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#113847 Auto-Save

Posted in ‘Suggestions & Feature Requests’
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Latest post by bascherz on Sunday, 28 May 2023 00:15 BST

Many users taking on the role of author/editor/publisher find it awkward to have their text editor timeout on them while they are writing. Is there any way to implement a periodic auto-save feature in JCE? This would be a lifesaver as we've had a couple different writers lose hours of work due to session timeout. Yes, I can increase the session timeout, but that's less desirable. And yes, I suspect that each auto-save would generate a new version. That is a setting I am OK increasing.


For a number of reasons Autosave is best implemented by the content extension (eg: Article Manager / com_content) rather than the wysiwyg editor.

JCE does however have an Autobackup option, which when added to the editor toolbar, will automatically backup the editor content to the browser's local storage every 30 seconds. The Autobackup button remains inactive until a change is maded in the editor and 30 seconds later content has been stored.

In the event of a session timeout, this content can be restored to the editor, when you re-load that article, by clicking the now active Autobackup button.

Ryan Demmer

Lead Developer / CEO / CTO

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I never even knew this feature existed! Might do the trick, though you'd think the Joomla developers would build auto-save into the content component.


For anyone else interested in this, it turns out there is a Joomla plugin that does do Autosave.

Autosave Plugin