Create a Media Popup

  1. Select some text or an image to apply the link to (you can use the Image Manager to insert the image).
  2. Open the Link dialoig. Enter the relative path (the path without your site address) into the URL field if the video is on your site, either by hand or by using the File Browser, or the full url if it is an external link (to another site).
  3. Click on the Popups tab and select JCE MediaBox Popups from the Popup Type list

    link popup

  4. To add a title and/or caption to the popup, enter text in the Title and Caption fields.

    mediabox link title

  5. Type in the dimensions (width and height) for the popup. Leaving the dimensions fields black will result in a fullscreen popup.

    mediabox link dimensions

  6. Select the type of media item, eg: Flash

    mediabox youtube
  7. Set any other parameters needed for the popup.
      • Popup Icon - Display a popup icon on the target image or text.
      • Icon Position - Set the position of the popup icon.
      • Autopopup - Set whether the popup should open automatically when the page loads*. You will need to assign a unique ID to the link in the Advanced Tab.
      • Hide Popup Link - Hides the popup link and child elements. Useful when creating image galleries launched from a single link.
      • Parameters - Set additonal parameters.
  8. Click Insert.
* A browser cookie is used to store the autopopup state - whether it has been opened already - when using Autopopup Single.

Example HTML created by these steps :

<a href="/myvideo.mp4" type="video/mpeg" class="jcepopup" data-mediabox-title="JCE MediaBox" data-mediabox-caption="JCE MediaBox Rocks!" data-mediabox-width="800" data-mediabox-height="600">My Video</a>