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  • JCE to be released under new licence


As of version 1.1, JCE will be released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA licence, which will mean that JCE will no longer br free for commercial use. A licence or permission for commercial use will be available for purchase for between $10 and $15 (I haven't decided on a price yet), and will be valid for the life of JCE (that is from version 1.1 onwards) for a single instance of JCE.

Version 1.1 should be available in the next couple of weeks, and includes a lot of new stuff, including the latest update of TinyMCE,, a spellchecker, sorting and searching for the File, Image and Media Managers, as well as Flash FLV and MP3 players. Flash files will also be able to accept parameters.

I apologise for taking so long to release the next version of JCE, but I have been very busy lately, as well as learning ActionScript and rebuilding a whole lot of the JCE code.