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  Tuesday, 09 February 2021
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Since it can be tiring to move the cursor back and forth between text area and toolbar, for instance to make 25 single words bold, set 10 headlines to level 4 or add the same link to 10 different words, it would be nice to have a key combination like CTRL + Y (CMD + Y) to repeat the last action I did before. So I would would only have to use the toolbar once, then the editor "keeps in mind" what I did, and I can repeat the action at a different location in the text just by marking the content and hitting CTRL +Y.

So I don't have to aim for the tiny toolbar buttons or scroll to the end of the loooong styles list over and over again just to do the same thing on several locations in the text.

That woud be nice.

Thanks in advance for thinking about it.

Best regards,

Karsten Dietrich
more than a month ago
Please try JCE Pro 2.9.3 RC1 -

Use CTRL + ALT + Z to repeat the last command executed.

Just because you're not paranoid doesn't mean everybody isn't out to get you.

more than a month ago
Wow! This was fast implementation. Works very well.

Thank you very much!
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