What is the JCE Pro Subscription

The JCE Pro Subscription grants access to various resticted services that we offer on this site, including download of the JCE Pro Editor, Forum Support and access to JCE Pro updates via the Joomla Updater Manager.

What is JCE Pro Editor?

JCE Pro Editor is an enhanced version of the JCE Editor extension and includes additional plugins like the Image Manager Extended, Media Manager and File Manager.

How much does a subscription cost?

Subscriptions start at €35 (EUR) for a new subscription and €27 (EUR) for a renewal if you have had a subscription before.

A subscription can be renewed at the discounted price for 30 days before it expires, and 30 days after it has expired. After this period, the full price applies.

The JCE Pro Subscription is purchased from this website via Paddle.com. Paddle may charge tax on each sale applicable to your location.

How long does a subscription last?

A subscription currently lasts for 1 year (365 days)

What happens when the subscription ends?

When the subscription ends you will lose access to the restricted services a JCE Pro Subscription offers, such as JCE Pro downloads and updates, and access to the Support Forum (you will no longer be able to post support requests).

Does JCE Pro Editor stop working when the subscription ends?

No, you can continue to use the version of JCE Pro Editor you have installed have for as long as you like, but you lose access to upgrades or downloads of JCE Pro Editor.

How many websites or domains can I install JCE Pro Editor on?

You can install JCE Pro Editor on as many websites or domains as you like.

Does the subscription automatically renew?

No, you will need to buy a new subscription when the existing one expires. You will receive an e-mail reminder before the subscription expires.

I've bought a subscription, but I would like to give it to a friend/client. Can a subscription be transferred?

Subscriptions are linked to the account the user was logged in with when purchasing the subscription and are not transferable.

My subscription has expired. Can you send me the last version that was released during my subscription period?

No. The JCE Pro Subscription grants you access to download the latest available version of JCE Pro Editor and a limited set of past releases, and to update to the latest version via the Joomla Updater. When your subscription expires you lose access to these downloads and updates.

Where can I get Support?

Support for JCE Pro is available in the Support Forum. We do not offer product support by email.

Who is Paddle?

Paddle are the official reseller of the JCE Pro Subscription and other products from Widget Factory Limited.