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  • JCE Utilities Mambot 1.1.0


The JCE Utilities Mambot has been updated. The major change was to move from using JQuery to mootools. There are also a few new things added, and it looks and works a little better too (a lot like Lightbox).


The script will automatically convert old JCE and mosCE popups. The page must fully load before any popups become active.

To create a new popup, create a link on an image, using the full sized popup image for the links href attribute. Give the link a class of 'jcebox'. The link's title will be used as the popup image's caption.

To create a 'gallery', give each image link the same rel attribute, eg: rel="gallery".

Can also be usd to create popups to content items. Give the link a class of 'jcebox' and append a width and height value to the end of the content link ie: &bw=400&bh=400


Based on...

Lightbox v2.02 - Lokesh Dhakar - http://www.huddletogether.com

Thickbox 2.0 - Cody Lindley - http://www.codeylindley.com

Litebox v1.0 - http://doknowevil.net/litebox

The onload script is by Dean Edwards/Matthias Miller/John Resig

Everything else by me.

Uses the awesome mootools library - http://mootools.net

Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License - http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.5/ only because Lightbox is and is a condition of the above licence, otherwise it would be under an MIT-style license.

Should work with all modern browsers - FF 1.5, IE 6 & 7, Opera 9, Safari


This script requires you template to have a valid DTD, and may fail in IE if your template includes an XML declaration. Don't ask me why, something to do with IE and quirksmode. 


You can get it here .


Here is an example:



Oh, I almost forget. The popups are Draggable too! 



UPDATE: I have added a tutorial to try and explain things a little better.

ANOTHER UPADTE:  The mambot has been updated to 1.1.1


  • Added parameters to control Opacity FX speed and Resize FX speed.
  • Images are resized if larger than the screen size.
  • Fixed missing border on content popup.

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: The mambot has been updated to 1.1.2


  • Added PNG fix for IE, including options to enable/disable and to specify an identifier for files to be affected.
  • Fixed resize issue fir images in IE when in quirks mode.
  • Fixed resize issue for content links in Opera.