JCE Editor



  • PRO Joomla Media Fields were not being converted to JCE Media Fields despite the option being enabled.



  • Boolean attributes will now be set last in the attributes order of an element. This change is specifically to address an issue with the Joomla Text Filter, which removes boolean attributes (e.g., controls, autoplay, etc.) if they are placed between other attributes with defined values.
  • PRO The Media Path value set for a new JCE Media Field would not be applied.
  • PRO When creating any new Field, JCE Media Field parameter options would be shown below the the parameters of the chosen field type.
  • The editor would fail to save changes to content if it was initialised multiple times on a single page, eg: in JoomLMS. This has been fixed by preventing multiple initialisation instances from occuring through a refactor of the Editor Initialisation routine.
  • Restrict access (New Folder, Upload) to root folder if folder access is restricted using Directory Filters and the Allow Root is enabled.
  • It was not possible to open the Image Manager dialog when the cursor was inside a column.
  • Editor instances created dynamically, eg: Hikashop Variants, would not be initialised in some cases.



  • Added onWfFileSystemBeforeGetPathVariables event to allow for manipulation of File Directory Path variable source values, eg: $usertype in a system plugin.


  • PRO Pro Plugins would not load or function correctly if the Compress CSS and/or Compress Javascript options were enabled.
  • PRO JCE Plugins (ChatGPT, FontAwesome etc.) would not update from the Joomla Updater if the Subscription Key was not set in the JCE Options page (Joomla 3.x legacy method)
  • PRO Resize parameters would show duplicates after making changes in JCE Pro 2.9.70 to 2.9.72
  • PRO Code Editor would use RTL mode if enabled in the editor.
  • PRO Various parameter options that used a File Browser would not work correctly.
  • PRO Some repeatable parameters would not update or set parameter values correctly.
  • PRO The Code Editor display was truncated when in Fullscreen mode.
  • PRO The Filesystem parameters form was being processed multiple times resulting in repeated form fields.
  • JCE Media Field items that included a Caption would not be displayed.



  • PRO Match Case and Whole Word options added to the Code Editor search options, alongside some search updates.
  • PRO The Iframes and Media Manager dialogs now have an option to set the Ssandbox attribute value in the Advanced tab (Iframes) or Media Options tab (Media Manager).
  • Added a refresh of the Joomla autoload_psr4.php file to the extension post install routine to fix namespace registration issues on some sites.
  • Sandbox options have been added to the Media Support parameters with an option to not set the sandbox attribute on iframes, and the option to provide a list of urls that will be excluded from the sandbox attribute. By default local iframe urls and those from trusted media providers (Youtube, Vimeo etc.) will not have the sandbox attribute added.


  • PRO Fixed PNG transparency when processing images with PHP GD2
  • PRO Video and Audio elements would be removed where the primary src value was in a <source> tag.
  • PRO Embedding documents with the File Manager would fail if the Allow Object Elements or Allow Iframes options were disabled in the Media Support parameters. Where this is the case, only local documents will be allowed by default.
  • PRO Allow for pdf files to embedded using the <object> tag as in 2.9.63.
  • PRO Multiple Custom Styles in Style Select parameters would display as repeated versions of the first Custom Style in Joomla 5
  • PRO Code Editor - Line Numbers display would sometimes be truncated.
  • PRO Code Editor - tab key would not tab editor content.
  • PRO Code Editor - Added back Font Size option to Code Editor Parameters
  • PRO Code Editor - Codemirror Dark theme would not be applied if selected in parameters.
  • PRO Code Editor - Renamed Codemirror and Codemirror Dark theme options to Default and Default Dark.
  • PRO Code Editor - Added some new themes from ThemeMirror
  • PRO Image Manager Extended - Default Values set in profile parameters would not be applied.
  • The Media Field Description value was double-encoded resulting in UTF-8 characters displaying incorrectly.
  • Unchecking the Same for All checkbox in the Styles dialog would not enable the Measurement (pixels, % etc.) options.



  • PRO
     Joomla Media Fields (Intro Image etc.) would not display if no other JCE Media Fields were rendered on the page.
  • PRO The Caption dialog would show a PHP error when opened.



  • PRO A new Custom Query option is available in the Editor Profiles -> Setup tab to assign or restrict a profile based on $_REQUEST variables passed in the active component, eg: view=article or id=4.
  • Added a new CleanUp Mode parameter to the Clipboard plugin that simplifies configuration of the Paste tool.
  • Added a Classes option to the Image Manager Basic Dialog.


  • PRO Moved all Pro files and plugins to the System - JCE Pro plugin.
  • Merged all content.css files from various plugins into the editor theme content.css file.
  • Replaced parameters in Clipboard and Style Select plugins with a simplified set in JCE Core. JCE Pro includes the full original parameter set.Removed support for legacy media types, eg: wmv, rm etc.
  • Media will always be embedded using the conventional method based on the media type. For example using an <object> tag to embed an mp4 will be converted to a <video> tag.
  • The JCE Media Field in JCE Core is now a simplified version with image and link support only. Full support and Joomla Media conversion is available in JCE Pro.
  • The sandbox attribute will be added to all iframes, except those used to display external media from trusted providers, eg: Youtube, Vimeo etc.


  • PRO A Thumbnail Editor parameter option was missing from the File Browser parameters.
  • PRO Columns tools remained disabled when clicking into a Column field that contained a div.
  • Fixed selection and creating links on <span> tags that are used as font icon tags.
  • Boolean attributes - autoplay, loop, mute etc. will now be processed to attributes without values, eg: <video src="/video.mp4" autoplay>
  • Content that contained multiple script tags would render incorrectly in the Preview tab.
  • Added a workaround to fix modal display issues for some items in the Joomla button menu item list due to changes in Joomla 5
  • The MediaBox configuration page would show a PHP error when the Behaviour - Backward Compatibility was unpublished.



  • PRO The Add Columns button is now a split button with additional Add Column Before and Add Column After options.
  • Pasting a table into an existing table will add the new table cells to the existing table. Existing cells will be replaced with the new cells starting from the cell in which the new content is pasted.
  • Added a Definition List option to the Format list to create a Definition List from a selection as an alternative to Definition Term or Definition Description.


  • Increase Paste and Paste As Plain Text dialog sizes.


  • A recent update to some browser Adblocker extensions (Ghostery, UBlock Origin etc.) caused the editor window to be hidden.
  • Chrome and Edge would crash when attempting to open the right-click Context Menu if the Grammarly browser extension or Grammarly Windows application is installed.
  • Aria attributes were removed from media elements, eg: <audio>, <video>
  • Fix processing and display of images when pasting content from Word into the Paste dialog.
  • The File Browser in Media Fields would use the Joomla filesystem if an alternative eg: S3 Object Storage, was set as the default.
  • Applying a DT or DD format to an element (paragraph) selection will now convert the first element into a DT and subsequent selected elements into a DD.
  • PRE elements used by the Code Sample plugin will no longer be displayed as Visual Blocks.



  • Double-clicking on a file item in the File Browser, Image Manager, Media Manager etc. will select and insert the item immediately, without the need to click the Insert button.


  • Updated MobileDetect library
  • Added an "enterkey_" prefix to the existing keep_styles and keep_attributes internal EnterKey options.
  • PRO The Code Editor now uses 4 space characters rather than a single tab for indentation when formatting code on initialization or when using the Format HTML button.


  • JCE Media Field modal style overrides would sometimes affect other modal instances.
  • Disabled the Context Menu in iOS and Android as it was preventing or affecting text selection.
  • Selecting Cut or tapping the Cut button in Android would not remove the seletion after copying it.



  • Rendering of an editor in a Yootheme Pro text field would fail if JCE Pro was enabled.
  • Some editor-xtd buttons would insert into the wrong editor when a page contained multiple editors.



  • File Browser, Image Manager etc. would not show folders if no Directory Filters were set.



  • Refactored Editors - JCE plugin for better Joomla 5/6 compatability.


  • Some editor-xtd buttons below a custom editor field that used a modal window eg: Media, would not open.
  • IFrame elements can now have no src attribute set when creating them in the Code tab to facilitate click-to-play actions.
  • Added a "fix" for PageBuilder CK so that editor-xtd options in the Joomla button are updated when a dynamic editor is created by PageBuilder CK.
  • When setting a Joomla Filesystem option for a an individual plugin the filesystem was still using the Allow Root Access option for the global Joomla filesystem.
  • PRO Added a "loading" indicator when Applying a transform (Resize, Crop) in the Image Editor.
  • PRO Fix upscaling of crop dimensions and position when cropping an image in the Image Editor.Fix Directory Filter processing for multipe filters and filter types.
  • PRO When cropping an image in the Image Editor using manual values or presets, the Width and Height values are now updated correctly.



  • Copying and pasting a file into the same folder will create a copy using the File Name Suffix parameter. Pasting a file into a folder that contains a file with the same name will show prompt to Replace or Keep Both, with Keep Both creating a copy.
  • A Legacy Media Support global parameter has been added in System -> Plugins -> Fields - Media JCE to revert the standard media field to a single value.


  • A PHP error would be generated when opening an article containing a field saved with the JCE Pro 2.9.57
  • A PHP error would be generated on some parameter values when saving or editing a profile.
  • The JCE Media Field would not render correctly in some areas in Joomla 3 eg: Users -> Manage



  • JCE Media Field images would not display correctly in media overrides or dynamic content when saved using the new Description field. If the Description field is left empty, the value will now be saved as a single string value as before.
  • JCE Media Field images previously created with the Extended Media option disabled would always display as links.



  • The Link Basic Dialog now contains Title and Target fields.
    The JCE Media Field now includes a Description field to set the Image description (Alternate text) or Link text.


  • Pressing ALT + Enter (Option + Enter on Mac) inside a table that is inside a column or other nested block element would move the cursor out of the column rather than just out of the table.
  • Joomla editor-xtd plugin modal windows launched from the Joomla button in the editor toolbar would not display correctly if multiple editors are active on the page.



  • Added Retina Dark theme Toolbar Theme option in Editor Parameters. This is an assignable non-automatic dark toolbar and modal theme for the editor.


  • Fixed some legacy class names in various plugin dialogs (Tables, Colorpicker, File Manager).
  • Fixed Toggle Toolbars storing invalid state value which would result in toolbars always showing after first load.
  • Fixed deprecation errors in PHP 8.1 with strftime function
  • Fixed some variable assignment deprecation errors in the install routine.
  • Fix Joomla\CMS\HTML\Helpers\Sidebar PHP error in JCE Control Panel in Joomla 3
  • Dash characters were being removed from anchor name / id attribute values when setting an Anchor.



  • Joomla 3 Form Field compatability errors.



  • The editor would fail to load in SP PageBuilder 5.1.6 and earlier
  • PHP error in Joomla 3 if another extension loads Joomla\CMS\HTML\Helpers\Sidebar class.
  • Styling of editor tabs in Joomla 3
  • Loading of the editor would stall if the Yootheme WidgetKit editor-xtd button was enabled in Joomla 3.
  • It was not possible to hide the editor-xtd buttons using the buttons="off" attribute in an Editor form field.



  • PRO Added Text Editor support for css, scss, less, js and ts files.
  • Added "Phase 1" of Dark Mode support to the JCE Admin (excluding the File Browser and Editor layout)


  • Removed the middot character from non-breaking space Visual Characters representation to avoid selection confusion and improve backspace delete responsiveness.


  • PRO Columns parameters set in Editor Profiles would not be applied.
  • PRO Adding a custom value to the Classes list in the Columns dialog would not correctly apply it and reset the filtered list.
  • PRO Internal Columns classes were incorrectly added to the Styles list.
  • Editor would fail to load if the Joomla core.js script file was loaded after the JCE Editor scripts.
  • Installed plugins, eg: ChatGPT would give an Invalid Plugin error when opening or sending requests.
  • Creating a list on a multi-line selection would wrap all content in the list when Container & Enter Key was set to None:Linebreak.
  • Fixed deprecated "Joomla.editors" script errors in Joomla 5. 
  • Some editor-xtd buttons eg: Regularlabs ContentTemplater, would not operate correctly when the Joomla button was added to the editor toolbar.
  • Fixed a PHP "ListField" error when saving an Editor Profile in Joomla 3.



  • Added onWfFileSystemGetPathVariables event to allow for editing or adding to File Directory Path variables.


  • Improved validation of plugin requests to prevent potential Local File Inclusion exploits.


  • PRO Text Watermarks would not be applied due to an incorrect path to the font file.
  • PRO Removed invalid <form> element used in the Code Editor toolbar.
  • PRO Image processing would not be applied to uploaded files with mixed ASCII and UTF-8 characters in the file name.
  • PRO Resizing, thumbnailing etc. would be skipped when using drag & drop uploading when using the core Image Manager.
  • PRO A position of Top Left for a Watermark image would position the watermark incorrectly.
  • PRO Documents embedded with the File Manager using the Google Docs Viewer or Office Apps Viewer will now use an iframe.
  • Fixed missing target attribute in Media Field link layouts.
  • Use <object> tag in Media Field for embedding document files.
  • Clean up J3/4/5 compatability with class mapping for Joomla 3
  • Changed path to Media Field layouts.
  • Fixed display of Link Media Field layouts.
  • Fixed detection of Yootheme templates when loading template styles for editor content display.
  • JCE Media Field layouts were not installed with the package resulting in missing fields in the front-end display.
  • Some system classes would be included in the Styles list
  • Youtube URLs edited with the Media Manager would see some query values removed.
  • Youtube URLs pasted into the Media Manager URL field would see some query values removed.
  • A List item would not be removed when clicking the associated List button if the list item container a paragraph or another block element.
  • Fixed some scripts causing Content Security Policy warnings.
  • The Styles and Font Awesome menu filter will now allow partial matching of an item name, rather than from the beginning of the name.
  • The Styles list will no longer show any Font Awesome styles (requires Font Awesome for JCE 1.1.1)



  • Various supporting functions and changes for new FontAwesome and Custom Path Variables plugins.
  • The Toggle Toolbars button now remembers the last toggle state for the duration of the browser sesssion.


  • Major refactoring to move all asset files (css, image, javascript) to the Joomla media folder
  • Allow for external plugins to have a standardized element name without a - character, eg: editor_chatgpt
  • Updated all relevant class names to use Joomla namespaced classes.
  • JCE Media Field element output is now generated using the Joomla LayoutHelper. This makes it possible to override the output with custom layouts.
  • Increased the Link dialog size.


  • Add touch support to the editor layout drag & drop.
  • Multiple Custom URL values in Media Support parameters would not be displayed after saving.
  • Supported Media options in Media Support parameters would revert to being checked after saving if all are unchecked.
  • Youtube etc. videos would be removed if Allow IFrames is set to Local Content and Supported Media Only in some configurations.
  • Uploading an image in a Media Field using the upload button or drag & drop would not use the Media Field Path value if set.
  • Assign to Menu and Exclude from Menu options in MediaBox parameters should now display correctly in Joomla 3.
  • Saving a Profile without any toolbar buttons would always return a non-empty toolbar.
  • Link text would be duplicated if the initial text selection contained a trailing space.
  • Fixed processing of <details> and <summary> elements



  • Media elements (audio, video, object) would be removed if the Media Manager was not added to the editor toolbar.
  • Media elements with non-local url values would not be removed if the associated media element parameter in Editor Profiles -> Plugin Parameters -> Media Support was set to Local Content Only.



  • A custom.css file in Android framework templates is now automatically loaded along with standard template stylesheets for editor content styling.
  • A $context variable can now be used in the File Directory Path value to represent the current component option value, eg: com_content
  • PRO An option is now available to disable the Template Manager dialog when clicking on the Template Manager button, allowing only the Template List to be activated.
  • The editor can now have no toolbars and toolbar buttons alowing only basic content editing.


  • Pasting content from Word with links that contain a # character would truncate the link url at the #
  • URLs and Email addresses would still be converted to links when pasted into the editor despite the Autolink URL and Autolink Email options being disabled.
  • Saving or Closing a Profile would set an invalid checkin state in Joomla 4.
  • Opening the Link dialog on an existing link using the Context Menu would show the Text field as Mixed / Element Selection.
  • Skip Dimensions check in the File Browser when selecting a non-media item.
  • Update some assets and fix related issues.
  • JCE Editor no longer needs to be selected as a Component in an Editor Profile when assigning the profile to specific Components.
  • Update some legacy Joomla class names.



  • PRO Columns now supports Layouts in fifths.
  • A custom.css file in Joomshaper Helix framework templates is now automatically loaded along with standard template stylesheets for editor styling.


  • PRO Fixed some issues with Columns when Container & Enter Key is None:Linebreak
  • Fixed some general issues when Container & Enter Key is None:Linebreak
  • Updating the Text value when creating or editing a link on a text selection will now work as expected.
  • Prohibit editing of the Text value when creating a link when the selection is a mixed text/element selection.
  • Apply styles to a multi-linebreak selection would apply the style to the linebreaks.
  • Applying block formatting to a multi-linebreak selection will now split the selection at each linebreak.
  • FormField errors when editing a profile in PHP 8.2+
  • Media Field preview would show a "This plugin is not supported" message when selecting non-image media.
  • Some editor-xtd plugin icons were not showing in the Joomla button menu
  • The High Contrast setting now includes a text selection style override.
  • Pasting Excel content would fail with an an error.
  • Paste and Paste As Plain Text dialogs would not be focused when opened.
  • Applying custom styles using the Style Select list which used an element Selector would not be applied correctly.



  • German language specific single quotes can be added to a text selection with CTRL + SHIFT + '
  • Load custom.css for editor styling for joomlart templates
  • Added a Show Editor-xtd Buttons option to Editor Profiles to enable/disable loading of Joomla editor-xt plugin buttons by profile.


  • Processing of pasted content is now an always on core feature, with the Clipboard parameters controlling paste options and editor button selection.
  • PRO The File Manager will now embed common document types - docx, xlsx, pdf etc. using the <object> element rather than <iframe> for better cross browser support and to prevent downloading of the file when the browser does not support display of the document.


  • PRO The Media Manager button would remain disabled if a non-media item was selected.
  • PRO Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion options in the Media Manager were not correctly applied as global Supported Media options.
  • Only process Media fields when the page doctype is HTML.
  • Language files of some installed plugins would not be loaded by the editor.
  • Prevent Folder List scrolling if clicking in the Folder List to change directory.
  • Allow script tags to not have a type attribute
  • A Media Field conversion conflict with Firecoders Econa extension



  • PRO IFrame Embed code can now be inserted using the dropdown on the IFrame button.


