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  1. bobr666
  2. MediaBox
  3. Thursday, 17 October 2019
Having trouble with pop-up sizes. I like to have images at 800 pixels width, but like to have a click to see higher resolution. This used to work. I noticed that, now, the pop-up appears smaller than the original, although the original image is much larger. You can see the problem on the images in this article.

I normally leave the width and height settings blank. I tried setting them to higher resolutions, but it doesn't seem to work. Latest JCE MediaBox 2 2.0.12
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Just because you're not paranoid doesn't mean everybody isn't out to get you.
  1. more than a month ago
  2. MediaBox
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That fixes the problem, thanks.
  1. 4 weeks ago
  2. MediaBox
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I came across this same issue 2.0.13 - seems to still be present. I installed 2.0.12 and worked ok.

  1. one week ago
  2. MediaBox
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