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  Wednesday, 26 July 2023
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I use JCE Pro for many, many years. It's a great tool. But now I've got a strange behavior of the latest few versions. If I open a new article some of the buttons are not active anymore (i.e. tables etc.), some are missing (picture, media box etc.)

I've reinstalled it twice, checked all the plugins (all active).

Every idea about it is highly appreciated.

Regards, Klaus
more than a month ago
Some buttons, like the table buttons, will only become active when the cursor is placed inside a table.

In your screenshot, you have added the Toggle Toolbars button to the editor toolbar (3rd row, 4th from the right in your image) which when added to the editor, will hide all toolbar rows below it until clicked. This might be the reason some buttons are missing.

You can remove the Toggle Toolbars button in Editor Profiles -> Features & Layout.

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more than a month ago
Great, that works!

Thank you!

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