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#115911 "Table of contents" - depth of searching

Posted in ‘Suggestions & Feature Requests’
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I want to continue the posting

Now there is a setting for the "depth of searching" from 1-6.
For "well formatted websites" that's fine, but we have some mess and not a logical usage for "Heading 1, 2, 3, ..." .

We skip 1 and 2, use sometimes 3, skip 4 and use 5 and 6. I know, totally mad - but this is why I need a setting for "which headings should be searched?" It's similar to the current one, but helps people like us (and maybe others too ..)

What to you think about it?

(BTW: I had some other topic relating TOC. Are they on your list or in the "lower prio")

Thanks in advance!