This type of popup is fundamentally the same as one created on a link, except that the AREA element's href attribute is used for the popup content, and as the AREA element does not have a type attribute, the relevant media type identifier is added as an additional class, or specified as a parameter in the title attribute. Parameters can also be added the url in the format &width=800&height=600 etc.

All popups from the same image map are automatically grouped. To prevent a popup from being group, add nogroup to the AREA class.

Popup icons are not added to image map popups

Example HTML for an image map popup (applied to the AREA element only):

<area href="/url/to/some/file.html?type=ajax" title="title[My Popup];width[800];height[600]" class="jcepopup">

Media type identifiers:

  • flash for flash files including flv players
  • quicktime for Quicktime movies etc.
  • windowsmedia for Windows Media Player files.
  • real for Real Audio/Video files.
  • divx for DivX files.
  • director for Shockwave/Director files.
  • ajax for local links.
Media type identifiers should be added to the end of the URL, eg: &type=ajax (replace the & with a ? if there is no other ? in the URL)

Youtube, Google Video, Metacafe and Image popup types are detected from the url.

Any popup link can be hidden by adding noshow to the class, eg: class="jcepopup noshow"