  • PRO The <track> element in <audio> and <video> tags could not be added or edited using the HTML field in the Media Manager dialog.
  • Added a workaround to fix an issue with SP PageBuilder 4 retrieving unprocessed content from the editor.
  • An editor stylesheet asset would produce a 404 error attempting to load a missing font file.
  • Uploading a file when the Allow Root Access filesystem option is enabled would produce an Access to the target directory is restricted error with some configurations.
  • When opening an existing image, file, media with the Image Manager etc. the Folder list would not open and scroll to the correct folder item.
  • Direct upload options were not available in a custom repeatable / sub-form JCE Media Field until the article was saved.
  • JCE Media Field items would not display if the file name contained utf-8 characters.
  • Custom Core Media and JCE Media fields would not be processed correctly in the Fields tab in extensions other than com_content.
  • The Remove Alias option in Link -> Search would convert the url to SEF instead of removing the alias from the non-SEF url.
  • Pasting some formatted html would append a non-breaking space to the content.
  • Media Field would show some images types as invalid when selecting or updating the field
  • Some formatting could not be removed from some selections when Container Element & Enter Key is set to Linebreak:None
  • Dragging and dropping text content inside the editor would add unwanted inline styles to the respositioned text.
  • Dragging and dropping text content inside the editor will now keep any formatting applied to the text.
  • Fontawesome icons are now also loaded with the template stylesheets when using a Helix Ultimate based template.
  • Ordered and Unordered lists would not be correctly processed when pasting content from Word.
  • Icons in the Editor Profiles -> Plugin Parameters tabs will now show the correct icons based on the Toolbar Theme selected.
  • PHP 8.2 Deprecated message in the JCE Media Field
  • Conversion of custom Media Fields to JCE Media Fields.



  • PRO IFrames would be removed if Allow IFrames is Yes if the Media Manager was added to the editor toolbar.
  • An available user.css file will now also be loaded to style the editor for core templates, eg: cassiopeia
  • The alt attribute in a Pagebreak <hr> tag would be removed if using the Joomla Pagebreak button to insert it.



  • The Link dialog now has a specific set of File Browser options, including File Directory Path, Permitted File Extensions etc.
  • PRO The IFrames dialog now has a specific set of File Browser options, including File Directory Path, Permitted File Extensions etc.


  • PRO IFrames and Media Manager plugins override Media Support Allow IFrames options.
  • PRO An Upload Quality of Resize Quality value of 100% will now be treated as "Not Set" and the original compression value will be retained when the image is saved.


  • PRO Insert Caption button would remain disabled when selecting an image.
  • Incorrect post processing or readmore <hr> tags could result in unexpected content changes.
  • Iframes would be removed even if enabled if the Media Manager was not included in the editor toolbar.
  • Converted Joomla Media fields (Intro Image, Full Article Image etc.) will now include the #joomlaImage values in the url.
  • Permitted File Extensions set in File Browser Options for Link and IFrames would not be applied.
  • Paste As Plain Text using the dialog would not paste the content into the editor.
  • The right-click Context Menu would not show Table Cell, Row and Column menu options.



  • PRO A Mute option is available in the Media Options tab in the Media Manager for Youtube videos. The Mute option will be checked automatically when Autoplay is checked (required by Youtube)
  • Options to enable / disable Supported Media for IFrames and specify custom URL values to validate user iframes against.
  • Media elements (iframe, video, audio) that are marked as non-editable (eg: with a mceNonEditable class value) will not be removed from content if the profile is prohibited from using these tags.
  • Input fields in the Rollover tab (Image Manager, Image Manager Extended) can now be cleared by clicking the x button on the right of the input box.
  • Pasting image data from the clipboard will now show a dialog prompt to set a file name and quality level to upload and insert the file.
  • Extended Media options can be enabled for the JCE Media Field to set a Caption, Width, Height, Description (Title or Alt) and Type (Link or Embed)
  • Add a Media Folder parameter for the JCE Media Field to set the base folder for the field relative to the File Directory Path value in the Editor Profile.


  • The NonEditable plugin is now enabled by default and its parameter options are now in Editor Parameters -> Advanced


  • PRO Improved media validation in Media Manager based on Media Support IFrame options
  • Improved cleanup of Excel document content pasted into the editor.
  • Toggling of parameter options when setting some parameter values (using the "showon" option) was not working correctly.
  • The Wordcount limit alert message was not being translated.
  • Updated Media validation
  • Improved state of some buttons when a media or non-editable item is selected
  • Improved interaction of content pasted into the Paste HTML dialog
  • Text content pasted into the Paste HTML dialog could not be inserted into the editor.
  • Clicking on some elements in the Path would select the incorrect element in the editor.
  • Fixed errors in loading the Folders list in the File Browser when the folder name contained reserved regular expression characters.
  • Fixed cursor position reset when pasting in the the Paste HTML window.
  • Pasting some content into the Paste HTML window would remove some attributes, eg: onmouseover etc.
  • Use mediafolder variable name for the Media Folder value to prevent it being overwritten in Joomla 3
  • Rollover effects (onmouseover, onmouseout) were not removed from an image when the values in the Rollover tab were cleared.
  • The onmouseout field value in the Rollover would be blank when editing a selected image instead of being filled with the image url.
  • Update Youtube URL processing to include the /live/ path value.
  • Fix an invalid Wordcount Alert Limit language label.
  • Force pagebreak and readmore hr tags to be self-closing for Joomla 3 compatability.
  • Event conflict with editor tabs caused by SP Page Builder using the role="tab" attribute as a selector for a tab click event.
  • Joomla buttons menu would still show font icons when using svg icons.
  • Duplicate menu items would be displayed in the Joomla list in some extensions.
  • Bold, Italic, etc. could not be toggled on or off while typing
  • An invalid Custom Configuration Variable value would show a PHP Warning message.



  • PRO The Resize parameter options now include the option to set a default Crop to Fit state for each Resize option set.
  • PRO The Resize parameter options now include the option to add a default Resize Suffix
  • PRO The layout of the Resize parameter options are now improved to present the options - Width, Height, Suffix - as a single group.
  • PRO Available resize options can now be selected / deselected with a checkbox in the upload dialog in the Image Manager Extended, File Browser etc.
  • Menu item links added in the Link dialog now use the menu alias format by default, eg: index.php?Itemid=101. An option to resolve this to the full link intead is available in Editor Profiles -> Plugin Parameters -> Link
  • Added an $hour variable option to the File Directory Path value, eg: images/$day/$hour
  • Added a parameter option to disable styling of list items in the Style Select list.
  • Added a parameter option to disable template styling of list items in the Format Select list.
  • A File Browser button is now available in the Link Basic Dialog if the File Browser option is set in the Link parameters.


  • PRO Adding a caption to an image that does not have a set width attribute value would set an incorrect caption width.
  • PRO Uploading an image with multiple resize options or a resize suffix set, would skip processing - image quality, resampling - of the original image.
  • PRO Saving in the Code Tab would not save any content changes.
  • PRO Updating a <figure> element using the Caption dialog would reset the display value if the <figure> element was centre aligned.
  • PRO Some {shortcode} containing HTML would be processed incorrectly resulting in encoded HTML when saving or switching back to the Code view.
  • Styles set in the Keep Styles field in the Clipboard parameters would still be removed when the Remove Styles option was set to Yes.
  • Numeric Code values in the Character Map Add Characters parameter would display as encoded.
  • Word Count was showing untranslated labels.
  • Clicking the File Browser icon in the URL field of a Basic Dialog after closing the File Browser would submit the page or have no effect.
  • The File Browser opened from the Image Manager Basic Dialog would not use the File Directory Path set in the Image Manager parameters.
  • A default class value set for the JCE Media Field would not be included in the img html.
  • It was not possible to change editor content - to reduce the word count - if the Word Count limit was reached.
  • Word Count is now an option enabled or disabled in Editor Profiles -> Features & Layout
  • The Joomla button dropdown now shows icons and supports callbacks via the Insert button in the modal dialog.
  • Word Count will now be visible if the Editor Path is disabled.
  • In a Media Field file link the filename would be used even if a Description parameter value was set.
  • Allow for ( and ) characters in file and folder names.
  • Alignment could not be applied to a <figcaption> if the <figure> element was already aligned.
  • Added scrolling to splitbutton menu, eg: Template Manager list.
  • Readmore placeholder was not diplaying ocrrectly due to Joomla core template opacity style on hr tags.



  • By extending the Joomla Media Field, the JCE Media Field was replacing and removing it as an option in the Fields list.
  • A converted Joomla Media Field, eg: Intro Image, would show a Text Field if no other Media Fields were displayed in the Fields tab.



  • A Language Code plugin has been added (using a globe image as the button icon) to easily add a lang attribute value as an ISO 639-1 Language Code, eg: en, de, fr etc. to any element or text selection.


  • The XHTMLXtras plugin has been split into a new Attributes plugin, for setting and updating common attributes on elements, and a new Reference plugin, which includes the Citation, Abbreviation, Acronym, Deletion and Insertion tools.
  • PRO Add a Custom option to the Code Editor themes list which can be used in conjunction with a codemirror.css file in media/jce/css to create a custom Code Editor theme.


  • PRO Template Manager HTML was not being inserted when selected from the button list in some instances.
  • PRO Template Item HTML was being re-encoded when the field textarea is rendered.
  • Media Field drag & drop or button upload would produce an error.
  • Pasting content from Word or Google Docs that contained italic or bold text styles would not convert the styles correctly.
  • Prevent addition of and remove existing Joomla Media Manager specific values added to a JCE Media Field image value.
  • Improved allowable media support for the JCE Media Field in Joomla 4.2
  • Template stylesheets were not correctly loaded from Astroid framework templates in Joomla 4.
  • Use a media layout override to allow for non-standard file types in the Editor Profile parameters, eg: Template Manager html files.
  • Fixed encoding of some characters when compiling release files that would cause javascript errors when attempting to load the editor on some sites.
  • Applying a Style to some inline elements would apply it to the parent element instead.
  • Saving in the Code tab in JCE Core would show the editor tab when the page reloaded.
  • Editing in the Code tab in SP PageBuilder with JCE Core would produce unexpected results.



  • Files can now be downloaded from the File Browser files list by pressing the ALT key while clicking on the file name.


  • Update Color Splitbutton layout and allow for inclusion of default colours when using Custom Text Colours or Custom Background Colours by adding the $default variable before the colour list.


  • PRO Changing Layout and Stack options in Columns when using the Bootstrap framework would not remove previously applied options.
  • PRO Updated CSS Framework labels in Columns parameters to show support for Bootstrap 4 & 5.
  • PRO A Container or Text class set in the Caption dialog would be removed when updating the caption.
  • Protected PHP code in attribute values was not being converted back if it was wrapped in a RegularLabs Sourcerer {source} tag.
  • Fixed some PHP error messages in PHP 8.1 and Joomla 4.2
  • HTML was being altered or mangled when using RegularLabs Sourcerer code in attribute values
  • Applying and removing some wrapper styles on a selection would not behave as expected.
  • The Styles list would show items in white text on a white background with some configurations.
  • A Custom Style Format using a div tag would not wrap selected content in the div when the style was applied.



  • PRO Pressing backspace or delete in a block element (paragraph, list) inside a Column would not delete as expected
  • PRO Editing an existing <audio> element with the Media Manager would fail to correctly detect the media type.
  • Media items (Youtube, Vimeo etc.) would include the attribute dimension values (width, height) and the dimensions as a style value. The style values are now removed correctly.
  • The editor would stall or take a long time to load and be unresponsive if the template stylesheet contained hundreds of css class rules, eg: Cassiopeia template.css
  • Joomla 4 The popover tooltip was not displaying correctly in the JCE Admin in Joomla 4.
  • Joomla 4 Removed the JCE logo display in Joomla 4 Components dashboard.
  • Joomla 4 Fixed a Joomla 4 compatability issue producing an error when Convert to SEF is enabled in Editor Profiles -> Plugin Parameters -> Link



  • Some parameter text fields were saving and showing encoded UTF-8 characters.
  • Fixed placeholder values for some parameters.
  • Javascript error in SP PageBuilder Pro when clicking the Apply button due to submit action after form has been removed
  • PRO Editing content in the Code tab in SP PageBuilder would cause content change / update loop



  • Saved content would not show changes if the editor did not have active tabs, ie: Editor, Code, Preview



  • Editor langauges were not loaded in the front-end.
  • Editor would not load if the Compress Javascript or Compress CSS options were enabled.
  • PRO Code Editor would display an error and not load when switching to the Code tab.



  • The Word Count will now show a count of any selected words in an article, or all words if no selection is made.


  • The Editor Toggle options are now available in JCE Pro only.
  • The Editor Toggle option is now disabled by default.
  • Update cleanup and validation of content in the Code Tab in JCE Core on save or when switching tabs.
  • Update Codemirror library in the Code Editor.


  • PRO Setting a video property, eg: Loop, Autoplay, Controls etc. to a new or updated video would not be applied correctly and would show the default value when editing the video.
  • PRO Remove non-breaking space from empty content in the Code Editor and reset cursor
  • PRO Attempting to embed a Spotify link by pasting in the URL would produce an error and invalid embed.
  • Applying a style to a text selection when Container Element & Enter Key is set to None:Linebreak would apply the style to all content.
  • Applying a list to a selection when Container Element & Enter Key is set to None:Linebreak would apply the list to all the editor content.
  • Remove non-breaking space from empty content in editor when Container Element & Enter Key is set to None:Linebreak and reset cursor.
  • The Font Family Select parameter would show all font items unchecked by default. Adding a new custom font and saving would therefore remove all default fonts.
  • An empty editor would produce a single non-breaking space when saving if Container Element & Enter Key is set to None:Linebreak
  • The Folder list was not being updated when creating, deleting or renaming folders in the File Browser.



  • PRO Template Manager lists are now loaded when the Template Managet list menu is first opened.


  • When applying a style from the Styles list to an inline element (link, strong etc.) that is at the beginning of a paragraph, the style would be applied to the parent element, eg: paragraph
  • Pressing Enter at the end of a link at the end of a line would create a new paragraph without a cursor.
  • Attempting a new install of JCE Pro in Joomla 4.1 would result in an error and failed install.
  • Editor tabs would not display in the front-end if the template is not using Bootstrap.
  • PRO  A "Loading..." message will now be shown in the list dropdown while Template Manager list items are loaded.
  • PRO Pressing backspace or delete in an empty column (that contains a single paragraph) would delete the column.
  • PRO The Template Manager was not processing File Directory Path values that contained variables correctly, resulting in an error when attempting to load the editor.
  • PRO Removing all paragraphs in a column using Backspace or Delete and then pressing Enter would clone the column div.



  • PRO A dialog prompt will now be presented to provide Values for variables in Template Manager content not already defined in the Template Manager parameters. This allows a user to input values for content as required, eg: a video id etc.
  • Styles can now be applied to a selection of block elements, eg: multiple selected paragraphs


  • PRO Resize Presets and Crop Presets parameters now use a repeatable list for editing and setting new presets.
  • PRO Removed use of the <div class="mceTmpl"></div> container for Template Manager templates.
  • PRO Replaced the Replacement Values textarea in Template Manager parameters with a repeatable key/value field.


  • PRO Selecting an existing caption element instead of the image, and updating via the Caption dialog, would apply the styles incorrectly.
  • PRO Applying a new caption to a center aligned image would remove the alignment.
  • PRO Creating new columns would add a non-breaking space to the empty paragraph.
  • PRO Youtube or Vimeo iframes would be removed after pasting the URL into the editor when Container Element & Enter Key was set to None : Linebreak.
  • PRO Saving a Template Manager file in the Text Editor would produce an error.
  • PRO Drag & Drop upload of videos would produce an error in PHP 8+
  • PRO Some Boostrap classes applied to columns would be removed on saving or toggling the editor.
  • PRO The Template Manager template list would not load files from a custom File Directory Path set in the Template Manager parameters.
  • PRO Some custom classes applied to columns would be removed on saving or toggling the editor.
  • PRO Removing a set of pre-defined Resize values in the Upload dialog would still resize the image using those values.
  • PRO Uploading using an inline method - drag & drop, media field - would not thumbnail or watermark images if the options were set.
  • Improved processing of RegularLabs Sourcerer shortcode.
  • Pressing Cancel or Insert in a Media Field File Browser window would not close the dialog in Helix Ultimate templates.
  • URLs pasted into the editor would be double encoded when converting them to links.
  • Importing a profile that contained HTML tags in the params tag value would skip import of the params value.
  • Copying a profile would not copy the profiles parameters.
  • Fixed link insert using the Quick Link dropdown.
  • Added a check to prevent the editor from being loaded multiple times on the same page by an extension.
  • The Styles list would not allow selection of multiple items, instead closing after each selection.
  • Setting italic text and then saving in SP Page Builder would not save the change.
  • Uploading using the upload button or drag & drop in a media field would not work in some instances.
  • Setting block element formats (H1, H2, P etc.) using the Styles list would not remove the tag of the previous element in the Styles list dropdown.
  • The Editor Class set in the Editor Global Configuration would be incorrectly displayed in the Styles list if it was included in the template stylesheet.
  • Converted image fields (Intro Image, Full Image etc.) would not open correctly in some templates.
  • Improved some editor behaviour when Container Element & Enter Key is set to None : Linebreak.
  • Pressing enter or typing at the end of link text would continue the link. It was also not possible to move the cursor outside of a link if the link is the last element on a line. Clicking at the end of the link or pressing the Right Arrow key at the end of the link will now move the cursor outside of the link.
  • The update routine on installing JCE would sometimes not update the database to correct checked_out and checked_out_time errors.
  • It was not possible to select parent elements in a nested table structure using the Path
  • Applying or removing multiple styles one after the other using the Styles list would not work as expected.



  •  PRO Switching to the Code tab would remove <script> tags and some others regardless of validation or script options.
  • Language files would not load correctly in the front-end on some sites.
  • The Media Field File Browser would display a 404 when opened from the fornt-end on some sites.



  • PRO Classes can now be applied to Columns in the columns dialog using the multiple select Classes list.
  • Figure elements can now be added directly to media preview items.
  • Figure elements can now be styled using the Captions tools.
  • An mce-visualaid class is toggled on the editor body element when the Visual Aid button is clicked.
  • Media embed code pasted into the Code view will now use some default attributes - width, height etc. - when switching to the Editor tab if none are specified.


  • JCE now requires PHP 7.4 or later.


