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A rush release of the JCE Admin Component 1.5.0 beta 3 to include an option to perform an Installation Fix - manually create the necessary database tables not created by the Admin Component installation. I'm not quite sure why the problem is occuring in the first place, if anyone can she some light on this, the first rounds on me!

I also added a Control Panel admin menu link. 

After installing the Component using the Joomla! Installer, got to Components->JCE Administration->Control Panel. If the dtabase tables were not created during the initial install, you should see the image below:
Click the 'Fix Installation' button to attempt a reinstallation of the database tables. Result messages will be displayed on success and failure.

The second beta release of JCE 1.5.0 sees a number of important fixes and a few new features and additions. These include small javascript and css tweaks, some function rewrites, and quite a bit of cleanup here and there.

The priority for this release was made clear when a number of users had difficulty installing and using beta1, either because of timeouts when attempting to install the editor, or because of tables not being created during the Admin Component install. The latter was caused it would seem, by a bad sql files, which contained data that may have been incompatible with many databases. My apologies for this.

2 days late, after being 2 weeks late after nearly 2 months late....but the first beta of JCE 1.5.0 is finally here!

This is a significant release as not only does it include the latest and greatest version of TinyMCE, 3.0.2, but also represents anew direction in the development of JCE, with new methods of data handling, an improved API with better extension options, better language support, but also new methods to extend and enhance plugins; as well as a few new bit and pieces (available soon).

This initial beta release is available to subscribers only, as an attempt to limit any potential problems to a smaller audience, and to offer subscribers the opportunity to test and use the brand new version of JCE!

Please note that although this is beta code, and therefore should be used in production environments with caution, indications are that JCE 1.5.x is stable and shouldn't cause any major problems.


Just a quick note that JCE 1.5 for Joomla! 1.5 is currently in development and will be released soon, although an exact release date is not available at this time, expect somthing in the region of 1 to 2 weeks from now. It will initially be released as a beta.

This is a complete rewrite of the JCE Admin Component and Editor Mambot, designed around Joomla! 1.5's new MVC API. It is being designed to work better and faster than previous releases and will include the new TinyMCE 3 wysiwyg editor

Although not all plugins will be available on release, all currently available plugins will be redeveloped for JCE 1.5 where neccessary and a few extras will also make it into the list, one new one for members, and one new one for everyone.

It will be worth the wait.

Thank you for your patience.

Please note that the current version of JCE is not compatible with Joomla! 1.5