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  • JCE MediaBox 2.1.8 released

JCE MediaBox 2.1.8 released

This update fixes some icon display issues with the Light and Shadow theme, and improves detection of iPadOS in order to prevent the display of PDF files in a popup, which render incorrectly on iOS devices.

PDF popup link on iOS will open the file in a new browser tab. On Android devices, which are also unable to display PDF files, the popup will show a system "View File" link to download the PDF.

A full changelog is available to view here

Thank you to everyone who submitted bug reports and tested development versions. If you find any more issues please submit them on the forum or on github.

Download and Installation

JCE MediaBox is a free download. Forum based support is provided with a JCE Pro Subscription.

Instructions for installing and updating JCE MediaBox for each Joomla version are available here