  • PRO Pressing ESC while in the Create Thumbnail dialog or Delete Thumbnail prompt would close the dialog as intended but also execute the action.
  • PRO Some system markup would not be processed and removed when switching to the Code tab if Verify HTML is disabled.
  • PRO Inserting a video with the Media Manager would do nothing if the Media Support option is disabled in Editor Profiles -> Features & Layout.
  • PRO The Remove Exif process would fail on some systems running PHP GD2
  • Editing a link with a class attribute value would display the attribute name and value as an additional custom attribute in the Advanced tab.
  • Adding a new class to a link in the Classes field would not update the link class attribute.
  • Tables created with the Table Grid tool or without a Width value in the Table dialog will now be disaplayed in the editor with a 100% width.
  • Removing some values in Style Select Custom Styles would have no effect when the profile was saved.
  • Unexpected reformatting of HTML when removing a class from an element if the parent element contains the same class.
  • Link attribute parameters weren't being applied to pasted links or links created with the "quick link" dropdown.
  • Pressing ALT + UP in a nested block element would create an extra paragraph above it as well as before the parent container.
  • Updating a link on an inline element, eg: <strong> would result in duplicate link text.
  • Joomla 4 Update onContentSave and onBeforeContentSave event triggers to include additional $data variable
  • Joomla 4 Updated core template stylesheet path detection due to changes in the template asset path in Joomla 4.1



  • PRO Editing an existing Caption would not show any padding values added to the caption container.
  • PRO Thumbnail images in the same folder as the associated image were not being detected.
  • If the File Browser is not enabled for any profile, the JCE Media Field and any converted Media Fields will fallback to use the Joomla Media Manager.
  • Updated PHP compatability message on install, warning of PHP 7.4 requirement for future updates.
  • Custom Formats with an invalid Styles value would cause the Style to be pre-selected and applied incorrectly.
  • Pasting content containing inline styles in the style attribute of a tag would remove the style attribute.
  • Some Custom Formats could not be applied from the Styles list on a text selection when the Container Element & Enter Key option was set to Linebreak:None
  • An extra space was being added after an anchor element on each save or toggle when the anchor was in the same parent container as a rollover image
  • Updated the Custom Styles widget in the Style Select parameters to fix some layout issues.
  • A syntax error in a PHP function would cause an error in PHP 7.2



  • PRO Added an option to enable / disable enlarging of images in upload resizing.
  • Some media element (video, audio) attributes can now be edited using the Insert Attributes dialog.
  • Custom attributes can now be added to and edited on links in the Advanced tab of the link dialog, by setting a Name and Value pair for the attribute name and value.


  • Updated jQuery and jQuery UI


  • PRO The URL field was missing the Popup tab in the Image Manager Extended.
  • PRO Opening the Image Manager Extended or File Manager dialog would show an Mediabox related error in Joomla 4 on some systems.
  • PRO Inserting a Template Manager template using default creation date or modified date classes would not work as expected.
  • PRO A PHP error would be produced on uploading when resizing an image in some instances.
  • Joomla4 A PHP error would be generated in Joomla 4 when toggling the Preview tab.
  • Joomla4 Minor layout bug in Joomla 4 when the editor is toggled off.
  • Setting a custom Help URL and Help URL Method would have no effect.
  • Deleting Style Formats in the Style Select tab in Editor Profiles -> Plugin Parameters, would leave one Style Format intact.
  • Some custom Character Map values added in a previous version of the editor would not be displayed in the Character Map.
  • The Media Preview and placeholder for the <audio> tag were not displaying correctly.
  • Updating a link where the link text started with a space would add another non-breaking space character before this.
  • External plugins would not load and a PHP Error would be generated when Compress Javascript was enabled.
  • Unexpected behaviour when applying a custom style without a defined element value to a text selection.
  • Attempting to upload and insert multiple items in one drag & drop action would fail with an error.
  • Pressing the Remove Format button would generate an error and in some instances have no effect.
  • Updating a link which contains an additional inline element, eg: font icon, would duplicate the link text.
  • Some labels were not being translated in the standalone File Browser and Image Editor.
  • The Media field in a repeatable sub-form was not being converted into a JCE File Browser field.
  • Attempting to apply a Custom Class to a selection using the Styles list would do nothing.
  • Editor language files would not be loaded if the Compress Javascript option is enabled in the Editor Global Configuration.



  • Youtube and Vimeo video will no longer autoplay in the media preview.
  • Move all admin media assets (js, css etc.) out of the administrator/components/com_jce folder into media/com_jce
  • Regular Labs Sourcerer shortcode, eg: {source}content{/source} is now processed seperately from other shortcode to improve support.


  • Fixed encoding of content in Code Blocks
  • Linebreaks were converted to newlines in <script> Code Blocks.
  • Applying or removing multiple styles from the Styles list to a selection of multiple elements (eg: paragraphs) now should work as expected.
  • Content links without any content text would not show up as search results of the Link Search tool.
  • Media Preview items could not be selected if Container Element was set to No Container.
  • Update Vimeo url processing to support has values for private videos.
  • Rollover images were not working despite the relevant options being enabled.
  • Remove use of "layout" variable name in GET requests due to conflict with Helix Ultimate template framework.
  • When creating a new profile or copying an existing one, the default toolbar theme would be set to "classic"
  • Some converted media fields (in subform fields for example) would not use the correct profile when it was assigned to a component.
  • When using a JCE Language Pack, eg: de-DE with a Joomla Language variant, eg: de-AT, JCE labels were not being translated correctly.
  • Pasting text into a paragraph would produce a new paragraph.
  • Fixed invalid conversion of some media fields if conversion is disabled.
  • PRO Drag & Drop upload of a video or pdf file would not remove the spinner after completing the upload.
  • PRO Fixed inline upload of supported files by the Template Manager
  • Joomla4 Update checked_out and checked_out_time table fields for all prior versions for Joomla 4 compat.
  • Joomla4 Fixed repeatable media input field update.
  • Joomla4 Fixed alignment of checkboxes in the Profiles list.
  • Joomla4 Creating a new profile using the New button and then saving would produce an error or default value warning.



  • PRO Images can now be scaled up when resizing on upload.
  • Removed the warning message when saving an article if the Autobackup plugin is in use.
  • JCE Media Fields and converted Joomla Media Fields can now be used if JCE is not assigned as the default editor.
  • When a link is applied to a selection that includes a linebreak, the linebreak will now be included in the link, rather than resulting in the content being split into multiple links.


  • PRO Setting Alignment on an iframe or video would not update the media preview.
  • PRO Editing an iframe or video with an alignment would not show the value selected in the dialog Alignment list.
  • PRO Fixed some issues with content validation when saving content in the Code Editor.
  • PRO Inserting some media, eg: Amazon S3 Pre-Signed URLs, would insert the media item incorrectly as an iframe.
  • PRO Uploading media using the Media Manager basic dialog would produce an error on a successful upload in some instances.
  • PRO Regular Expression Search & Replace in the Code Editor and Text Editor was not working as expected.
  • PRO Attempting to insert a Dailymotion video in the Media Manager would fail with an error.
  • Joomla 4 The mediatype in a custom mediajce field would be ignored.
  • Updating Table Rows or Table Cells when opening a dialog from the Context Menu would apply changes to the wrong rows or cells.
  • Remove temporary attribute from converted list items after pasting content from Word.
  • Attempting to update a Table Cell with a new background image would apply all styles to the Table instead.
  • Clicking the Cancel button in the File Browser opened from within another dialog would close both windows.
  • PHP or Shortcode Code inside a container, eg: <div> would be processed incorrectly when using Code Blocks.
  • Fixed some issues with pasting image data with the potential to allow for direct paste / upload in a future update.



  • The Insert and Cancel buttons were visible in the standalone File Browser in the JCE Admin.
  • Clicking the Insert or Update button in the Table dialog would do nothing (and generate a javscript error)



  • If using a custom URL to access the File Browser in the Joomla Admin, you can now hide the Sidebar by passing &sidebar=0 in the url.
  • A parameter option has been added to the Link Search section in Editor Profiles -> Plugin Parameters -> Link, to keep or remove the ItemID from the found link.


  • Revert to using non-defer loading for editor loading and initialization, but use defer method for legacy loading (SP Page Builder)
  • The ItemId in links created by the link tree and link search is now removed where the ItemId is equal to the default menu id, eg: Home


  • Updated the minimum Joomla version check in the package installation.
  • PRO Clicking the View Grid / List button in the File Browser, Image Manager etc. would not correctly toggle the view.
  • The last opened folder in the File Browser, Image Manager etc. was not being remembered.
  • Added support for sortable editor custom fields in Virtuemart.
  • Long Font Size lists were not scrollable resulting in a truncated menu.
  • Joomla 4 The Insert and Cancel buttons were not displayed when opening the File Browser in an MediaJCE Repeatable Sub Form field.
  • Joomla 4 Fix "out of range" MySQL error when attempting to edit a profile on a site converted from Joomla 3 to Joomla 4.



  • Fixed incorrect processing of some integer values that could lead to invalid parameter or state values.



  • Conversion and redirect of Flexi-Content media fields.


  • The Components assignment in Editor Profiles will now hide the components list when All Components is selected, and show the list for selection when Select from List is checked, due to issues with disabling / enbaling the list in Joomla 4


  • Joomla 4 Pressing the up and down cursor would not navigate through paragraphs correctly when the site template has assigned display:flex to the <body> tag.
  • Joomla 4 Update the Download Key for JCE Pro when setting the Updates key in the JCE Admin Config.
  • Joomla 4 Fixed "checked_out" error when editing a profile on some systems (requires uninstall and re-install)
  • Joomla 4 Fixed "addScriptVersion" error in SP Page Builder
  • Joomla 4 Fixed various javascript errors when editing in SP Page Builder
  • The Link dialog would display as blank if CK Page Builder is installed and the Search - CK Page Builder plugin is selected in Editor Profiles -> Plugin Parameters -> Link.
  • Pressing the Italic button would not return focus to the editor window.
  • An invalid value for a Character Map parameter would generate a PHP error.
  • An invalid value for the Custom Configuration Variables parameter would generate a PHP error.
  • Encoded HTML text content in between 2 shortcode blocks would be decoded to actual HTML when the content is saved.
  • Removed Weblinks Search as a default search adapter.
  • Click on an iframe media preview object would not always select the iframe and display the resize handles.


  • Renaming or moving a file or folder will update any affected url values (images, media, links) in the current editor content.
  • The Link Dialog Search features now uses custom search "plugins" for core content to account for the missing Search component in Joomla 4
  • An iframe added in the Code Editor no longer requires a src attribute value to be considered valid.
  • Sorting a repeatable subform field that contained an editor would result in the editor becoming blank and unusable.
  • An incorrect url - missing the alias and with an incorrect view - was created for Tags when using the link tree in the Link dialog.
  • Youtube, Vimeo etc. default attributes were not used when media is pasted into the editor.
  • Cut and Paste on an image would remove styles assigned to the image.
  • CTRL + X (Cut) and CTRL + C (Copy) on a media object (iframe or video) would have no effect.
  • The Protect Shortcode option should now protect shortcode blocks that contain mixed content, eg: {articles id="1"}<div class="something">text</div>{/articles}
  • Fix processing of {shortcode} blocks within HTML tag containers, eg: <div class="main">{articles id="1"}<div class="something">text</div>{/articles}</div>
  • Accessing the Editor Global Configuration would fail with an error with some Custom Configuration Variable values.
  • An error would be shown when loading the editor when using a Gantry 5 based template in some configurations.
  • Fixed multiple select list display of some profile paramters in Joomla 4
  • Fixed some layout issues with editor tabs in Joomla 4
  • Layout and usage issues in Joomla 4 with the Users selection in Editor Profiles -> Setup.
  • Minor layout / styling issues in Joomla 4
  • Update subform event processing to allow for non-jQuery environments in Joomla 4
  • Media field conversions can use the "view" url parameter to set the File Browser mediatype.
  • Revert processing of some non-standard mediafield implementations.
  • PRO Fixed a typo in the language loading in the Source Code editor.
  • PRO Pasting a selection of column cells would not include the parent column container.


  • Pressing the "c" key on the keyboard when there was a text selection in the editor would have no effect.
  • The editor would always be activated regardless of the Editor State (set by parameter or cookie)
  • Media Fields would not be converted correctly in some 3rd party extensions, eg: FlexiContent.
  • Weblink links created with the Link dialog wouldnot contain an id value.
  • PRO It was not possible to save or load content with the Template Manager.
  • ItemId values are now included on links by default, as this is correct syntax for internal link values in Joomla. The ItemId can be removed by setting the option in Editor Profiles -> Plugin Parameters -> Links


  • PRO Multiple images can now be resized after upload using the Resize Images dialog which is displayed when multiple images are selected and the Edit Image button is clicked.
  • An option has been added in Editor Profiles -> Plugin Parameters -> Links to add or remove the ItemId added to links created using the link tree in the Link dialog.
  • mproved the Default parameter label for Popups to clarify that setting a value automatically creates popups on all new links.
  • Initialization of the editor in some extensions (SP Page Builder Translate) would create multiple instances.
  • The JCE logo now displays correctly in the Joomla 4 Components Dashboard.
  • The Textcase parameter for file and folder names was not being applied.
  • PRO It was not possible to create a link on an image inside a <figure> element, or the entire text selection in the <figcaption>.
  • PRO Attempting to delete a <figure> element using the Delete key when the selected image is inside another element, eg: <a>, would fail.
  • PRO Values were not updated correctly in the Crop tool in the Image Editor, and it was not possible to manually set the X and Y values to 0.


  • The Clipboard Paste Dialog options have been removed. The dialog will now always be shown if the browser does not support direct pasting using the Paste button.
  • The Admin Sidebar SubMenu - shown in the Profiles list - will now only be visible in Joomla 3.x
  • When pasting or inserting content onto a text selection, any leading space would be removed.
  • It was not possible to remove a <figure> on an image using the Format list in Chrome, Safari, Edge etc.
  • The Media Field (standalone and in subform fields) is not correctly converted in Joomla 4
  • Changing the Area option in the Setup tab of an editor profile would have no effect.
  • Remove dimension styles on media objects (iframe, video etc.) if corresponding attribute values are set.
  • Using the Cut command (CTRL + X) on a text selection would increase the cut selection by an extra character.
  • The id for a contact selected in the Link dialog was incorrect.
  • Tab panels in Editor Profiles -> Plugin Parameters were not reset when a button was removed from the editor toolbar. This would result in some parameters not being saved.
  • Update Columns css as Safari 14.1 supports the gap property for flexbox.
  • PRO Fix some issues with image processing functions (resizing, thumbnailing etc.) in PHP 8


  • PRO Multiple images can now be thumbnailed after uploading using a simpler Create Thumbnails dialog in the File Browser, Image Manager Extended etc.
  • PRO The thumbnails of multiple selected images can now be deleted using the Delete Thumbnail button in the File Browser, Image Manager Extended etc.
  • Removed the getID3 library. Extracting the dimensions and duration from some legacy media formats is therefore no longer supported.
  • PRO Re-ordering a multiple images selection or switching tabs was causing associated thumbnails to be removed in the Image Manager Extended.
  • PRO Attempting to create Columns using the dialog with the Container Element & Enter Key option set to Linebreak : None would fail with an error.
  • PRO Selecting multiple images without associated thumbnails while in the Popup tab of the Image Manager Extended would not set dimension values.
  • External Custom CSS Files added in Editor Profiles -> Editor Parameters -> Typography, would not be loaded.
  • Attempting to load the editor in Joomla 4 with PHP 8 would produce an error.
  • Setting a comma seperated mediatype value, eg: mediatype="jpg,jpeg" for a custom Media - JCE field would produce an invalid mediatype list.
  • Editor Content CSS would not load and the Styles list would be empty for some templates in SP Page Builder.
  • Dimensions set as styles on Media objects would be removed and set as (sometimes incorrect) attribute values.
  • Removed styling on <figure> and <figcaption> tags
  • Remove editor focus on reloading a previously edited content item.
  • An incorrect css file was being used for editor content styling for Gantry 5 based templates.
  • Allow for Repeatable Fields to contain multiple media fields in a single row.
  • The Privacy-enhanced mode option would not be updated when editing a Youtube video.
  • The JCE File Browser in a repeatable field would only show folders if no mediatype xml parameter had been set.
  • Unchecking both of the Styles List Options in the Style Select parameters would cause them to revert to being checked after saving.


  • Added support for the Astroid template framework for editor content styling.
  • Styles list inactive in SP PageBuilder
  • Attempting to add text to a <figcaption> tag in a <figure> element would add the text below the image.
  • Clicking into a <figcaption> tag would place the cursor above the line when Block Elements were enabled.
  • Text in a <figcaption> tag can now be formatted using options from the Format list.
  • Custom mediajce fields in subform fields were not using defined mediatype values.
  • The link tree in the Link dialog was generating errors in Joomla 4
  • Editor tabs were not displaying correctly in Joomla 4
  • The Styles list would be empty when using a Gantry based template
  • Default attributes were not being applied to images inserted with the Basic Dialog.
  • Remove redundant data-mediabox-src attribute on popup links
  • Fix some selection and cursor issues with images in Firefox when the image has a style of display:block
  • PRO Column layout was being removed when saving an existing article when using the Bootstrap framework option.
  • PRO Changed Columns content vertical alignment to use flex-start and flex-end
  • PRO Updating a popup in the Image Manager Extended would remove the main URL value.
  • PRO Inserting a video with the Media Manager Quick Media dropdown would result in incorrect dimensions and some attributes missing, eg: allowfullscreen


  • PRO Column content can now be drag-selected across columns.
  • The compiled css file generated by the T4 template framework is now used to style editor content when using a JoomlArt template.
  • PRO Changing dimensions in the Thumbnail Editor would produce an incorrectly sized focus window.
  • PRO Selecting a Popup Type in the Popups tab would not trigger the Associated Thumbnail prompt.
  • PRO Pasting column content would paste the converted content instead of the internal structure.
  • PRO UIKit Stack and Gap Column values were incorrectly assigned.
  • Attempting to interact with the media item in a Media Preveiw object, eg: clicking a play button, was not possible.
  • Copying a set of columns would not copy the parent container.
  • Cursor jumps when selecting columns
  • An error would be generated when triggering a save in an extension if no textarea was present.
  • The contents of an active folder in the folder tree are now set by the loading action of the main folder / file list.
  • Scrolling in the File Browser file list would produce 404 errors on multiple image load attempts when using a filesystem plugin eg: Amazon S3
  • Joomla repeatable Media fields would show an error when the dialog is opened if JCE File Browser media field conversion is disabled.
  • Dash attributes, eg: data-* etc. were being removed from media elements.
  • A typo in a variable name generating a PHP error when using a Media Field with the JCE File Browser.
  • Remove old JCE Core Update Sites data when installing JCE Pro.
  • Using CTRL + Click on the Copy button to get the full url of a selected file in the File Browser would generate an error.
  • Pasting a text string that contains an underscore eg: some_text_string would remove the first underscore if the Markdown feature is enabled.


  • The Image Manager Basic Dialog now includes an upload button to directly upload and select an image. Drag & drop upload is also supported, by dropping an image onto the URL field.
  • PRO The Media Manager Basic Dialog now includes an upload button to directly upload and select an image. Drag & drop upload is also supported, by dropping an image onto the URL field.
  • PRO An Extra Large Stack option has been added to Columns.
  • PRO Inserting columns using the dropdown grid would not work when Container Element was set to None.
  • PRO Columns were not converted to the correct Bootstrap 4 code on saving.
  • PRO Removing microdata from a selection would not remove the parent attributes.
  • Attempting to scroll in some drop down menus would close the menu.
  • Some editor functions, eg: Image Editor, Code Editor, would show an error if the editor profile was assigned to a specific component.
  • Images could not be loaded into the Image Editor if the image url contained a ~ character.
  • Pasting plain text using CTRL + SHIT + V would paste the text at the end of the content.
  • Conversion of some script tags to Code Blocks would cause an error when loading the editor.
  • Profiles exported in Joomla 4 would add invalid xml fields to the exported xml file.
  • Styles applied to columns using the Styles list could not be removed by deselecting them in the Styles list.
  • Repairing profiles in Joomla 4 would produce an error.
  • Some PHP ini values for post_max_size and upload_max_size would produce an error.
  • Content would not be pasted from Word if the span tag was set as an invalid element.
  • It was not possible to place the cursor inside a Code Block.
  • Clicking on a Code placeholder would generate an error.
  • Changes to allow the JCE File Browser for Repeatable Media fields was causing a conflict with other extensions, eg: Yootheme Pro
  • Word quote blocks are now converted to <blockquote>
  • Disabling the Keep Non-Breaking Space option would have no effect.


