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#113786 Custom css file using php and user info

Posted in ‘Editor’
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I use JCEditor to make edits for information on a Control Panel built using Community Builder (CB) in Joomla4.

I have been able to create a custom css file that is actually a php file to pull info from an account/user in CB.
I got a file to work and pull the current user info when I first created it, but can't get it to work now. It may have worked before I refreshed cache - but then it didn't work again. Shit!

My goal is to to be able to use some of the color fields from the displayed user while editing.
When the editor is dormant (not editing) I can see the correct colors. I have done this by using php code and css in a module on the site.
But when editing, the editor window defaults to JCE's colors, sizes, styles.

I have a test php file working to replac css, but it is by using a specific account.
I want to be able to use it on the currently displayed account.
One way I could do it, is by using the last part of the url that contains the account/username of the currently displayed account,

But the issue seems to be that I can't get the php file to show the displayed URL. It just shows the URL for the folder the php file resides in (the templates folder).

Any suggestions/help would be great.