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#116294 DL, DT and DD

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Latest post by hing on Friday, 01 March 2024 14:36 GMT

I have still troubles to use DD and DT in a handy way. It defines always DT when I select DD.
See the screencast here:!As0XWvf-DK0DhFjwEAjwsUOAQ-1e?e=ozj6OI

Is it necessary to define the entire range as DL in a first step and then to apply DT and DD?

Thanks and regards

Please try JCE Pro 2.9.63 Beta -

You can now make a selection of paragraphs and select either DT or DD from the Format list to create the Definition List. The first paragraph will be set as a DT and the others as DD. You can then convert DT to DD and back as required using the Format list, eg:

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Thanks, works as shown above