  • The Directory Filter option can now filter by a specific folder name when a * is placed in front of the name value.
  • The Media Field in a Repeatable Field will now open the JCE File Browser.
  • CTRL + ALT + Z will repeat the last action or command that was executed.
  • Updating a table cell or row by setting an empty value for an attribute, eg: class, would not remove the attribute value.
  • Youtube urls would contain multiple options when updated.
  • Youtube and Vimeo options were not being updated when editing the video options.
  • Switching from the Code tab to the Editor tab will place the cursor at the end of the line.
  • The Cellspacing field in the Table dialog would be empty when editing an existing table with a defined cellspacing attribute.
  • Event attributes are removed from media elements (video, audio, iframe) even if enabled.
  • Add support for <track> element for <audio> and <video> tags.
  • Fix cursor placement when clicking on or near a non-editable element.
  • Using the Cleanup HTML tool via the editor toolbar button would remove event attributes despite profile configurations.
  • An <audio> element in the editor would display incorrectly if a width:100% style is applied to it.
  •  Some system attributes would remain on media elements after saving / toggling the editor.
  • Selecting an image while in the Rollover tab will fill the empty onmouseout field or the field which has focus.
  • Removed invalid label in the Link parameters.
  • PRO Updating an <audio> element would add invalid attributes.
  • PRO Selecting a an option from the Popup list when multiple images are selected will trigger a multiple selection setup.
  • PRO Completey remove the popup link from images or text when the Popups is deselected.
  • PRO Error when using a drag & drop editor upload with the Image Manager Extended.
  • PRO Added missing columns gap support for Safari and IE11
  • PRO Media Manager button was not being activated when a Youtube video was selected.
  • PRO Updating Youtube options in the Media Manager would not apply the changes.


  • Code Blocks can now be disabled to use script placeholders instead, as in previous versions.
  • A target can now be set in the parameters when creating a new JCE File Browser Field.
  • An editor can now be created with the API using a specific profile id.
  • Startup content for an empty editor - either loaded from a file or HTML snippet - can now be set in Editor Profiles -> Editor Parameters -> Advanced
  • Media Previews are now available for <video> and <audio>
  • Replaced png media placeholder icons with svg icons and text.
  • PRO The Image Editor and Thumbnail Editor now support webp images.
  • PRO Video parameters - autoplay, loop, controls etc. - are now passed to MediaBox when creating a popup in the Media Manager.
  • PRO Embedding Youtube and Vimeo videos using a pasted in URL or the Quick Media input will now use relevant options set in the Media Manager parameters.
  • Added an option in the extension configuration to disable inline admin parameter help boxes.
  • The shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + " can now be used to add quotes around a selection, eg: “quote”, and when the site language is set to German, CTRL + SHIFT + 2 will create „quote“
  • Removed submit block and validation message in New Folder, Rename etc. dialogs
  • Removed input field highlight when an invalid value is entered in the New Folder, Rename etc. dialog
  • Link search results are now ordered and displayed by component.
  • PRO The Create Thumbnail tools are now available in the File Browser, Image Manager Extended and File Manager.
  • Inline PHP code would be removed
  • Empty paragraphs were being added after code blocks
  • CTRL + SHIFT + V would not paste plain text in Firefox and Chrome on Windows.
  • A Link Search would show a server error message if the search results inluded an empty result (no link or text)
  • Shortcode blocks containing PHP were being processed incorrectly.
  • New lines added in a PHP Code Block would be removed on saving.
  • Extended Elements with a dash in the tag name were being removed.
  • New lines added in a Script and Style Code Blocks would be removed on saving.
  • A PHP error would be shown in some dialogs.
  • Repeatable fields in the JCE Admin were displaying incorrectly.
  • Pasting code into a paragraph would fail with an error.
  • Remove and replace php tags in PHP Code Blocks so only one set of opening and closing tags is included.
  • Tweaked the layout of some Admin parameter elements.
  • RTL direction in the editor content is now enabled if the Joomla language pack supports RTL. Installation of an RTL JCE Language Pack will enable RTL in the JCE UI (toolbar and dialogs)
  • Applying text alignment to a block element (H1, H2, Paragraph etc.) inside a table or another block element that has the same alignment would fail or could not be removed.
  • External css files were not being added as custom css files in the Editor Global Configuration.
  • Update some methods to fix errors in PHP 8.
  • The wrong compiled css file was being selected for use in Gantry templates when multiple compiled css files are available.
  • Linebreaks in Code Blocks were not being converted to newline characters.
  • The Search Phrase option (Any Words, All Words, Exact Match) was not being used in a Search in the Link dialog.
  • The Autolink URL and Autolink Email options were displayed in the wrong place in the Link parameters.
  • Anchor links in Link search results would not display the correct URL when click.
  • Pressing Enter multiple times in a DIV would produce an error or remove content below the DIV.
  • It was not possible to deselect all buttons for a plugin where the plugin has multiple button options in its parameters.
  • The editor content direction will now be set by the direction of the site front-end language.
  • The Joomla editor-xtd buttons list was not showing in the editor toolbar in SP Page Builder.
  • Footnote links contain extraneous text when content is pasted into the editor from Word using Safari.
  • Unnecessary @import of base ui.css in theme variants was causing a "circular reference" error.
  • Some issues with the File Browser etc. when using the Amazon S3 Filesystem plugin
  • Clicking the WidgetKit editor-xtd option in the Joomla toolbar menu button would have no effect.
  • PRO Remove double slashes in Code Editor asset urls which was causing mixed content script warnings on some sites.
  • PRO The edited image is now selected in the File Browser after saving in the Image Editor.
  • PRO Clicking on a media file in the Media Manager will now correctly extract and apply dimensions where possible.
  • PRO Adding or updating columns that contain a div would produce an error.
  • PRO Fixed incorrect parameter key in Columns when setting a Framework.
  • PRO Changes made to Columns parameters were not being applied.
  • PRO Fix errors when retrieving Microdata content from schema.org due to allow_url_fopen restrictions.
  • PRO Microdata Properties were not listed in the dialog due to changes in the schema.org data.


  • Pressing backspace in the editor when editing content containing lists would cause the browser to hang.
  • Parameter labels were displaying incorrectly in the JCE Admin in Joomla 3.
  • The Image Editor and Text Editor options were displaying in the File Browser parameters in JCE Core.
  • PRO The Filesystem parameters for Image Editing and Text Editing were missing.


  • IFrame urls can now be restricted to allow all content, local content only (urls originating on the site), or local content and supported media urls, eg: Youtube, Vimeo etc.
  • Text, HTML and Word content can now be inserted into the editor using drag & drop, with the same processing as pasted content.
  • Added a dnt (Do Not Track) parameter option for Vimeo videos.
  • Added input validation to the Rename and New Folder prompt windows, showing invalid characters entered.
  • PRO A Text Editor has been added for all dialogs - including the standalone File Browser - for editing of text like files, including txt,html,xml,md and json.
  • PRO Creating new template snippet files in the Template Manager can now use the new Text Editor.
  • PRO A loading option has been added to the Iframe dialog to enable lazy loading.
  • Replace script, style and PHP icon placeholders with editable Code Blocks.
  • Remove the tilde ~ character as a valid character for file and folder names.
  • All help and description tooltips in the JCE Admin have been converted to inline help blocks.
  • The Always Include Dimensions option is now enabled by default for the Image Manager and Image Manager Extended, meaning all images will have a width and height attribute when inserted.
  • Improve Admin and Editor layout in Joomla 4.
  • Applying a link to a selection of elements with existing links would only apply it to the first element.
  • User Groups other than Super User were unable to access a profile for editing.
  • Table width and height attribute values set in the Code view were not being converted to styles when switching to the Editor.
  • Unicode characters were not converted to simplified ASCII versions when the Websafe File Names option was set to ASCII.
  • Updated Shortcode Protection to allow for shortcode within shortcode
  • Some template media field overrides were not showing the upload button.
  • Update url detection in pasting to fix an edge case where content was similar to markdown link or image syntax.
  • The File Browser opened from the Media Field shows a 404 error in some templates.
  • An error would be shown when sorting by extension in the File Browser, Image Manager etc.
  • PRO Applying a Gap Width value of None to Columns would have no effect.
  • PRO The handles on the Crop and Resize boxes in the Image Editor were too small.


  • Improve detection and processing of anchor elements and highlight anchors in the editor when they are clicked on for easier selection.
  • Creating a link on a tag (strong, em etc.) would sometimes remove the tag.
  • Custom Styles with a style parameter that contained a comma (in a font-famliy list for example) were not correctly applied.
  • The File Browser opened from a Media field would give a 404 error in the front-end on some sites.
  • Some Word document content would be truncated on pasting if the Remove All Spans parameter is enabled.
  • When Container Element & Entry Key is set to None:Linebreak, applying a Style to a text selection not inside a block element would fail.
  • Improved Protect Shortcode processing.
  • Remove default target on Quick Link links when no default Target parameter is set.
  • Editor dialogs were not displaying correctly when Compress CSS was enabled due to previous changes to @import rule processing.
  • Some @import rules in template css files would fail to load when Compress CSS is enabled if they contained semicolon characters.
  • ALT + Down can now also be used to move the caret out of a nested block element.
  • Remove data types from the onCustomFieldsPrepareDom method in the PlgFieldsMediaJce plugin for Joomla 4 compatability.
  • PRO Added missing Center option to the Align parameters in the Media Manager.
  • PRO Class names for Bootstrap gap size values were incorrect.
  • PRO Updated the Markdown / Textpattern feature to support inline shortcode protect.


  • The Protect Shortcode feature is now disabled by default. It can be enabled if required in Editor Profiles -> Editor Parameters -> Advanced.


  • Styles applied to some <div> tags would apply them to the document body instead.
  • Adding a new style to a selection using the Styles list would show additional tags of previously edited styles.
  • The Permitted File Extensions parameter would show a Notice error in PHP 7.5
  • Assigned templates would not be used for editor styles in some situations.
  • Some tree items in the Link dialog would not load due to characters associated link url.
  • Pasting content into the editor would wrap the content in <p> tags regardless of configuration settings, if the Markdown feature is enabled.
  • Attempting to upload using the upload button or drag & drop in a media field (Images & Links) would produce an error.
  • Sorting of list items in Editor Profiles -> Plugin Parameters -> Lists would not work.
  • Some attributes, including src and event attributes, are removed from <script> and <style> tags regardless of configuration settings.
  • Updating JCE on Joomla 4 removes the download id.
  • Footnote links in content pasted from Word will now display using the superscript <sup> tag.
  • Pasting in content that contains a link would set the link url to undefined.
  • Rollover event attributes are missing the "this.src=" assignment.
  • PRO Removed the margin on paragraph elements in column blocks, which would override existing template styles in the editor preview.
  • PRO Resized the Microdata dialog
  • PRO Selecting a template item from items in the Template List generated from local files would not insert any content.
  • PRO Update the Microdata plugin to use https for schema.org urls, and use the new json-ld resource url.
  • PRO Add an option in the Microdata parameters to specify an alternate schema resource url.
  • PRO Text content containing HTML tags would be converted into HTML when pasting into the editor.
  • The $name variable is now available for the File Directory Path. This will be replaced with the user's name.
  • Clicking on the Ordered List button will open a dialog to set the start and reversed attributes on existing ordered lists.
  • Shortcode inserted into the editor, eg: is now protected from processing by the editor, ie: it will no longer be wrapped in a block tag such as a paragraph or div. An option is available to disable this in Editor Profiles -> Editor Parameters -> Advanced.
  • PRO You can now set a Gap Size in columns ie: the spacing between columns
  • PRO Added support for RDFa attributes when the Microdata plugin is enabled.


  • Content set by some extensions into the editor when the Code view is visible would include some system attributes.
  • Editor would become unusable when sorted in a repeatable subform field. This fix is dependant on a Joomla Pull Request being accepted and merged - https://github.com/joomla/joomla-cms/pull/29898
  • Creating a link with the Quick Link drop-down would produce an error.
  • Drag & Drop upload using the standard Image Manager would produce an error.
  • Default attributes for the Image Manager, Image Manager Extended, Media Manager and File Manager are now correctly applied to items inserted into the editor wit a drag & drop upload.
  • Attributes for the Image Manager and Media Manager Basic Dialog are now correctly applied or retained when inserting or updating an item.
  • PRO Updating a Youtube video with the Media Manager Basic Dialog would set the incorrect dimensions.
  • PRO Attempting to retrieve schema data from schema.org would produce an error in the Microdata dialog. This has been refactored to use the json-ld data source - https://schema.org/version/latest/schema.jsonld
  • PRO File links created with the File Manager either via the dialog or as a drag & drop upload, that only contain text, ie: no icon, date or size, will be inserted as standard links, without additional html.
  • PRO File links created with the File Manager either via the dialog or as a drag & drop upload, that only contain text, can now be edited as standard links by the Link dialog.
  • SECURITY Improve parsing and clean up of HTML comment data and cdata.
  • SECURITY Fix encoding of visual control characters to prevent code injection.
  • Basic support for the avif image format has been added.
  • PRO Support for custom embed providers for the Media Manager's Quick Media, Basic Dialog and paste insert, using a system event - See example
  • SECURITY Event Attributes, eg: onclick, onload etc. are now treated as invalid attributes by default to prevent arbitrary javascript execution by a malicious user.
    They can be enabled by setting either the Allow Javascript or Allow Event Attributes options in Editor Profiles -> Editor Parameters -> Advanced to Yes.
  • SECURITY Event Attributes, eg: onclick, onload etc. are always removed from pasted content copied from an external source. This is to address a cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability which would allow arbitrary execution of malicious javascript code in the source content.
    This can only be changed by setting the Allow Event Attributes option in Editor Profiles -> Plugin Parameters -> Clipboard to Yes.
  • The Events tab in the Attributes dialog is only shown if Event Attributes iare enabled.
  • PRO Columns now uses the css gap property to create spacing between columns.


  • The selected image is removed when creating a link on it using the Link dialog.


  • Show server error message if one is generated instead of "The server returned an invalid JSON response."
  • Show parent element as selected in the Format list if the selection contains a span tag.
  • Allow for horizontal scrolling of link tree
  • Normalize slashes in custom template paths
  • Improve the display of some icons in the "Touch" toolbar themes
  • Various admin UI updates to support Joomla 4
  • Some color parameters in the JCE Admin were not showing a colour picker.
  • Tabbing between elements in a dialog, eg: Image Manager, is blocked by disabled elements.
  • Pasting urls into the editor would sometimes produce duplicate links.
  • Editor tabs and toolbar would display incorrectly in the front-end of some sites.
  • Drag & drop upload of images to Amazon S3 would not insert the image after upload completed
  • Disabling Joomla Media field conversion would also disable JCE Media fields.
  • The first of multiple media fields of the same type would show multiple upload buttons.
  • Attempting to delete, rename, etc. files found using the Search field would produce an error on some systems.
  • PRO Pasting in Dailymotion links would not produce the correct embed code
  • PRO The View Mode button in the Template Manager does not change the view type (list / thumbs)
  • PRO Creating new columns using the Columns grid tool would produce columns without paragraphs.
  • PRO The layout of the Template Items paramter has been improved, and you can now set an optional thumbnail image for a Template Item.
  • PRO Simplified inserting of multiple images in the Image Manager Extended. Select an image to insert by clicking on its name, then select additional images by checking each box.
  • An alternative Basic Dialog - with just a URL field, and Description / Text field where applicable - has been added for the Link, Image Manager and Media Manager. These basic dialogs can be used to insert media where a very simple interface is desired, such as in a Forum extension.
  • Added support for the loading attribute for images and iframes.
  • Added support for simple body content when creating mailto links in the Link dialog.
  • You can now Enable / Disable the JCE MediaBox popup option for Link, Image Manager Extended etc.
  • The Refresh button in the File Browser now shows a loading indicator when clicked.
  • Clicking a link item or search result in the Link dialog will now fill the Text field with the link's title if no Text value has been set.


  • PRO Inserting images into columns would sometimes leave a space above the image
  • PRO An image inserted directly inside a column (not within an existing paragraph) was sized incorrectly
  • Drag & Drop of an image into the editor would insert the base64 encode version of no plugins were configured for inline upload.
  • CTRL + SHIFT + V would not paste plain text.
  • Pasting content from Word would show an image placeholder in Chrome / WebKit.
  • Adding Google pseudo tags to the Extended Elements list would result in a javascript error
  • An image inserted directly into the editor using drag & drop would not display after upload if the Filesystem Allow Root Access option is enabled.
  • An issue loading custom css files for the Style Select list could cause the editor to become unusable in custom fields.
  • Some select lists in the Styles dialog were displaying incorrectly


  • PRO Inserting multiple items with associated thumbnails in the Image Manager Extended would not correctly assign the associated thumbnails.
  • PRO Update the File Manager to fix support for drag & drop upload and embed
  • PRO Drag sorting a multiple selection in the Image Manager Extended would deselect all selected items.
  • PRO Drag sorting a multiple selection would not change the order in which the images were inserted.
  • PRO Assigining an associated thumbnail would not use the thumbnails url, width and height
  • PRO A list of Template Manager items would not be generated from existing files in the plugin's File Directory Path.
  • PRO The Code Editor fullscreen button would still be displayed, and not work, if the editor fullscreen button was not in the editor toolbar.
  • Some select lists would show the value instead of the label when showing the default option.
  • Yootheme Warp templates will now load the correct css files in the editor if a Style is assigned.
  • Iframes contain invalid system classes when saved in preview mode.
  • Pasting image data into the editor will now generate an upload placeholder
  • The Upload dialog in the Image Manager, File Browser etc. will now filter the system file list when browsing for an image to select for upload.
  • When editing an existing image, the Folder list would not scroll correctly to the image's parent folder.
  • Parsing and display of some Font Family parameters would fail with a PHP error.
  • An error would be generated in the File Browser, Image Manager Extended if the File Directory Path value was set to a single /
  • Items in the Link dialog link tree were not being displayed if the item title contained a quote character.
  • Clicking the Preview icon in a link tree item would not open a Preview dialog.
  • Alignment could not be applied to a text selection that was not already inside a block element.
  • Clicking the Close button when editing a profile would not close the edit window on some sites.
  • Pressing backspace when the cursor is at the beginning of a line in a paragraph would add a style attribute to some elements in Chrome, Safari, Brave, Edge.
  • The Image Editor window in the File Browser shows a 404 error
  • The flash-based mediaplyer, and preview support for flv and f4v has been removed.
  • html and htm files are no longer set as default file types for the file browser.
  • The <img> element now supports the loading and decoding attributes.
  • New Paragraph:Linebreak and DIV:Linebreak options in the Container Element and Enter Key parameter
  • The File Browser has been added as a menu item in the JCE Editor admin menu
  • PRO Some additional default options are now available in the File Manager parameters.
  • PRO It is now possible to embed a file, eg: pdf, by dragging and dropping it into the editor, if the File Manager default Format option is set to "Iframe" and an Embed Width and Embed Height are set.


