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#116319 MediaJCE field and Falang problem - SOLVED

Posted in ‘Editor’
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This is just post to let some people know that problem they might have is already solved. 😃

Recently I run into problem when using mediajce field and Falang as translation extension. It happend when Ryan (JCE dev team in general) introduced media field as json collection of data, so expecting just string as path in return value was no more an option. Legacy value was going through check in mediajce field plugin itself, but extensions which stored data in same way had no that. Falang is such extension.

Fortunately, as Ryan does magnificent work with JCE, on the other side we have Stephane for Falang who also noticed this issue and fixed it even before I sent him my bug report for Falang and mediajce.

So, new version of Falang will solve this problem, just wanted to let all of you who use Falang to know that. Mediajce field is treated as one of the most popular custom fields for Joomla, so it's hardcoded in Falang's default setup.

Anyway, if you're additionally using some overrides for either mediajce field or article/category where you have this two enabled - you'll have to rewrite code yourself. Especially if field's rawvalue was in action. 😉

Thank you both for your excellent work!