1. Download JCE MediaBox 
  2. In the Joomla! Administration, go to Extensions -> Extension Manager

    joomla3 install1
  3. Click the Browse button in the Upload Package File section and locate the downloaded zip package. Click Upload & Install.

    joomla3 mediabox install
  4. Enable JCE MediaBox
    1. Go to Extensions -> Plugin Manager.
      joomla3 mediabox install2 
    2. Type mediabox in the Filter field and click Search
      joomla3 install mediabox enable1 
    3. Click on the red "Enable Plugin" icon to enable MediaBox.
      joomla3 install mediabox enable2 

Manual Installation

Installation may fail on some servers due to technical limitations and a manual installation may be necessary.

  1. Extract the downloaded JCE MediaBox package to a folder on your hard drive, eg: mediabox
  2. Upload this folder to the Joomla! tmp folder using an FTP client.
  3. Open the Joomla! Extension Manager and add the name of the folder you uploaded to the end of the Install Directory path

    joomla3 install mediabox manual
  4.  Click the Install button

For help installing Joomla! components, read the Joomla! Component Installation article