  • PRO A Template List option has been added to the Template Manager parameters to enable or disable the dropdown list on the Template Manager button.
  • PRO Some media files -mp3, oga, m4a, mp4, m4v, ogg, webm, ogv - can now be drag & drop uploaded and inserted directly in the editor window.
  • A Cache Validation option has been added to the Compression options in the Editor Global Configuration to control whether a mechanism should be used to help the browser and server identify whether to cache compressed content, or use an existing cached version.
  • Core plugins that are always loaded by the editor have been combined with the main tinymce javascript file, to reduce the the number of plugin files loaded at initialisation.
  • Plain text would be wrapped in a paragraph when pasted into the editor using the Paste as Plain Text dialog.
  • Using Search & Replace to find text in columns would always produce no results.
  • The editor toolbar was displaying incorrectly in Safari on some sites.
  • Using an invalid syntax in the Extended Elements list would cause the editor to fail to load.
  • gif images were not shown as thumbnail images in the File Browser / Image Manager Extended thumbnail view.
  • Revert image selection colour to blue
  • Splitbutton active state was not indicated by a background color change in the Retina theme.
  • CTRL / CMD + Copy in the File Browser would prduce an error.
  • Selecting multiple table cells would not show them as selected / highlighted due to a missing css style.
  • A comma seperated list of selected file urls can be copied to the clipboard in the File Browser, Image Manager etc. by using CTRL / CMD + Click on the Copy button.
  • Parameter values, eg: Permitted File Extensions, were not applied correctly to the File Browser when it is opened from another dialog, eg: Link
  • Drag & drop uploading of media files would use the wrong Upload file size parameter value
  • Removed the filter query parameter from the File Browser url
  • Some editor profile settings, eg: Toolbar Theme, would not be applied when the editor was loaded in Community Builder
  • Attempting to sort by date or size in the File Browser would produce an error.
  • PRO The Image Manager Extended would show an "error" message when uploading some files or attempting to display the contents of a folder due to an issue with the exif_read_data method on some systems.
  • PRO Inserting multiple images or device responsive images would produce unexpected results with the wrong url values assigned


  • Fixed: Attempting to rename a file or folder would fail and produce an error.
  • Fixed: A Cut / Copy / Paste of files or folders in the File Browser that produced an error popup message would result in a javascript error and the loading indicator would remain.
  • Fixed: PRO Updated the compression options when saving png files using PHP Imagick.


  • Fixed: PRO Compression settings were not applied to PNG files when processed using PHP Imagick
  • Fixed: PRO Switching to the Code tab would produce an error if the editor does not contain any elements.
  • Fixed: Updating via the Attributes dialog would produce an error.
  • Fixed: Selecting a code item (PHP, Style, Script) in the editor will update the Path list accordingly.
  • Fixed: Remove processing of a passed in "folder" value by the File Browser due to an incompatability with some MediaField implementations.


  • Added: Support templates that use the Warp framework but are not from Yootheme
  • Added: The File Browser now supports a passed in folder value to set a new temporary root folder on the current File Directory Path.
  • Changed: The Unlink button is now always active, and can remove links on a content selection, not just an individual link.
  • Changed: The Path list will now show columns » column when the cursor is inside a column, and the name of the media type when an iframe media element is selected, eg: Path: p » Youtube
  • Fixed: The editor would produce an error / hang when toggling or saving if it only contained text without any block elements.
  • Fixed: Added a missing WF_DLG_UPLOAD_DROP_DETAILS language key for the Upload dialog size and file type message.
  • Fixed: Incorrect items in the Styles list would be shown as selected when using some Custom Style configurations.
  • Fixed: Clicking in the Folders column when it is empty would add an "undefined" value to the directory path.
  • Fixed: The editor would always show a vertical scrollbar regardless of the amount of content in it.
  • Fixed: PRO Template Manager was not showing all available html files in the dropdown menu
  • Fixed: PRO Inserting content with the Template Manager would produce unexpected results when the content contains elements with class attributes.
  • Fixed: PRO Editor would not complete loading - showing loading spinner - when Template Manager Startup Content is set.
  • Fixed: PRO Attempting to select and insert items in the Template Manager would result in no content being inserted into the editor.
  • Fixed: PRO EXIF data of an uploaded image will be temporarily stored so that the ImageDescription value can be used, even if the EXIF data is to be removed from the image.


  • Added: Use adaptaive colouring for selection control elements (image resize handles, table selection and resize handles)
  • Added: Guidelines in the editor (Visual Blocks, Table Guidelines, Columns Guidelines) now use an adaptive shade of grey that changes to optimize visibility depending on the content background as defined in the template stylesheet
  • Added: An Auto option has been add to the Editor Styles Reset list. When set, a high contrast (black text on a white background) style wil be used for the editor content if the contrast of the body text and body background does not meet a minimum level of usablity (WCAG Contrast level 3:1)
  • Added: Soft hyphen can now be inserted with the keyboard shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + - on Mac and Windows
  • Added: PRO A Process External Content option has been added for the Markdown tool to disable markdown processing of pasted or passed in (from the code editor) external content
  • Added: PRO The Template Manager now supports drag & drop inline uploading into the editor window for html, html, txt and md files. File content is processed and inserted into the editor after uploading.
  • Added: PRO The Image Manager Extended will now used the Image Description value from an image's EXIF data, if set, for the Image Description (alt) when selecting an image or inserting into the edtiow window using drag & drop.
  • Added: PRO The Template Manager now supports uploading and inserting of md files, with markdown to html processing.
  • Changed: Improved the layout and appearance of the upload placeholder and inline upload marker.
  • Fixed: Changes to content would be removed when switching to the Source tab in SP PageBuilder.
  • Fixed: The Help dialog was showing a 403 or 500 error when opened in the front-end.
  • Fixed: Error on upload in PHP 5.6 due to additional parameter in basename function
  • Fixed: Images uploaded using a placeholder will now have the placeholder dimensions proportionally applied.
  • Fixed: Fix media input field display when the screen size is less than 1400px
  • Fixed: The Joomla Buttons menu was not populated in extensions that do not use the Joomla API to initiaize the editor, eg: SP Page Builder
  • Fixed: The middot character used to display the position of a Non-breaking space or Soft-hyphen was missing.
  • Fixed: A javascript error caused by a change in the Media Field processing script would cause an issue in some extensions - JoomDonation, FlexiContent.
  • Fixed: The Insert button was missing in the JCE File Browser opened by the Media Field in Joomla 4.
  • Fixed: Menu items in some dropdown dialogs would set an unnecessary selected state when an item was clicked.
  • Fixed: PRO Drag & drop uploading into the editor of File Manager files would produce an error.
  • Fixed: PRO Thumbnail images were not being created when using the Thumbnail Editor
  • Fixed: PRO Default values were not be applied to some fields in the Captions dialog and others
  • Fixed: PRO Class list in the File Manager would not allow multiple values
  • Fixed: PRO Class values added in the File Manager Advanced tab were not be applied to a new or updated link.
  • Fixed: PRO An empty Thumbnail Width or Height parameter value would be filled with a default value in the Upload dialog.
  • Fixed: PRO Uploading an image with the Remove EXIF option enabled would produce an error and a failed upload when using PHP GD2 (PHP Imagick is not available)


  • Fixed: Clicking on an item in some dropdown menus - Tables, Emoticons, Columns - would do nothing and produce a javascript error.


  • Added: Support for the Helix template framework.
  • Added: Media Field options added to the File Browser parameters allow the conversion of a Joomla Media Field to be disabled or the Direct Upload button to be disabled on a per profile basis.
  • Fixed: The layout of the Media Field would break when hovering over the input element.
  • Fixed: Clicking on the Select buton in a Media Field would sometimes trigger the new Upload button.
  • Fixed: In some intances the Media Field conversion and inclusion of the new Upload button would cause a javscript error on loading, or when clicking the Select or Upload button.
  • Fixed: When multiple editors are loaded, selecting an item in a window opened by clicking on a menu item from the Joomla button dropdown would sometimes insert into the wrong editor.
  • Fixed: Selecting an item in a window opened by clicking on a menu item from the Joomla button dropdown would sometimes not close the window as expected and produce a javascript error.
  • Fixed: Some class values would be updated using comma seperated values instead of a space seperator.
  • Fixed: Uploading any file using the File Browser would show an error message in JCE Core.
  • Fixed: An editor.css file will now be loaded for all template frameworks if one exists using the standard path templates/$template/css/editor.css
  • Fixed: Update Gantry framework support to allow for loading of an editor.css or other custom.css files, using standard Gantry paths.
  • Fixed: Update Font Family Select configuration to allow for re-ordering of entries.
  • Fixed: Duplicate options would sometimes be added to any select list in a dialog, eg: Target, Media Type etc.
  • Fixed: Some Custom Styles would not be applied to a selected element if the Custom Style included a Tag value but not an Element Selector value.
  • Fixed: Some HTML content would be converted to special characters and a <pre> tag added when changing between the Code and Editor tab, or when toggling the editor.
  • Fixed: Pasting some content from an external source such as Word would remove all HTML formatting.
  • Fixed: Saving the Editor Global Configuration with an existing Custom Configuration Variables entry would result in that entry being removed.
  • Added: PRO The Media Manager parameters now include options to set some default values for Audio and Video, eg: Loop, Controls, Autoplay, Mute.
  • Fixed: PRO Remove display of the Edit Image and Create Thumbnail buttons when selecting an svg or webp image in the Image Manager Extended.
  • Fixed: PRO Selecting an image while in the Popups tab in the Image Manager Extended would not always fill the URL field as expected.
  • Fixed: PRO Fix selection of, adding a Style to, or changing the Format of the parent element of a Media Preview block.
  • Fixed: PRO It was not possible to place the caret / cursor next to a Media Preview block created after pasting a video url into the editor.
  • Fixed: PRO Add missing option to enable or disable the Create button in the Template Manager dialog.
  • Fixed: PRO Optimize and fix various parts of the upload resize, watermark and thumbnail processes, including re-orientation of images if the EXIF data is removed.
  • Fixed: PRO Restore the resizing handle in the Source Code editor and fix an issue where the fullscreen layout would sometimes cut of the display of some content.


  • Added: The Media Field - available in Images & Links and elsewhere, now includes an option to directly upload a file, either by clicking the upload button and selecting a file, or by dragging and dropping it into the field.
  • Added: Direct support for the Yootheme, Gantry (RocketTheme) and Wright (JoomlaShack) CSS frameworks has been added in an attempt to import more relevant template stylesheets.
  • Fixed: Filenames in the File Browser using UTF-8 characters would be truncated on systems.
  • Fixed: Added some improvements and fixed various issues with the new Select / Datalist fields.
  • Fixed: Class values set as defaults for various plugins - Tables, Image Manager etc. - are not applied on Insert.
  • Fixed: Searching in the File Browser with FTP mode enabled would produce an error.
  • Fixed: Remove display of index.html files in the File Browser file listing.
  • Fixed: Update markdown syntax for headings to use CommonMark / GFM standard.
  • Fixed: Additional text could not be pasted or typed into the Paste as Plain Text dialog.
  • Fixed: Checkboxes in the Search & Replace dialog would not activate when clicked in Chrome / Brave.
  • Fixed: The new URL Conversion option would not store an updated value if set to None.
  • Fixed: The editor content area does not display when the Toolbar Position is set to Bottom.
  • Fixed: Added back the missing Camel Case option - renamed now to Title Case - in the Text Case dropdown list.
  • Fixed: Selecting an option from a dialog window created by the Joomla dropdown menu would insert or apply it to the wrong editor when multiple editors are loaded.
  • Fixed: The dialog window opened from the Joomla dropdown menu would not close when selecting an option for some editor-xtd plugins.
  • Fixed: The Font Background Colour icon has been updated to be more distinct from the Font Text Colour icon.
  • Fixed: PRO Searching in the Source Code tab by pressing Enter after adding a search value would cause the editor toggle button to be activated.
  • Fixed: PRO Add back missing Markdown option in Editor Profiles -> Features & Layout.
  • Fixed: PRO Enable markdown to HTML conversion on paste text by default.
  • Fixed: PRO Updated margin values in the Caption dialog would not be applied.
  • Fixed: PRO Addding a Youtube, Vimeo etc. URL in the Media Manager would not set the correct option in the Media Type list.
  • Fixed: PRO Disabling the Quick Media option in Editor Profiles -> Plugin Parameters -> Media Manager would not have an effect on pasted links.
  • Fixed: PRO Stack Width values on Columns would be removed on saving when using the Boostrap 4 CSS Framework.
  • Fixed: PRO When uploading an image with multiple resize values, only the first set of values would be applied correctly.


  • Added: File Browser Search now returns matched folders and files.
  • Added: A new URL Conversion option replaces the Relative URLs option in Editor Profiles -> Editor Parameters -> Cleanup & Output. This now explicitely sets how or if URL conversion will be done, with the options Relative, Absolute and None.
  • Added: A label on the Media Placeholder indicates how to toggle the placeholder.
  • Added: The <table> element of a table can be selected by holding the ALT keyboard key while clicking anywhere in the table.
  • Added: An option has been added to the Link parameters to disable the Quick Link dropdown.
  • Added: PRO An option has been added to the Media Manager parameters to disable the Quick Media dropdown.
  • Added: PRO Some UIKit 2 support has been added to the Columns tool.
  • Fixed: The Styles list will now attempt to determine the readability of styled item names, and use the template background color or system defaults to improve this.
  • Fixed: Some editor-xtd buttons generated dynamically by an extension, eg: YOOtheme Builder, were not added below the editor when the Joomla button dropdown was added to the editor toolbar.
  • Fixed: Text pasted using the Paste as Plain Text dialog, or CTRL + Shift + V, is now encoded before pasting so that any HTML code in the pasted content is treated as plain text.
  • Fixed: Classes added to the Classes field in the Table dialogs were not applied or were removed.
  • Fixed: Existing classes on table cells or rows were not shown in the Classes field.
  • Fixed: Alignment and dimension values added to table cells were not applied.
  • Fixed: Copy/Cut and Paste of multiple files in the File Browser would only paste up to 2.
  • Fixed: The default link target value as set in the Link parameters is now applied to links created with Quick Link.
  • Fixed: Opening the Link dialog using the Context Menu on an existing link would not update the URL etc.
  • Fixed: The Upload dialog in the File Browser, Image Manager Extended etc. has been updated to improve the layout on smaller devices.
  • Fixed: The editor would fail to load in extensions where multiple editors were initialized, eg: YOOtheme Zoo.
  • Fixed: The editor would fail to load in the front-end of some extensions, eg: Seblod, ACYMailing
  • Fixed: Adding a custom class to the Classes list and then clicking the Update button would fail to apply the custom class.
  • Fixed: Applying a style from the Styles list would not work on some elements.
  • Fixed: The File Browser window would not be initially visible in IE11 or Edge when opened from another dialog, eg: Link
  • Fixed: Some options in editor toolbar dropdown menus, eg: Format, Styes, Font Family etc. would not be accessible when opened above the select control.
  • Fixed: Selecting an item in some editor menus would cause the editor scrollbar to jump to the top of the window.
  • Fixed: The editor failed to load in Joomla 4 due to the use of some deprecated class methods in the new Joomla Button plugin.
  • Fixed: Some unordered list items were not converted when pasting from Word.
  • Fixed: Clearing the Alternate Text field of an existing value on an edited image will now allow the field to be automatically populated by the name of a new selected image.
  • Fixed: PRO An id applied to an iframe would be removed on saving.
  • Fixed: PRO The View Mode button was not visible in the Image Manager, Image Manager Extended, etc.
  • Fixed: PRO Inserting a video using the Enter key in the Quick Media dropdown would apply an invalid value.
  • Fixed: PRO Creating a thumbnail using the Create Thumbnail dialog would result in an error.
  • Fixed: PRO The Code editor supports CSS and Javascript formatting again.
  • Fixed: PRO Some layout issues in the Caption dialog.


  • Added: Autocomplete and multiple selection tag-style support in the editor Styles list.
  • Added: Add an option to convert Joomla Links to SEF Urls for links generated with the link tree in the Link dialog. The option is disabled by default and can de set in the Link parameters.
  • Fixed: Applying a style to a selection in the editor would sometimes apply it incorrectly to the parent element.
  • Fixed: Fullscreen dialog windows (File Browser, Image Editor) were positioned offset from the left of the screen.
  • Fixed: Updated the way Joomla editor-xtd buttons are generated for the new Joomla button list to support different ways in which editor-xtd buttons are used by some extensions, and fix some errors generated by some editor-xtd plugins.
  • Fixed: Indent "file" items in the Link tree so that they are aligned correctly relative to the category folder.
  • Fixed: Use https:// as the default prefix for links that do not have one.
  • Fixed: Re-enable class names display in the editor Path by default.
  • Fixed: Remove whitsepace at the beginngin of the textarea content when the editor is loaded.
  • Fixed: Fix extracting and updating of classes from existing elements for new the Classes list control.
  • Fixed: DIV formats can now be removed by toggling in the Format list, when Container and Enter Key is set to No Container.
  • Fixed: Textarea fields in some dialogs could not be typed into.
  • Fixed: Some form fields were being incorrectly wrapped in Safari.
  • Fixed: Some layout issues with some fom fields in IE11
  • Fixed: Errors when attempting to select an image to insert in the Image Manager etc. in IE11
  • Fixed: A javascript error would be generated by some plugins if the Clipboard buttons were not loaded in the editor toolbar.
  • Fixed: Improved loading of Classes and Styles list when the template stylesheet contains a lot of classes.
  • Fixed: Improved loading of File Browser list when Directory Filters have been set.
  • Fixed: Improved loading of the FIle Browser list for the local filesystem and Amazon S3 when a list limit is set.
  • Fixed: Added missing html and html file types to the File Browser.
  • Fixed: Custom values added to the Classes list in any dialog were not applied.
  • Fixed: Dialog windows that do not fit the screen will now force a scroll rather than be resized to fit the window.
  • Fixed: Some dialog windows did not show correct label translations.
  • Fixed: The Styles list was still loading template classes when it was configured not to.
  • Fixed: Some unordered list items were not correctly converted when pasting from Word.
  • Fixed: PRO Fix layout of upload options for various window sizes
  • Fixed: PRO Media inserted as iframes in the File Manager did not have a width and height value set, or would lose the values on saving.
  • Fixed: PRO An error would be generated if the Thumbnail option was selected when uploading images.
  • Fixed: PRO Add missing Crop to Fit checkbox for the Resize option in the Upload dialog.


