Editor Buttons



Open the Editor Help dialog


Undo the last action


Redo the last action


Apply or remove a bold effect on selected text.


Apply or remove italics to the selected text


Apply or remove an underline on the selected text

Font Family Select

Set the font-family on selected text eg: Arial

Font Size Select

Set the font-size on selected text eg: 10px

Style Select

Select a CSS class to apply to the selected text or element. The Style List is poulated with the classes form your template stylesheet based on Proile parameters

Strike Through

Apply or remove a strikethorough on the selected text

Justify Full

Format selected text to full the width of the container element

Justify Centre

Centre align text or elements

Justfiy Left

Align selected text or elements left

Justify Right

Align selected text or elements right

Format Select

Apply a block format to the selected text or element, eg: Paragraph will wrap the selected text in a paragraph element

New Document

Clear the current document

Font Fore Colour

Change the colour of selected text

Font Background Colour

Apply and edit text background colour.


Remove the link on the selected text or element


Indent the selected text or element


Remove the indentation on the selected element


Insert or remove a Blockquote

Ordered List

Create an ordered list

Bullet List

Create a bullet (unordered) list


Create and edit anchors

Character Map

Select a special character from a dialog to insert

Remove Format

Remove Formatting on the selected text or element

Horizontal Rule

Insert a Horizontal Rule


Apply or remove a subscript on the selected text. The text size will be reduced and the text set slightly below the normal line of type.


Apply or remove a superscript on the selected text. The text size will be reduced and the text set slightly above the normal line of type.

Visual Blocks

Display a visual representation of block elements

Visual Aid

Toggle Visual Aids.

Article Breaks

Insert and edit Joomla!© Readmore and Pagebreak elements


Automatically save drafts of the current article at regular intervals

Code Cleanup

Cleanup HTML code


Set the directionality on an element (eg: left-to-right or right-to-left)

Full Screen

Expand the editor to full the screen.

Image Manager

Upload, delete, rename and insert images


A dropdown list of Joomla "editor-xtd" buttons normally displayed below the editor


Insert and edit floating DIV layer elements


Insert and edit links to articles, web pages, files or e-mail addresses.

Non-Breaking Space

Insert a non-breaking space


Cut, Copy and Paste Tools. Includes cleanup of Microsoft Word® content plain text paste options.


Preview the current article


Print the article contents

Search & Replace

Find and replace text in the article


Spellchekcer using the Google Spell Checking service or as an interface for PSPell, Aspell or Enchant.


Edit the CSS styles on an element


Insert and Edit Tables. Includes tools for inserting, removing and merging cells and rows

Text Case

Change the case of the selected text. Options include Sentence case, Camel Case, UPPERCASE and lowercase.

Visual Characters

Toggle Visual Characters. These include visual representations of non-breaking spaces.

Toggle Toolbars

Show / Hide the toolbar rows below the row this button is in.

Visual Blocks

Toggle Visual Blocks, a visual representation of block elements.

XHTML Extras

Add additional properties on an element such as Insertion, Deletion, Acronym and Abbreviation.