Manager plugin, based on Moxiecode's own Media plugin, with support for flash, quicktime, real media, windows media and shockwave. This plugin can operate in 'script mode' which generates a javascript function in place of the media code, which is converted on page load to the inline html, overcoming the IE object issue (requires either the JCE Utilities Mambot 1.1.3 or the JCE Embed Mambot - available soon.).

Subscription Edition Plugins

  • Image Manager SE - includes all the features of the old Image Manager plus new popup methods using JCE Utilties, Lightbox or Thickbox, and the older JCE 1.0.x popup method, and tooltips (JCE Utitlies mambot 1.1.3 required).
  • Advanced Link SE - includes all the features of the old Advanced Link plugin, plus the ability to store and recall 'Favourite' links. Includes the ability to create popups and tooltips for use with the JCE Utitlies Mambot 1.1.3.
  • Caption Plugin - the return of an old favourite. Produces boxed captions around images using divs, which can be styled in various ways.

Quick note: Both Image Managers produce XHTML compliant code, eliminating the deprecated border, align, vspace and hspace attributes.

Whats missing?

Well, the Media Manager SE, which will add support for FLV files, and hopefully MP3's too, using included flash players, is still in development.

The Template Manager plugin will be available soon, as will the Iframe plugin.

Some notes and warnings:

  • JCE 1.1.0 is not compatible with Joomla 1.5! Don't even try using them together.I will begin working on JCE 1.2.0 soon, which will be specifically designed for Joomla 1.5.
  • JCE 1.1.0 has been tested on IE 6 and IE7, Firefox 1.5 and 2.0, and Opera 9. Opera doesn't work too well, but I will continute to try and improve this.
  • JCE 1.1.0 works best with IE 7 or Firefox 2, and users should note that these browser version are going to become minimum requirements for future version of JCE, follwoing th release of JCE 1.1.0 Stable.
  • It is a good idea to clear your browser cache and do a CTRL+F5 refresh before using the editor, to clear out old JCE javascript.

A note to translators

It sould be a good idea to begin translating JCE's language files, but do not commit to any packages until we are out of the beta period. There have been numerous changes to JCE's languages files, and older ones are not compatible with the new JCE.

I can't think of anything more to say right now. Download JCE and let me knwo how it goes.