  • Added: New "Retina" toolbar theme for wysiwyg editor and source code editor toolbars.
  • Added: The Quick Link dropdown enables a link to be inserted onto a selection without opening the Link dialog.
  • Added: Media Preview shows iframe based media (Youtube, Vimeo etc.) in a live, interactive preview in the editor window, by default instead of the Media Placeholder. CTRL (Cmd) + Click on the Media Preview object toggles the placeholder and vice-versa.
  • Added: The Character Map can now display additional characters set in the Character Map parameters.
  • Added: An option Joomla button moves the editor-xtd buttons from below the editor window into a dropdown menu. This allows the buttons to be available in extensions that do not use the Joomla API to initialise the editor, eg: SP Page Builder.
  • Added: Link items in the Tree list in the Link dialgo can noe be previewed in a modal dialog by clicking on the eye icon, visible when hovering over the link item.
  • Added: Improved support for keyboard navigation in dialogs using TAB and direction keys.
  • Added: PRO Quick Media enables a video to be inserted into the editor using a URL, without opening the Media Manager dialog. This can be done by either using the dropdown input on the Media Manaer button, or by pasting the URL directly into the browser window. Supports all common HTML5 video types (mp4, m4v, ogg, ogv, webm) and common media providers, eg: Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Scribd, Slideshare, Soundcloud, Spotify, TED, Twitch, Facebook and Instagram.
  • Added: PRO The Columns tool helps to create simple, responsive horizontal block layouts using FlexBox css styles. A generic set of styles is used by default, but support for Yootheme UIKit and Bootstrap 4 frameworks can be set in the Columns parameters.
  • Added: PRO Code Folding has been added to the Source Code Editor.
  • Added: PRO The Template Manager now includes a dropdown on its toolbar button to select and insert HTML templates, either from a list compiled from html and txt files in the Template Manager's defined directory path, or those created using the new Template Items parameter.
  • Changed: The Search field in the File Browser, Image Manager etc. will now search the local filesystem up to 3 folders deep, instead of just filtering the current file list.
  • Changed: List controls used in dialog windows have been improved, with support for autocomplete and a tag style interface for managing multiple selections. List options can now also be styled using a reduced list of text style options, as in the updated Classes list.
  • Changed: Various UI and style tweaks in support of new features.


  • Added: The Directory Filter value in Editor Profiles -> Editor Parameters -> Filesystem now accepts variables, as with the File Directory Path value.
  • Fixed: Numbered items that were not ordered lists were being converted to ordered lists when pasted from Word.
  • Fixed: The Preview tab would produce an error on some systems.
  • Fixed: Removing a Custom Style in Editor Profiles -> Plugin Parameters -> Style Select would not be applied when saved.
  • Fixed: Deselecting or removing fonts from the Fonts list in Editor Profiles -> Plugin Parameters -> Font Family Select would not be applied when saved.


  • Fixed: An issue with loading some search plugins would cause the Link dialog to open as a blank window.
  • Fixed: The MediaBox Dimensions option in the Popups tab was not correctly updated when editing a popup.
  • Fixed: A javascript error would occur when attempting to load the editor languages if there is no editor profile assigned to the user / context.
  • Fixed: Remove the empty statusbar if the Editor Path and Editor Resizing options are disabled.
  • Fixed: Remove spacing above the editor if the Code and Preview tabs are not displayed.
  • Fixed: Use of deprecated Joomla methods would cause an upload error in Joomla 4.
  • Fixed: PRO Update Code formatting so img tags remain inline to prevent unwanted whitespace additions.
  • Fixed: PRO Opening the File Manager to create a new link when an image is selected would result in an error and malformed dialog display.


  • Fixed: Options changed in the Editor Global Configuration would sometimes display original values after saving.
  • Fixed: Some Custom Style Formats would cause the Styles list to fail.
  • Fixed: Add missing "Enable" option for JCE MediaBox in Plugin Parameters
  • Fixed: Some style values would not be processed when pasting content from Word.
  • Fixed: Table border colour styles were not being applied correctly when adding or updating a border.
  • Fixed: The editor will now use the passed in textarea dimensions for the editor width and height if no other values have been set.
  • Fixed: Alignment is now correctly applied as a style to new tables.
  • Fixed: The wrong block element would sometimes be displayed in the Format list when clicking inside nested block elements.
  • Fixed: Searching in the Link dialog would produce an error if the site's JURI::base(true) value is blank.
  • Fixed: The MediaJCE plugin would not be removed if the JCE package was uninstalled.
  • Fixed: PRO Update the Size and Date options in the File Manager when a new file is selected.
  • Fixed: PRO The wrong content would be loaded into the Code editor when using multiple Text fields in SP PageBuilder.
  • Fixed: PRO An error would be produced when creating a watermark on an uploaded image.
  • Fixed: PRO Left and Right aligned images would lose alignment when a caption was applied.
  • Changed: The JCE File Browser button in the JCE Control Panel is now dependant on the Quickicon - JCE plugin being enabled. This also now allows the button to be assigned to an acess level.
  • Added: New "Sponsored" and "Generated Content" Relationship Page to Target (rel) values have been added to the Link dialog.


  • Fixed: An "Invalid Profile" error would be show in the File Browser window for some Editor Profile configurations.
  • Fixed: An error is shown when click on the File Browser icon in the JCE Control Panel if all Editor Profiles are assigned to components. A new JCE File Browser option has been added to the Components list so that this version of the File Browser can be assigned to a profile in this scenario.
  • Fixed: The Image Manager, File Browser etc. fails to remember the previously opened directory.
  • Fixed: PRO Uploading an image with individual resize options and a suffix would produce an error.
  • Change: Updated the File Browser UI so it displays better on smaller devices


  • Fixed: Block Format items in Editor Parameters not displaying after editing and saving.
  • Fixed: All actions that store a state in a cookie or local storage now adhere to the Use Cookies configuration option.
  • Fixed: Beginning a paragraph with an asterix would result in the character being removed when the space bar was pressed.
  • Fixed: Some toolbar buttons or or editor options in the Features & Layout tab could not be removed or disabled.
  • Fixed: An empty <div> tag is now removed on saving if it is the only content in the editor.
  • Fixed: In some instances the File Browser would use the wrong client url when opened from a media field.
  • Fixed: The File Browser would use the wrong profile if a profile existed that was assigned to a specific component.
  • Fixed: Copying a folder into another folder with the same name would cause an infinite loop.
  • Fixed: Updated some code for PHP 7.4 compatability
  • Fixed:   PRO The Code editor would fail to load in IE11
  • Fixed:   PRO Javascript errors in the Image Editor when loading or saving an image.
  • Added: PRO The Subscription Key will now be checked prior to downloading a new update, and a a descriptive message disaplyed if it is expired or invalid, instead of the previous 401 message.


  • Fixed: Existing values for repeatable parameters, eg: Directory Filter, Resize Width, Resize Height, were not removed when the value item was deleted using the trash button.
  • Fixed: DIV Container is not added by default to the Format list if only the DIV option is enabled.
  • Fixed: Image dimensions were not correctly updated when drag resizing in the editor window.
  • Fixed: The Link dialog would sometimes produce an error / white page on some systems if the Weblinks extension was not installed.
  • Fixed: Pressing ESC in some modal windows, eg: upload, would close the parent window.
  • Fixed: Update Table dialog dimensions to accommodate the Colour Picker dialog in the Advanced Tab.
  • Fixed: Consolidate table borders when pasting tables from Word.
  • Fixed: Tabbing in the Upload dialog now correctly moves through each form element after items have been added to the upload queue.
  • Fixed: Only update the Description (alt attribute) value when selecting an image in the Image Manager etc. if it has not yet been manually changed.
  • Fixed: Sorting of items in the Folder list in the File Browser, Image Manager etc. is now case insensitive and supports special characters.
  • Fixed: The Invalid Attributes parameter in Editor Parameters -> Advanced, now correctly processes multiple attributes where one or more contains a regular expression.
  • Fixed: PRO Some Vimeo options - Portrait, Title, Byline - are now correctly set when enabled or disabled.
  • Changed: The Folder list in the File Browser, Image Manager etc. is now also refreshed when the Refresh button is clicked.
  • Changed: The Help Site URL option in Options -> General Options has been removed. This will return with additional features in JCE 2.8.0
  • Added: The package pre-install routine now checks the PHP version is 5.6 or later and aborts the install if it is not.
  • Added: Adding a + to a Directory Filter value will allow, rather than remove that directory.


  • Fixed: Added an Inherit option to the Filesystem list for the Image Manager, File Browser etc.
  • Fixed: The columns display in the Image Manager etc. was defaulting to hiding the Folder column.
  • Fixed: PHP errors produced by the use of $this in static functions in Link list.
  • Fixed: Some Link list parameter options were not being applied.
  • Fixed: The editor toggle button was displaying above the Joomla subhead toolbar.
  • Fixed: Some custom Extended Elements with non-standard tag names were causing errors, preventing some actions from executing.
  • Fixed: Remove editor tabs when the editor is remove programmatically.
  • Fixed: Table border styles were not being displayed when the border contained different values for each position.
  • Fixed: The media item placeholder will now use a default width and height style for display where the media item does not use dimensions.
  • Fixed: Media item placeholder not displaying with the correct dimensions due to responsive image styles in some templates.
  • Fixed: After saving the Popups Default option in Editor Profiles, the selection would return to display "Not Set"
  • Fixed: Several issues with the spellchecker when a server-side spellcheck engine is selected.
  • Fixed: PRO Context menu icons not displaying for some plugins.
  • Fixed: PRO Unusual behaviour when editing in SP Page Builder if the Code tab has previously been activated.
  • Fixed: PRO Improved HTML formatting in the Code tab.
  • Fixed: PRO Images were not being rotated when uploaded with the Remove Image EXIF Data option enabled, when the server is using the PHP GD2 library for image processing.
  • Changed: Minor changes to make the editor compatible with Joomla 3.6.


  • Fixed: Some parameters with empty values eg: Inherit, would return to the default value when saved in Editor Profiles.
  • Fixed: Tweaked the Office toolbar layouts to fix some inconsistencies.
  • Fixed: Ordering and Area were not being applied in the Link dialog Search function.
  • Fixed: PRO Some Image Manager Extended parameters were not being applied correctly when the value was empty, or the same as the global value.
  • Fixed: PRO The Thumbnail Prefix was not being applied if the prefix value did not contain a $, eg: thumbs_ instead of thumbs_$
  • Added: Tags have been added as a default Search option in the Link dialog.
  • Added: Tags have been added to the link list in the Link dialog.


  • Fixed: Updated VisualBlocks display with high resolution block labels
  • Fixed: Editor not loading in SP Page Builder when the Spellchecker is set to be active by default.
  • Fixed: Various parameter related issues, particularly those affecting the File Directory Path, and parameters that can have empty values, eg: Resize Width, Resize Height.
  • Fixed: Added back $callback parameter for the getFileBrowserLink method.
  • Fixed: Upload dialog not closing when the upload task completes, if an error has previously been displayed.
  • Fixed: Help dialog labels not correctly translated.
  • Changed: The Allow Root Access option for the Joomla Filesystem now works differently. When enabled, the File Directory Path will be ignored, and the Restricted Directories list will act as a filter. See - https://www.joomlacontenteditor.net/news/jce-pro-2-7-12-released


  • Fixed: VisualBlocks displaying incorrectly for some block types
  • Fixed: Insert and Cancel buttons not working in File Browser in the front-end in some templates.
  • Fixed: Insert and Cancel buttons not visible in the File Browser in Joomla 4
  • Fixed: Filetypes added to the Permitted File Extensions list for the File Browser were not displayed when the Permitted File Extensions list contained groups.
  • Fixed: The Image Manager and Image Manager Extended dialogs were producing an error on some servers where Mod Security rules were in place to block plugin urls of legacy JCE versions.
  • Fixed: PRO The thumbnail path and thumbnail prefix parameter values were not being applied correctly, resulting in thumbnails being created in the same folder as the original image.


  • Fixed: Remove Flexi-Content Links accidentally included with the JCE Editor install package.


  • Fixed: Some parameter values incorrectly applies resulting in unexpected behaviour in the editor (eg: Enter key producing linebreaks)
  • Added: webp has been added as a default image type to the Image Manager, Image Manager Extended, File Manager and File Browser. 


  • Added: AutoLink Emails and AutoLink URLs parameters added to Editor Profiles -> Plugin Parameters -> Link to control whether urls are automatically converted to links when typed or pasted into the editor.
  • Fixed: Some editor-xtd buttons below the editor were not displaying because of a missing class name in button options.
  • Fixed: Changes to the Editor toolbar layout in Editor Profiles -> Features & Layout were not being saved.
  • Fixed: Changes to the Area selection in Editor Profiles -> Setup were not being saved.
  • Fixed: The block formats list in Editor Profiles -> Plugin Parameters -> Format List was not displaying correctly after it is edited and saved.
  • Fixed: Parameter values intentionally set to a blank value would revert to the parameter default.
  • Fixed: Cancel and Insert buttons missing in the File Browser when opened from a repeatable MediaJCE field.
  • Fixed: Saved JCE MediaBox Popups parameters not being applied in the Popups tab.
  • Fixed: PRO Added missing Markdown option in Editor Profiles -> Features & Layout.
  • Fixed: PRO Parts of the Code tab toolbar were missing when the toolbar wrapped.
  • Fixed: PRO Skip empty width/height alert in the Media Manager for audio and popups.


  • Fixed: Add missing options for plugin extensions in Editor Profiles -> Plugin Parameters, eg: the Popup Default option.
  • Fixed: Existing italics are now removed when the Italics button is clicked.
  • Fixed: Only remove popup data, not the entire link, when the Popup Type is deselected in the Popups tab of the Image Manager Extended, Link, etc.
  • Fixed: It was not possible to convert to Camel Case from Upper Case with the Text Case button.
  • Fixed: Default options in Editor Profiles -> Plugin Parameters were not being applied.
  • Fixed: Some plugin extension options (Joomla Links, MediaBox popups etc.) set in Editor Profiles -> Plugin Parameters were not being applied.
  • Fixed: The language file for "Pro" plugins was not being loaded in "Pro" plugin dialogs, resulting in some untranslated labels and messages.
  • Fixed: Editor Profiles were not being saved when a Components option was selected.
  • Fixed: Various layout issues in IE11 due to a lack of support for some css values.
  • Fixed: Template styles not loaded correctly if .less files are used.
  • Fixed: PRO Proportional Dimension values not updated when changed if the URL is an external source eg: Youtube, Vimeo etc.
  • Fixed: PRO Error when resizing an image on upload if the Resize options are hidden but enabled.
  • Fixed: PRO Error when applying a Crop or Resize in the Image Editor.
  • Fixed: PRO Increased some dialog sizes in the Image Manager Extended and Image Editor.
  • Added: A Validate Styles option has been added to Editor Profiles -> Editor Parameters -> Advanced. Enabled by default, this allows syntax validation of the style attribute value to be disabled.
  • Added: Anchor links can now be removed using the Unlink button. When an anchor is removed in this way, its associated link is also removed, and vice-versa.


  • Fixed: Some configuration options for Image Manager Extended, Media Manager etc. were not loaded, resulting in various issues, such as iframes being removed on insert and when editing existing content.
  • Fixed: It was not possible to edit existing Style Formats due to a missing toggle button.
  • Fixed: A PHP error message would be displayed when loading the editor if the profile parameter data was empty.
  • Changed: The option to encrypt parameters has been removed, as this was only useful when using plugins that stored credentials, like the Filesystem S3 plugin. Alternative methods for storing these credentials should be used.


  • Fixed: Error when accessing the Global Configuration if the JCE File Browser is assigned to a profile.


  • Fixed: Encrypted parameters are now decrypted when a profile is exported.
  • Fixed: The Doctype parameter is not saved when the option is set to HTML5.
  • Fixed: The Directory Filter option in Editor Parameters -> Filesystem is now repeatable.
  • Fixed: A PHP error is displayed in the Editor Profiles list when a profile is checked out.
  • Fixed: Fix permissions for various admin areas.
  • Fixed: Add a blank option as the first item in the Classes list in the Link dialog, so no class is automatically added to links unless specifically selected.
  • Fixed: Context Menu has been added as an option again in Editor Profiles -> Features & Layout.
  • Fixed: A legacy Quick Icon plugin was causing PHP errors on some systems. This plugin is now removed on install.


  • Fixed: MediaBox parameters set from the JCE Control Panel were not saved.
  • Fixed: Remove use of deprecated JApplication::isAdmin causing errors in Joomla 4
  • Fixed: Drag & Drop of images within the editor would fail in Safari, Chrome and Opera.
  • Fixed: Editor icons not displaying when Compress CSS is enabled.
  • Fixed: PRO The preview in the Create Thumbnail dialog was displaying incorrectly for some source image ratios.
  • Added: PRO Double-clicking on the crop area in the Create Thumbnail dialog wil now reset the focus area and dimensions to fit the source image.
  • Changed: PRO Multiple Resize Width and Resize Height values can now be added using a repeatable field.
  • Added: A Word Count Limit can now be set in Editor Profiles -> Editor Parameters -> Advanced. When a limit is set, the Words display at the bottom of the editor will show the number of words remaining. An optional alert can also be triggered when this limit is reached.


  • Fixed: "Get JCE Pro" branding still showing in the editor footer after JCE Pro installed.
  • Fixed: Some installed Plugin Parameter fields were not being displayed in Editor Profiles.
  • Fixed: Stored Plugin Parameters not being applied in plugin dialogs.
  • Fixed: Added some support for legacy plugins.
  • Added: An option in Editor Profiles -> Editor Parameters -> Advanced, to disable object (iage, media, table) drag-resizing in the editor window.


  • Fixed: Language files not loading in dialogs.
  • Fixed: Trigger a search in the Link dialog on Enter when the search input field has focus.
  • Fixed: Align custom toggle editor text horizontally with the toggle button.


  • Changed: Refactor to use the modern Joomla API (3.6+ and 4.x)
  • Changed: Refresh the toolbar and dialog UI with minor layout improvements and new icons.
  • Changed: Remove support for older browsers (IE < 11)


  • Fixed: Content items in the Link dialog would show all items regardless of category in Joomla versions below 3.6
  • Fixed: Font colours can now be applied by clicking on the Font colour button.
  • Fixed: Drag & Drop of images within the editor would fail in Safari, Chrome and Opera.


  • Fixed: Fixed a bug in Chrome where deleting across block elements using Delete or Backspace would wrap the content of the adjacent block element in a styled span.
  • Fixed: Pressing Enter in the middle of a list item to create a new list would incorrectly created a nested list item.
  • Fixed: Uploading files of a custom or unknown filetype which have been added as Permitted File Extensions would fail with a mime type error.
  • Fixed: An internal data-mce-empty attribute would be retained when saving in the Code tab.
  • Fixed: PRO The Video and Audio Mute option was not correctly setting the muted attribute.
  • Added: The Joomla onContentBeforeSave and onContentAfterSave events are now triggered when a file is uploaded.
  • Added: PRO "content" is now a valid attribute for microdata.


