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UPDATE: A few fixes have been added in the release:

  • Restricted Access errors on upload
  • Error / blank file window in Manager plugins
  • Paste from Word / Paste as Plain Text errors / fixes 

An important update for JCE 1.1.x has been released, primarily to fix a security issue in all versions prior to 1.1.9. All users of these versions are encouraged to update.

In addition, all the Manager plugins (File Manager, Media Manager, Image Manager Extended, Template Manager) are affected and should be updated too.

Installation / Upgrade instructions:

Users of JCE 1.1.6 and 1.1.7 can apply the bot_jce_118_1192_patch.zip provied. Unzip the contents to your local machine and upload / FTP the extracted files over the existing ones in mambots/editors/

Alternatively uninstall the existing editor mambot and reinstall bot_jce_1192.zip using the Joomla! Mambot installer - Installation Tutorial

JCE plugins must either be re-installed or the contents of each zip package extracted over the existing folders in mambots/editors/jce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/ - Installation Tutorial

Additional updates include:

  • All local files and links are now inserted with relative urls. an extra option in the JCE Configuration can disable this.
  • All scripts are now loaded using relative urls which may fix the www issue?
  • Media Manager - Flash Options now incudes allwfullscreen and the newer FLV player from JCE 1.5.x, with fullscreen playback, has been included.


JCE Editor Mambot

JCE Editor Mambot 1.1.8 to patch

JCE Plugins


Some of you may have come across this error in the JCE Administration Component Control Panel recently. This is nothing to be alarmed about, as it occurs because the new site is not yet offering a news feed which would be displayed as it was before, in the Control Panel.

There seem to be a few bugs still in the PHPBB3 forum bridge that are causing some nasty errors for a few users when logging in on the frontend or the forum. I hope to have this resolved as soon as possible.

UPDATE: Is this issue resolved? I made some code changes to some of the bridge files and I haven't had any complaints for a couple of days now...

This site is in the process of a slow and painful process of a migration to Joomla! 1.5. Things will look messy, dissapear, reappear and then dissapear again, break, stop working, work again, change color and probably $$#??0&õ

Please bear with me. I'll try an keep the disturbance to a minimum.