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  • JCE Updates, Template Manager, JCE Utilities 1.2.0

JCE has recently received a number of important updates, as well as the long awaited return of the Template Manager (now a subscription plugin).

Updates include:

JCE Editor Mambot 1.1.4

Changelog (from 1.1.3):

  • Fixed: Custom CSS setting bug #5576
  • Fixed: Align default setting bug in Image Manager
  • Fixed: Relative URLs conversion bug #5588

Changelog (from 1.1.2):

  • Fixed: Template Colors in Color Picker
  • Fixed: Paragraph / Break bug - #4767
  • Fixed: TinyMCE Compressor is back
  • Added: Global option for upload dialog - select file after upload.
  • Added: Layer plugin is back.
  • Update: TinyMCE to
  • Update: Mootools to 1.1.0

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winter.jpg The JCE Utilities Mambot has also received an update, in fact it has been  largely rebuilt, and is now base on the Mootools powered Slimbox

It works better, and all browsers (IE6, IE7, Opera, FF, Safari, Camino) should now work properly.

I addition, the mambot will also add zoom/popup indicators to popup images and links.


All updates available in the downloads section. There is also a bundle for members that includes everything currently available. 

Please post bugs at JoomlaCode. Be descriptive, include as much information as possible. Please include browser version if applicable.



Changelog for Component and Plugins 

JCE Admin Component 1.1.1

Changelog from 1.1.0

  • Fixed: Toolbar buttons.
  • Fixed: Language Installer writeable folder list.
  • Added: Layer plugin install.
  • Removed: XHTMLxtras plugin elements list.

JCE Image Manager Extended 1.1.3

Changelog (from 1.1.2):


  • Fixed: Align default setting bug
  • Update: Use ImageMagick defaults to 'No' - for safety (exec errors etc.)

Changelog (from 1.1.1):


  • Fixed: New thumb caching routines, improved cleanup - bug #5524
  • Fixed: ImageMagick/phpThumb exec errors - bug #4754?, #5316?
  • Fixed: Preview thumbnail path error - bug #5313, #4754?
  • Fixed: Select text - bug #5339
  • Fixed: Align bug - #4786.
  • Added: New border options/functionality.
  • Added: Thumb Cache limit options in configuration.
  • Added: ImageMagick activation option in configuration.

JCE Advanced Link Extended 1.1.3

Changelog (from 1.1.2):


  • Fixed: Class selection/insertion. #4762
  • Fixed: htmlentities bug #4773
  • Added: jcebox to class list.

JCE Media Manager 1.1.5

Changelog (from 1.1.4)

  • Fixed: Boolean values on file edit
  • Fixed: Flashvars for flvPlayer
  • Added: Flash version to 7

JCE DocLink 1.1.2

Changelog from 1.1.1

  • Update: Minor Language Updates

Changelog from 1.1.0

  • Added: Option for link - download or details
  • Added: New language functions

JCE File Manager 1.1.1

Changelog from 1.1.0:

  • Added: New language functions
  • Added: General cleanup and improvements