  • Fixed: Allow font icon tags to contain non-breaking spaces
  • Fixed: Allow for empty custom attribute values , eg: <a href="#" data-uk-lightbox>Link</a>
  • Fixed: Remove redundant checkSuperUserInUsers method causing errors in Joomla 2.5.x
  • Fixed: Image resize control <div> elements were not removed on ending a resize in some configurations.
  • Change: Replace deprecated Youtube Show Suggested option with new Related Videos option.
  • Changed: Allow indenting of single list items, the first item in a list, and an entire list selection.
  • Added: Set a default size for the editor textarea when the editor is off.
  • Added: Add getSelection method for Joomla Editor API
  • Added: Use Link Target parameter as default target attribute value for pasted links


  • Fixed: Images, iframes and video with margin styles could not be edited using the relevant dialog (Image Manager, Media Manager etc.)
  • Fixed: Removing a Margin field value would not update the Style field and would therefore not remove the margin style.


  • Fixed: Remove Admin menu items from the Menu options in the Link dialog link tree.
  • Fixed: Some file names containing UTF-8 characters result in an error when uploading.
  • Fixed: Styles list not showing styling of custom style items.
  • Fixed: Editor content styling displaying incorrectly on some templates.
  • Fixed: Remove use of Joomla system editor.css file as default stylesheet
  • Fixed: Improve support for SP Page Builder
  • Fixed: Anchors in content items are now shown when searching for content in the Link dialog.
  • Fixed: Parameters for the MediaJce field were not being displayed.
  • Fixed: Clean up conversion of media placeholders to media elements, removing system classes.
  • Fixed: The Super User can now view all link items in the Link dialog link tree.
  • Fixed: New installation error when using postgresl.
  • Added: A custom attribute fielad has been added to the Youtube media options in the Media Manager and IFrames dialog.
  • Added: Replace deprecated Youtube showinfo option with modestbranding option.
  • Added: Support for dot and dotx extensions
  • Added: Option to show unpublished content items in the Link dialog link tree.
  • Changed: Updated the image and table resize resize controls.
  • Changed: Remove display of com_fields in the Profile Components list.
  • Changed: The editor will now be resized editor to the textarea dimensions
  • Changed: Allow the Margin fields in the Image Manager etc. to use non-pixel values.
  • Changed: Update and add keyboard shortcuts for common functions - https://www.joomlacontenteditor.net/support/documentation/editor/keyboard-shortcuts


  • Fixed: PHP Error / blank page when accessing the JCE Control Panel in Joomla 3.9
  • Fixed: Adding a new editor in a repeatable sub-form field would create an unusable editor.
  • Fixed: Content not saved in Hikashop in some instances.
  • Fixed: Error when pasting some content from Word.
  • Fixed: Duplicate event attributes added to some video elements.
  • Fixed: PRO Dimensions of video items are reverted to the original values when editing the video item.
  • Fixed: PRO The popup source value will be set to the main image source value if no other popup source value is set.


  • Added: Support for the "role" attribute has been added for all elements.
  • Added: Support for the "playsinline" attribute has been added for the "video" element.
  • Added: Word indentation is now converted to the editor equivalent when pasting from Word.
  • Changed: The "Remove All Styles" option in the Clipboard parameters is now set to Yes by default, matching the previous default behaviour. This ensures clean content when pasting from Word.
  • Fixed: Editor failed to load with some installed plugins on Windows servers.
  • Fixed: Incorrect File Directory Path used in the File Browser when opened from the Link dialog in some configurations.
  • Fixed: Uploading in the front-end would fail on some sites when using the "Mighty Sites" extension.
  • Fixed: Editor Parameters would not save on PHP 7.2 servers when Encrypt Parameters is enabled.


  • Added: The default editor tab can now be set in Editor Profiles -> Features & Layout
  • Added: A "Powered by JCE Core" branding message has been added to the editor in JCE Core.
  • Fixed: Attempting to upload files other than images with the JCE File Browser would return an error.
  • Fixed: The ordering of the Font Family list is now retained when reordered.
  • Fixed: Images were inserted without dimensions if one dimension was changed to a percentage value.


  • Added: Default values can now be set for Youtube and Vimeo options.
  • Added: The column layout of the File Browser - show / hide Folders column - is now remembered when toggled.
  • Added: Sorting of the file list in the File Browser is now done on the server when the files are retrieved, and the sort state is remembered when toggled.
  • Added: PRO A "Download" default option has been added for the Target parameter in the File Manager parameters.
  • Fixed: PRO Updating a file link with the File Manager would result in a change to all links when the Container Element & Enter Key option is set to No Container & Linebreak on Enter
  • Fixed: Error uploading an image for the Poster field in the Media Manager
  • Fixed: <style> tags added to the editor content will now style the editor content.
  • Fixed: Files with "0" as the file name could not be uploaded.
  • Fixed: URLs in plain text content pasted into the editor will now be converted to HTML links.


  • Fixed: Custom Classes not displaying in the Styles list.
  • Fixed: Skip paste clean up when copying and pasting internal editor content.
  • Fixed: Upload error messages
  • Fixed: Select list drop-down display in Editor Profiles.
  • Fixed: Skip proportional calculation of dimensions if either value is a percentage
  • Fixed: Search and Link Tree display in the Insert Link dialog if no search or link plugins are enabled.
  • Fixed: Custom Emoticon path can now be relative or absolute.
  • Fixed: PRO Caption images not displaying correctly due to duplicate styles.
  • Added: Non-image files inserted with the JCE File Browser (Media) field are now inserted as links.


  • Fixed: The introduction of a JCE File Browser Media field caused a conflict with the core Media field.
  • Changed: PRO Revert use of FIGURE and FIGCAPTION in the Captions plugin.
  • Added: PRO Four new vintage style effects have been added to the Image Editor.


  • Fixed: VisualBlocks outlines not displaying correctly after a recent update.
  • Fixed: Language file for installed plugins not loaded.
  • Fixed: Editor occasionally freezing when editing content containing a large amount of special characters.
  • Fixed: Iframe icon missing from iframes placeholder
  • Fixed: Convert table width and height attributes to inline styles on paste.
  • Fixed: Remove internal .mce- classes from the Path display.
  • Fixed: Spellcheck fails when using a hosted spellcheck service.
  • Fixed: Convert Custom Styles selector values to lowercase.
  • Fixed: Add translatable labels for the editor tabs.
  • Fixed: Improve clipboard extraction when pasting from some sources, such as Adobe InDesign.
  • Fixed: PRO "Temp file could not be loaded" error received when applying an edit in the Image Editor on some systems.
  • Fixed: PRO File links applied incorrectly when creating a new link in the File Manager when the Container Element and Enter Key option is set to No Container and Linebreak on Enter.
  • Added: Emoticons plugin can now load emoji from an external json or txt file.
  • Added: A JCE File Browser (media) field has been added for use with Custom Fields.
  • Added: A repeatable field has been added to the Attributes dialog to allow for editing and setting of custom attributes.
  • Added: Experimental support has been added for markdown to html conversion when pasting text content. This is activated using the textpattern_use_markdown option.
  • Added: PRO Show the image extension in the save dialog in the Image Editor.
  • Added: PRO Images can now be saved to a specific or new folder in the Image Editor.
  • Changed: PRO The Captions plugin now creates captions using the FIGURE and FIGCAPTION elements.


  • Fixed: Remove svg as a default image format.


  • Added: Support for svg files as an image filetype.
  • Added: Header, Footer and Nav block elements added to the Format list.
  • Changed: Revert to using images for Visual Blocks labels.
  • Fixed: Images in tables could not be selected if the table was right-aligned.
  • Fixed: Numbers in a list style, eg: 23. 24. etc. in unordered lists were removed when pasting from Word.
  • Fixed: Copy/Cut and Paste of editor content would sometimes include incorrect formatting.
  • Fixed: Copy/Cut of images in the editor that included a link would paste without the link.


  • Fixed: Removed conversion of double-linebreak to paragraph when pasting content.
  • Fixed: Removed conversion of paragraph to double-linebreak when pasting content.
  • Fixed: Removed processing of some code when saving content in the Code view.
  • Fixed: Allow for empty list elements, eg: <li></li>
  • Fixed: Styles from custom stylesheets were not being added to Styles list.
  • Fixed: Improve cut, copy, paste of internal editor content.
  • Fixed: Replace the "filter" attribute for the media form type to use "mediatype" to specify the file types to display, as "filter" is a core field attribute.
  • Fixed: Tabbing in a list item now correctly indents the list.
  • Fixed: Folder tree column was not hidden if the "Folder Tree" Filesystem option was set to No.
  • Fixed: Undo level not correctly set when inserting content into an empty editor.
  • Fixed: Classes applied to an element from the Styles list will now be added to that element rather than the element parent.
  • Changed: Replace use of images for visual block names with css text.
  • Changed: Skip encoding of urls in the Link dialog if the url contains shortcode or mustache characters
  • Added: pps and ppsx file types added to default list for the File Browser
  • Added: Improve support for shortcode.
  • Added: Uploaded files can now have a numeric suffix if the file already exists, eg: image-1.jpg, image-2.jpg etc.
  • Added: Collapse statusbar Path if the length exceeds the statusbar width
  • Added: PRO Added an option to hide the Responsive Tab in the Image Manager Extended.


  • Fixed: Underline and Strikethrough styles not removed when pasting from Word.
  • Fixed: Editor fails to load correctly if the Clipboard options (Cut, Copy, Paste) are not enabled.


  • Fixed: Joomla PageBreak removed when saving content.
  • Fixed: Clean up table background styles when pasting from Word.
  • Fixed: XML error in Joomla 1.5 on some servers.
  • Fixed: PHP error displayed in Editor Profiles -> Editor Parameters -> Advanced.
  • Changed: Skip missing alt attribute warning dialog when updating an image that does not already have an alt attribute set.


  • Fixed: Custom Stylesheet styles not displaying in the Styles list when the editor is loaded.
  • Fixed: Some internal classes not removed when toggling the editor or saving content.
  • Fixed: Remove <meta> tag added by Chrome when pasting HTML content into the editor.
  • Fixed: Menu item list not shown in the Link dialog in Joomla 1.5
  • Fixed: Custom parameters not set and updated correctly in the Popups tab when using the JCE MediaBox option.
  • Fixed: Insert and Update button not working in the File Browser in some instances.
  • Fixed: Users and Usergroup options not updated if all items are removed in Editor Profiles -> Setup.
  • Fixed: PRO Editor unresponsive on loading in some instances when using the Microdata plugin.
  • Fixed: PRO Incorrect thumbnail folder and thumbnail prefix values used if the global and Image Manager Extended parameter values are different.
  • Fixed: PRO Formatting and cleanup of some code when saving in the Code tab.
  • Fixed: PRO Saving code in the Code tab in Yootheme WidgetKit 2
  • Fixed: PRO Media type detection when inserting some media without a file extension.


  • Added: A custom stylesheet can now be specified for the Style Select list to use, independent of the global editor / template stylesheet.
  • Added: Support for Language Overrides set in Extensions -> Language -> Overrides.
  • Added: "Only from Word/Office Content" option added to the Strip Class Attrbiutes option in Editor Profiles -> Plugin Parameters -> Clipboard. This allows retention of class attributes in pasted HTML, but removes them when pasting from Word documents.
  • Changed: Update link rel attribute value so that only noopener is added to external links, when the target attribute is set to _blank
  • Fixed: Replace content instead of inserting content when using Joomla.editors.instances[].setValue
  • Fixed: News Feeds display in the JCE Control Panel not working.
  • Fixed: A few bugs when pasting as plain text.
  • Fixed: Improved error message display on server operations in Image Manager, File Manager etc.
  • Fixed: Linbreak to paragraph conversion when pasting in content.
  • Fixed: View Mode option in Editor Profiles -> Editor Parameters -> Filesystem not applied.
  • Fixed: Stop tree scrolling animation when manually activating scroll
  • Fixed: Hide Joomla loader on changing categories after rejecting the Navigate Away prompt.
  • Fixed: Remove base64/file images from content by default when pasting in content.
  • Fixed: Relative URLs issue with Yootheme Pro.
  • Fixed: Formatting of Style Select options that resulted in the list not displaying in PHP 5.4
  • Fixed: Remove use of protocol relative URLs in Youtube and Vimeo embed.
  • Added: PRO Thumbnail options are now available when uploading images in all relevant dialogs (Image Manager Extended, File Manager, File Browser)
  • Added: PRO Support for the meta and link tags as flowcontent in the Microdata plugin.
  • Fixed: PRO Replace All in Source Code view.
  • Fixed: PRO Apply watermark to all resized uploaded images when activated.
  • Fixed: PRO URL conversion when using timestamp
  • Fixed: PRO Removal of some elements when saving in Source Code view.


  • Fixed: Editor Drag & Drop upload not working.
  • Fixed: Nested block element removed when using Remove Format to remove styling from the block element.
  • Fixed: Prohibited Attribute Values option not working as epxected.
  • Fixed: Improve Link dialog tree performance when an entry contains a lot of items.
  • Fixed: Error when a Custom Style Format uses an integer as an attribute value.
  • Fixed: Folder contents not displayed in the Image Manager, File Browser etc. when a file or folder name has an invalid encoding.
  • Fixed: Content duplicated when pasting from a plain text source in Chrome.
  • Fixed: PRO Add support for m4a as an audio file.
  • Fixed: PRO Always Include Dimensions option ignored in the Image Manager Extended.
  • Fixed: PRO Editor crashes in some situations when switcing back to the Editor from the Code tab.


  • Fixed: Error loading the editor when using installed plugins on some sites.
  • Fixed: Remove the space above the editor when the Editor Tabs - Code and Preview - have been disabled.
  • Changed: Revert to using a pixel value instead of em for Indent.
  • Fixed: PRO Enter incorrectly creates linebreaks when switching back to the editor from the Code tab.
  • Fixed: PRO The last editor on the page is updated with the code in the editor above it when using the Source Code view in Yootheme Zoo.
  • Added: PRO A timestamp is added to image URLs inserted with the Image Manager Extended to ensure that the correct version is always displayed. The timestamp is removed when the content is saved or the editor is toggled.


  • Fixed: Editor fails to load in SP Page Builder (Again!)
  • Fixed: &shy; characters now remain as named entities after adding them in the Source Code view.
  • Fixed: Custom classes not showing in the Styles list or dialog Classes field.
  • Added: A mediajce form field has been added for the JCE File Browser in plugins/system/jce/fields
  • Changed: Updated the conversion of Joomla media fields to use the new mediajce field.
  • Fixed: PRO Preview images in the Image Manager, File Manager etc. will now be updated when edited using the Image Editor.
  • Fixed: PRO Improved processing of Source Code content on saving to fix compatability issues with some extensions.
  • Added: PRO A Validate Content option is now available in the Source Code parameters to bypass content cleanup and validation before saving.


  • Fixed: Editor would freeze when clicking the Code tab if Yootheme WidgetKit was loaded on the page.
  • Fixed: Some content is incorrectly altered when saving in the Code tab.
  • Fixed: Improvements have been made to the Search feature in the File Browser, with a full server side search executed on the current folder when a list limit is selected.


  • Fixed: Page reloads when the Joomla Read More button below the editor is clicked.
  • Fixed: Editor fails to load in SP Page Builder.
  • Fixed: Removed workaround for WidgetKit 2 editor issue as this has been fixed in WidgetKit 2.9.8


  • Fixed: Compatibility issue with some extensions due to internal code changes.
  • Fixed: Menu items in the Link dialog tree list are now ordered by id and name.
  • Fixed: Link selection expanded when creating a link in a table cell using the context menu in Chrome.
  • Fixed: Incorrect File Directory Path value used in some profile setups when opening the File Browser from the Link dialog.
  • Fixed: Incorrect upload size value reported when adding a file to the upload queue.
  • Fixed: Installation failure when using a MSSQL database.
  • Fixed: Pasting now correctly detects Libre Office documents for cleanup
  • Fixed: Super Users now have access to all menu items in the link tree in the Link dialog.
  • Fixed: Window Popups not removed or updated due to incorrect detection of onclick attribute.
  • Fixed: Non-breaking space characters removed if the Entity Encoding option is set to UTF-8.
  • Fixed: Uploaded files are not renamed if the new name contains spaces and the 
  • Fixed: Styles dialog display corrupted when updating a style that contains a border or backround colour.
  • Fixed: Style dialog unresponsive when updating some styles.
  • Fixed: Add support for subform repeatable fields in Joomla 3.7
  • Fixed: Added a workaround for editor initialisation in WidgetKit 2
  • Fixed: Styles list unresponsive when using custom styles that use integer values.
  • Fixed: PRO Saving in the Source Code Editor would result in rewriting and duplication of onclick attribute values.
  • Fixed: PRO Uploaded images that are resized using multiple dimension values are not saved to unique files if no suffix is specified.
  • Fixed: PRO Windows Media files inserted with the Media Manager are not converted corrctly on saving.
  • Fixed: PRO Incorrect propotional values calculated for some thumbnails in the Thumbnail Editor.
  • Fixed: PRO Legacy Image Manager Extended parameters used instead of new Editor Filesystem parameters, eg: Cache
  • Added: PRO Custom attributes can now be set for Video and Audio in the Media Manager to allow for new attributes such as controlsList.


  • Fixed: Directory Filter values were not be deleted after clicking the trash button and saving the profile.
  • Fixed: Revert changes made in previous version when Verify HTML is set to No.
  • Fixed: Only hide the when the state is set to off if the toggle button is enabled.
  • Fixed: Duplication of Folder Tree items when using the Amazon S3 Filesystem plugin.
  • Fixed: The File Browser opened from the Media Manager dialog (via the Poster field etc.) would not show images
  • Fixed: Images could not be selected with a mouse click in Chrome.
  • Fixed: The Styles list will now show the last used item when opened.
  • Changed: Remove scope attribute from style tags and remove CDATA comments from within style and script tags. 
  • Changed: Use a value of 2em as the default indent amount rather than a specific pixel value. 


  • Fixed: Paste As Plain Text button is unresponsive (a javascript error is generated) when the Insert button is clicked.
  • Fixed: The Yootheme WidgetKit editor-xtd button below the editor does not respond when clicked.


