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#113778 are removed on the front end - where to look?

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Latest post by jeffhoneyager on Friday, 19 May 2023 15:24 BST

I have added 2 < br / > after a line of text. It shows up in the code editor, but they are removed on the front end.

Where should I look to fix this?


It shows a paragraph with one line - in the editor there should be 2 < br / > between the first and second sentence.

Global Settings : Container Element & Enter Key = None: Linebreak


Are the linebreaks still visible in the source code when you go back to edit the article?

Ryan Demmer

Lead Developer / CEO / CTO

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After Save & Exit - then - re-edit, the linebreaks remain viewable. I've checked the template settings - all looks the same as in other sites. This site is the only one.

...wait one...

Got it! I was using a plugin called "Content - JShortcodes" I disabled it and the linebreaks are now displaying.

Sometimes it take asking the question to spur inspiration.

Ryan, thanks for taking time to respond - your quick question led to the solution.

Peace & Joy,

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