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#116267 Media field fall backs to Joomla file system when AWS S3 is active

Posted in ‘Editor’
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Latest post by Ryan on Tuesday, 27 February 2024 16:21 GMT

Hi there, I have a faint memory that this worked in the past but for the last year or more the joomla media fields (eg menu item link image or article intro & full image) kept showing joomla filesystem instead of S3 -- which in the meantime worked all right within the editor. Works really well in combination with cloudfront. Took me a day of messing around with debugger to figure it out, it's a trap of passing objects by reference. There's a bit of code in components/com_jce/editor/libraries/classes/extensions.php that alters cached plugins list entry, In particular it rewrites the name property so filesystem-s3 becomes s3 and the plugin is no longer recognised. Dereferencing $p fixes the problem. Lines 81-83: Before

        if (!empty($installed)) {
            foreach ($installed as $p) {

        if (!empty($installed)) {
            foreach ($installed as $ppp) {
                $p = clone $ppp;

I mean, please include in the release and thanks

This is fixed in JCE Pro 2.9.63 Beta -

Ryan Demmer

Lead Developer / CEO / CTO

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