  • Changed: A more aggressive Word cleanup routine on pasting now produces cleaner HTML with no styles, unless specified in the Styles to Keep parameter.
  • Added: ogg,ogv,oga and webm file types have been added to the default file types for the File Browser.
  • Added: Extended Elements are now treated as custom elements if they are not valid HTML, allowing for support for stuff like <g:plusone>
  • Fixed: Image Manager, File Browser etc. does not remember the last opened folder.
  • Fixed: A local image was treated as external if the url contained a query string.
  • Fixed: Errors uploading if the server does not support PHP multibyte functions (Multibyte support is required for UTF-8 file and folder names).
  • Fixed: Added some missing labels.
  • Fixed: Updated Search & Replace dialog to support long label names.
  • Fixed: Removed unnecessary @font-face rules generating errors in IE.
  • Fixed: Duplication of Toggle Editor button when the editor is loaded in some extensions.
  • Fixed: The Toggle Editor button was not displayed if the page is loaded with the editor turned off. 
  • Fixed: Custom Styles not applied correctly in some instances, such as when a selector is specified or when the Container Element & Enter Key option is set to No Container and LineBreak on Enter.
  • Fixed: Email modal in the Link dialog not closing when the Close button is clicked.
  • Fixed: URLs and Email addresses in pasted content are only converted if the autolink_url and autolink_email options are set to true (the default value for both)
  • Fixed: Added pre-wrap and pre-link options to the White Space list in the Styles dialog.
  • Fixed: Hide event fields in the Attributes dialog depending on the Doctype.
  • Fixed: Colour values not correctly applied by the Styles dialog.
  • Fixed: Update the Text Case options to support unicode characters.
  • Fixed: Incorrect max size value displayed in the error message generated when an upload file size exceeds the maximum allowed size.
  • Fixed: Table <td> and <th> width and height values are now converted to style values along with the <table> width and height values.
  • Fixed: The Format list now updates correctly when moving the cursor out of a block element.
  • Fixed: The correct default Yootheme theme.css file is now when the Editor Styles option is set to Template CSS Files.
  • Fixed: Folder tree items are now sorted when a new folder is created.
  • Fixed: Unresponsive Paste button after initial successful paste.
  • Fixed: Text case not respected in File Directory Path.
  • Fixed: Remove noopener and noreferrer as Group values when editing a MediaBox popup.
  • Added: PRO Images can now be resample to 72dpi on upload when using PHP Imagick.
  • Fixed: PRO Caption colour values not updated correctly when edited.
  • Fixed: PRO Captions wrapped around adjacent text when created on an image in IE11.
  • Fixed: PRO Search & Replace in CodeMirror now supports global variable replacement.
  • Fixed: PRO Images are now correctly resized in the Image Editor when width and height values are changed.
  • Fixed: PRO Invalid URL created when inserting a DailyMotion video with the Media Manager.
  • Fixed: PRO Media Manager unresponsive when attempting to insert a Youtube Popup.


  • Added: Tables will now use align="center" if the editor Doctype is set to HTML4
  • Added: Javascript is now allowed in URL values if Allow Javascript is set to Yes.
  • Added: Add noopener noreferrer rel attribute values to all links when the target attribute is set to _blank
  • Added: Add support for loading external stylesheets for Custom CSS Files.
  • Changed: Update the Search Replace dialog to use latest Tinymce code.
  • Fixed: Various table cell selection issues.
  • Fixed: Added legacy mce_editor selector class to the editor for improved layout support in some Joomla extensions.
  • Fixed: Yootheme template styles would change in some setups when editing.
  • Fixed: Added 100% editor container width to fix layout in some Joomla extensions.
  • Fixed: Font Family, Font Size and Font Colour values updated when selecting an element containing a font/colour style or reset when selection does not contain a font/colour style.
  • Fixed: Autobackup plugin not retaining content when the browser tab is closed or crashes.
  • Fixed: Tree nodes are now updated correctly in the File Browser etc. when a folder is renamed, deleted or opened.
  • Fixed: Font loading errors in IE11 / Edge.
  • Fixed: Reset Format List selection when selected node is not a block element
  • Fixed: Fix line height of Font Size list items
  • Fixed: Remove "_blank" target value on popup links
  • Fixed: Fix SHIFT+Click select of items in the File Browser.
  • Fixed: Remove reference to woff2 and ttf fonts (only woff and eot are now used)
  • Fixed: Window position in IE / Edge when opening a new dialog such as the File Browser or Help.
  • Fixed: Slow loading dialogs in Edge.
  • Fixed: Style formats not applied correctly when the Custom Style Format uses a selector.
  • Fixed: Convert CRLF to LF in all PHP and XML files.
  • Fixed: Default options are now applied correctly for Filesystem options, eg: S3 Filesystem ACL options.
  • Fixed: Editor tabs created multiple times in some Joomla extensions (eg: Hikashop)
  • Fixed: Conflict with TrendMicro toolbar that would cause some fields in a dialog to be inaccessible.
  • Fixed: Alert dialog not shown when an action creates an error, eg: attempting to delete a non-empty folder.
  • Fixed: Class value in Captions dialog not set when a caption is updated.
  • Fixed: Selection of a file item after upload when the name of the item is changed during upload, eg: UTF-8 to ASCII character conversion
  • Fixed: UTF-8 characters converted to ASCII wen uploading or renaming a file despite the Websafe File Names option being set to UTF-8
  • Fixed: Path issues on Windows servers causing File Browser folders and files list to be blank, regardless of File Directory Path settings.
  • Fixed: Styles list is now reset when a selection does not contain a class.
  • Fixed: Styles list now scrolls to the relevant item when a selection contains a class.
  • Fixed: PRO URL value in the Popup tab not set if No is clicked in Use Associated Thumbnail dialog
  • Fixed: PRO Found values not replaced in Source Code Editor when using Search and Replace.
  • Fixed: PRO Do not set title attribute on popup link as the image title should be used instead.
  • Fixed: PRO Update Source Code editor content when content is inserted into the editor by an external script using a Tinymce API call.
  • Fixed: PRO Invalid file name validation causing errors when upload some files.


  • Added: A button - denoted by an "x" - has been added to the Font colour drop-down to remove the font colour from a selection.
  • Fixed: A number of issues related to styles in the Tables dialogs.
  • Fixed: New Folder, Upload and Help buttons missing in Image Manager, File Manager etc. in Safari.
  • Fixed: Form fields not updated when editing a link in IE.
  • Fixed: Search & Replace dialog display in some non-English translations.
  • Fixed: Direction options not working in the Search & Replace dialog.
  • Changed: Merged Find and Replace buttons into a single button.
  • Fixed: Dimension values not updated in some instances when Proportional option is checked.
  • Fixed: Removed truncation of item names and tooltip in the Tree display in the File Browser and Link dialog.
  • Fixed: Some labels not translated correctly.
  • Fixed: JCE MediaBox Popup Caption and Title values would not display correctly if they contain html, eg: a link
  • Fixed: Editor content not saved if the editor is opened in a popup above an existing editor instance, eg: editing translations in the Falang extension.
  • Fixed: Link applied to adjacent text when creating a link on an image that has a float applied to it in Chrome.
  • Fixed: Paragraphs removed from table cells when pasting table data.
  • Fixed: Selecting "Not Set" clears the Classes list in the Advanced tab.
  • Fixed: Incorrect Profile used (eg: wrong File Directory Path) in the Image Manager, File Manager etc. when the profile is assigned to a component.
  • Fixed: Weird resizing of textarea when the editor is toggled.
  • Fixed: PRO Display and function of Margin and Padding values in the Caption dialog when the Equalize option is checked.
  • Fixed: PRO Error on upload when the Thumbnail Editor is displayed, but the Thumbnail option is selected in the upload dialog.
  • Fixed: PRO Image Editor display in Safari 
  • Fixed: PRO Range / Slider display in IE and Edge.

  • Fixed: Dialog windows not displaying correctly when Compress CSS or Compress Javascript is set to Yes.
  • Fixed: Legacy "Updates Available" button showing in Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3


  • Fixed: Paste button not visible when clicking Copy or Cut button in the File Browser, Image Manager etc.
  • Fixed: Various style issues in the Tables dialog.
  • Fixed: Remove popup link when no Popup option is selected.
  • Fixed: Add link colour overrides when Reset Editor Styles = Yes
  • Fixed: Some Profile Parameter elements not toggled when a parent option is changed.
  • Fixed: Width and Height values not correctly updated in Profiles -> Features & Layout
  • Fixed: Editor layout in Zoo Business Directory display.
  • Fixed: Language files not loaded for some installed plugins.
  • Fixed: Weird scrolling after saving an image edited in the Image Editor.
  • Fixed: File Browser launched from the Link dialog uses the wrong File Directory Path if a legacy "Language Direction" parameter is set.
  • Fixed: File Browser launched from the Link dialog does not show custom file types added in the File Browser parameters.
  • Fixed: PHP error on some servers where for some reason JFormFieldSpacer does not inherit JFormField::getAttribute
  • Fixed: Readmore and Pagebreak object is not highlighted when clicking on it.
  • Fixed: File Browser folder pathway disappears with long path values.
  • Fixed: Editor does not toggle when the Source Code tab is active.
  • Fixed: Some context menu items are not displayed when the context menu is activated inside a table.
  • Fixed: PRO Slider widget in the Image Editor not displaying in IE11
  • Fixed: PRO Memory check function returning an incorrect value when the PHP memory_limit value used a single letter shorthand byte value, resulting in failures in some image processing routines.
  • Fixed: PRO Image Editor Resize dimensions reset when applying a resize.
  • Fixed: PRO Improved thumbnail mode display in the File Browser.
  • Fixed: PRO Images smaller than the upload resize values are incorrectly enlarged to those values.
  • Changed: The Table buttons are now shown by default and can be collapsed to a drop-down menu when the "Show Buttons" table parameter is set to "No".
  • Changed: Replaced lock icon for Dimensions, Margin and Padding fields with a labelled checkbox.
  • Added: An option to disable alphabetical sorting of class names extracted from template stylesheets for the Styles list.
  • Added: Folder Tree now scrolls to and highlights the active folder when editing an image, file, etc.
  • Added: A Confirm prompt dialog is now shown when pasting an image, file etc. when an item with the same name exists in the target folder.
  • Added: A custom callback function name can now be sent to the File Browser when creating a custom File Browser link. 


  • Fixed: Error on a new install of JCE Editor.
  • Fixed: Tooltip disaply in editor toolbar in Features & Layout tab.
  • Fixed: Pressing Enter will now correctly execute a modal action in the File Browser, eg: New Folder, Rename, Delete etc.
  • Fixed: PRO Update jsbeautifier in Source Code editor and fix encoded source code issue.
  • Fixed: PRO Resize values reset when clicking Apply in Image Editor.
  • Fixed: PRO Format content when toggling to Source Code tab.
  • Fixed: PRO Caption dialog labels not translated.


  • Fixed: Content lost when switching from Editor tab to Preview tab and back.
  • Fixed: Long names in tree display are now truncacted and do not wrap.
  • Fixed: PRO Improved item title display in File Browser when in grid mode.
  • Fixed: PRO Edited images saved to incorrect folder in some instances.
  • Fixed: PRO Image Editor Effects will now scroll correctly.
  • Fixed: PRO Watermark not applied on upload if the option is enabled as a default.
  • Fixed: PRO Placeholder style removed when updating an iframe in the File Manager.
  • Added: Update Sites entries are now cleaned up on install to prevent the display of duplicate items in future updates.
  • Added: Preflight install method prevents JCE Core from being installed over JCE Pro.


  • Fixed: Content removed on saving when the editor is toggled off after initialisation
  • Fixed: Add "Not Set" option to the Relationship Page to Target list in the Link dialog.
  • Fixed: Incorrect panel shown for selected tab in Image Manager Extended etc. when a tab is disabled in parameters.
  • Fixed: Border Colour style not applied in Table dialogs.
  • Fixed: Styles not updated when edited in Table dialogs.
  • Fixed: Content not updated when toggling editor while Code Tab is active.


  • Fixed: Users cannot be deleted in User List in Profiles -> Setup
  • Fixed: Only last editor content saved when the page contains multiple editors.
  • Fixed: Editor not loading when profile contains reference to plugins that are not installed.
  • Fixed: Drag & Drop upload nnot inserting the image after the upload is complete.
  • Fixed: Table width and height values not updated when editing a table.
  • Fixed: PHP error when Directory Filter value is not an array (due to bug in previous version)
  • Fixed: PHP errors in PHP 7.1 producing blank alert dialogs.
  • Fixed: PRO Source Code font size parameter not applied.
  • Fixed: PRO Image expanded to 100% width when a caption is applied.
  • Fixed: PRO Margin and Align values not applied in the Image Manager Extended when the Advanced Tab is hidden.
  • Fixed: PRO Image Manager Extended specific lables not translated.
  • Fixed: PRO IFrame plugin not available in Profiles -> Features & Layout
  • Changed: Remove Vertical Align from Table Row


  • Fixed: Error when editing an absolute URL.
  • Fixed: Minor layout issue when File Browser is positioned at the top of the dialog.
  • Fixed: Install missing icons folder required by File Manager.
  • Fixed: Subscription Key warning URL.
  • Fixed: Page reload when inserting into Code Editor or textarea using editor-xtd buttons.
  • Fixed: Editor area width when editing context not defined by a profile.
  • Fixed: "mediaplayer" class error when using the Media Manager.
  • Fixed: Margin values not updated correctly if values are different.
  • Fixed: HTML content of selection removed when creating a link on the selection. 
  • Fixed: Incorrect File Directory Path used by the File Browser launched from the Link dialog due to a conflict with the Language Direction parameter.
  • Fixed: Add border to colourpicker icon so it is visible when the active colour is white.
  • Fixed: Invalid error reporting on file upload.
  • Fixed: Folder Tree not expanded when editing a file or image that is not in the root folder.
  • Fixed: Custom colours not displayed in the Colour Picker.
  • Fixed: Links containing an @ character always treated as email addresses.
  • Fixed: PHP error when Compress CSS is set to Yes.
  • Fixed: Incorrect path used for Yootheme template stylesheet if not style has been set.
  • Fixed: Update editor default styles.
  • Fixed: Invalid editor content doctype causing content to display in "quirks mode", eg: table cell font-size displayed differently to body font-size.
  • Fixed: Remove editor focus on load when Spellchecker is enabled by default.
  • Fixed: Profile rendering bug causing profile save to fail.
  • Fixed: Layout of additional form items in File Browser dialogs eg: when using the Amazon S3 plugin.
  • Fixed: Folder Path display in the File Browser.
  • Fixed: Show "Element not defined..." message when an element type is not available.
  • Fixed: Repeatable elements in Profile Parameters not saved as an array
  • Fixed: Some installed plugins not loaded correctly.
  • Fixed: Table options missing when the Doctype is set to HTML5
  • Fixed: Namespace all language keys to prevent conflict with some system messages.
  • Fixed: Resizing of editor and source code editor in fullscreen mode
  • Fixed: Save Order button unresponsive
  • Fixed: Translation of labels in standalone File Browser.
  • Fixed: Upload item icons not displaying.
  • Fixed: Table dialog titles not displaying context, eg: Cells, Rows, etc.
  • Fixed: Style values removed when updating multiple table cells or rows.
  • Fixed: PHP Notice "A non well formed numeric value encountered..."
  • Fixed: Plugins not loaded when site path contains a + character.
  • Fixed: Language file not loaded for installed plugins.
  • Fixed: Style values not set or removed in the Image Manager etc. when the Advanced tab is hidden.
  • Fixed: PRO File Manager link icon not displayed if the file extension is uppercase.
  • Fixed: PRO Correct default values not displayed in the Create Thumbnail dialog.
  • Fixed: PRO Edited content not saved in some extensions (K2, Zoo, WidgetKit, Modules)
  • Fixed: PRO Image Editor no longer requires WebGL support to function, although some effects - blur, sharpen, polaroid - wil not be available without it.
  • Fixed: PRO Add missing Source Code parameters.
  • Fixed: PRO Added missing labels in File Manager
  • Fixed: PRO "removeExifData" error when uploading an image.
  • Fixed: PRO Error Applying edit in the Image Editor due to invalid base URL.
  • Fixed: PRO Update of margin values in the Caption dialog.
  • Fixed: PRO Form element layout in Microdata dialog.
  • Fixed: PRO Apply links to image selections as in previous File Manager
  • Fixed: PRO Upload resize using legacy Image Manager Extended parameter values.
  • Fixed: PRO Thumbnail and Watermark upload options disabled when clicking the Resize checkbox.
  • Fixed: PRO Upload resizing when options are hidden.
  • Added: PRO Image Options label added to Upload dialog.
  • Added: Toggle Editor label can be set again displayed next to "power" button.
  • Added: Experimental - Allow mixed URLs (absolute and relative) with advanced mixed_urls option.
  • Added: Script tags re-rendered in Preview so they are executed correctly.
  • Added: Option to expand table buttons as displayed in JCE 2.5.x 
  • Changed: Legacy plugins are now not loaded in JCE Core to avoid backwards compatibility issues and user confusion. 


  • Fixed: Filesystem profile parameters eg: File Directory Path, not applied in the File Browser.
  • Fixed: Plugin Parameter default values, eg: Margin Left, Margin Right etc. not applied.
  • Fixed: Popup Caption and Title values were being set as "undefined"
  • Fixed: Error tabbing from the Code tab to the Editor tab when using an editor theme other than "Default"
  • Fixed: Editor XTD buttons not working when working in the Code tab.
  • Fixed: Drag & Drop uploading into the editor not working.
  • Fixed: Toggle Toolbars button not working.
  • Fixed: "#undefined" values in the Styles list when using Custom Styles.
  • Fixed: Toolbar labels not translated when the system language is not en-GB and no editor language pack is installed.
  • Fixed: Tabs should now display in K2 and WidgetKit (and perhaps other extensions too?)
  • Fixed: Table Merge dialog not loading.
  • Fixed: Colourpicker positioned offscreen in Table dialog.
  • Fixed: Namespace all language keys to prevent overwriting of system messages.
  • Fixed: Editor Profiles -> Features & Layout -> Current Editor Layout tooltip incorrectly positioned.
  • Fixed: IE11 does not keep selection when creating or editing a link.
  • Fixed: Tab and editor width when default Width and Height values have been set.
  • Fixed: PRO Cannot create or load templates in the Template Manager.
  • Fixed: PRO Incorrect Popup URL created in the Image Manager Extended.
  • Fixed: PRO Correct Media Type not selected in the Media Manager if the file extension is uppercase.
  • Fixed: PRO Watermarking on upload not working.
  • Fixed: PRO File Manager Option (Icon, Size, Date) defaults not applied.
  • Fixed: PRO Creating an empty image using Markdown syntax was not creating an upload placeholder.
  • Fixed: PRO Image Manager Extended srcset images should be separated with a comma.
  • Fixed: PRO Image Manager Extended srcset images using incorrect URL
  • Fixed: PRO Popup URL field can now be set when the Popup Type is not selected.
  • Changed: Set Source Code direction to LTR if Editor is RTL.


  • New: Refreshed Toolbar and Dialog UI
  • New: Code and Preview tabs.
  • New: Styles Filter allows filtering of styles list items by typing in part of the name of the required style. 
  • New: PRO Single installation package including all plugins
  • New: PRO Image Resizing and Image Editor available in Image Manager Extended, File Browser and File Manager
  • New: PRO Resize to new files on upload with optional suffix for each file.
  • New: PRO Create responsive images in Image Manager Extended using the srcset attribute.
  • New: PRO Embed files with the File Manager using an iframe with the option to display using Google Docs or Office Viewer.
  • New: PRO Create downloadable file links with the File Manager using the download attribute.
  • New: PRO Markdown support in the editor window