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The JCE HQ will be relocating to London, England over the weekend of the 28th February 2009.

General support and forum responses will be interrupted but I hope to resume business as normal as soon as possible, most likely by Monday 2nd March.

Long awaited updates to JCE 1.5.x have finally been released, addressing and fixing many bugs and issues, and adding a few new featues along the way.

This release consists of updates to the Editor Plugin and Admin Component, as well as all the subscription plugins. Notable updates and changes include:

  • A new HTML, javascript powered multiple file uploader (no flash required!)
  • A GZip compression option reduces load times of the editor significantly
  • TinyMCE has been upgraded to - Changelog
  • A new, improved Advcode Editor using the CodeMirror syntax highlighting engine (php support to follow)
  • Improved support for PHP, CSS and javascript code with visual indicators.
  • PDF and other Object support
  • Improved security removes iframe, object, param, embed, applet, script and style elements unless an appropriate plugin or option is enabled.
  • New Article Breaks plugin adds improved Readmore and Pagebreak support
  • The Group Manager in the Admin Component has been re-designed / re-ordered to make using this powerful feature easier.

For a full list of features and fixes, click Read More or see below.

For fixes and changes to the subscriber plugins, see the download notes for each plugin.

For installation instructions including new upgrade steps, click here