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#116308 Right click not bringing up context menu in Firefox/Windows

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Latest post by BasilC on Thursday, 29 February 2024 18:46 GMT

Since updating to 2.9.62 right clicking on a link does not bring up the JCE context menu, but instead the Windows context menu (which is of no use). To edit a link I have to use the icon in the toolbar.

This is using Firefox - haven't tried other browsers. Perhaps linked to the change you made for mobile browsers mentioned in the changelog?

There are 3 reasons why the Context Menu won't display on right-click:
  1. You have disabled the Context Menu in Editor Profiles -> Features & Layout
  2. You are using an Android or iOS device.
  3. You have the Spellcheck button in the editor toolbar enabled. Spellcheck uses the browser's built in spellchecker and so the Context Menu needs to be disabled to allow the browser context menu to display spellcheck suggestions.

Ryan Demmer

Lead Developer / CEO / CTO

Just because you're not paranoid doesn't mean everybody isn't out to get you.

Thanks Ryan, but none of those things in your list is the case and the problem only cropped up when I installed 2.9.62. I have 2.9.61 on another website and the issue doesn't occur there.

Using Edge the problem doesn't occur with 2.9.62 either, but I prefer to use Firefox.

I've now installed 2.9.63beta1 on a test website but no improvement.

Ah, looks like the problem was caused by a Firefox plugin for simulating using a mobile device. This was set to Default, but selecting a specific Windows/Firefox setting fixed the problem. So panic over! Sorry to bother you.