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I'm sure this little announcement will disappoint many of you, and it frustrates and disappoints me to have to write this, but once again I must delay the release of 1.1.0 stable by a few days.

This has been a very difficult version to complete, with the main focus being on stability, useabilty and code cleanup/optimization. It would seem at the moment that as I solve one problem, another pops up and the release just does not seem to want to be wrapped up.

Anyway, enough whining. Back to work.

A release this week, I promise.


Just thought I'd post up the official release date for JCE 1.1.0 'stable' as everyone has been waiting so patiently for it.

So that will be Sunday 15 April, then.


I had hoped to release it sooner, this weekend in fact, but I found I had a bit more testing to do and a few more things to fix, and after all it was Easter weekend, best spent with family I think, not in front of the computer.


So, 1.1.0 stable will see the end of availabilit and support for 1.0.4, but the release of 2 new plugins for 1.1.0, the Media Manager SE, with FLV support, and the Template Manager. Both of these plugins will be available to subscription members only.


If you have any last minute fixes, suggestions or ideas for 1.1.0, please let me know.



Seems like the move to JQuery has caused more than a few problems. Hopefully this release will iron out the remaining bugs.

Changelog (from 1.1.6)
  • Popup window position now adjusts to window when scrolled.
  • Fixed popup image resizing bug.

Get it from the Downloads section

This fixes some minor bugs in the 1.1.5 release, and adds keyboard navigation (arrow keys and/or numeric keypad 4 and 6 keys for left and right, ESC for exit) as well as fading in/out the window overlay, with a parameter to set its opacity.

Get it from the Downloads section .

JCE Utilities Mambot 1.1.5 has been released and is available now in the downloads section.

This release sees the mambot move from using mootools as its javascript effects library to jQuery, partly because of unavoidable conflicts between mootools and prototype/scriptaculous (which is used by many other Joomla mambots/modules). Unfortunately this means that the popups will no longer be draggable (they may get this functionality back in the future), but a number of new configuration options have been added to the mambot, including the ability to have a 'semi-transparent window overlay' like in the original Lightbox.

 'Operation Aborted' issues in IE6/IE7 should also be fixed. Furthermore, both the jQuery script and the JCE Utilties script are compressed for quicker loading (the original source files are included.