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Thank you to everyone for your amazing support.

In the next couple of weeks I will be implementing a site membership system, where for $20, you can sign up for a one year JCE Site membership, which will give you access to special forums (that are given priority over all others), tutorials, documentation and advanced plugins for the JCE system.

Payment will be made through 2Checkout.com, and activation will be instant (just building the little component and module that makes this happen!).

Non-members will still have access to the core JCE system , the Editor Mambot and Component, as well as a selection of basic plugins. These plugins will include the Image Manager Lite, File Manager and a 'Lite' version of the Media Manager (basically as it is now, but without FLV and MP3 support that the advanced version will have), as well as the Advanced Link plugin.

Members will get the full Image Manager, with resizing, thumbnailing and popups, with an Image Editor to be included in the near future, a Media Manager with FLV and MP3 support, provided through custom built Flash players, the Caption plugin and the Template Manager.

I hope to release a little video soon showing off some of the new 'Manager' features, such as file and folder sorting and searching of the file list, whilst simultaneosuly showing you the FLV player I have built for the Media Manager.



Well, it would seem that my decision to release JCE under a new licence was premature, and was done without proper research.

For a start, Creative Comons licences are not appropriate for software, and are incompatible with GPL licences.
A commercial variant of JCE would be okay if TinyMCE was the only library included, as this is released unde the LGPL licence, which makes exceptions for commercial software. Other included libraries and scripts (phpThumb, getId3 and the webfx Selectable Elements script) are released under GPL, which complicates everything, as the licence requires JCE to also be released under GPL or a similar compatible licence.

This sort of sucks.

So, I guess my options are:

Continue to release JCE as GPL or LGPL, but slow down the development. The amount of time and effort put into JCE with no financial return is becoming less and less appealing.

Provide two identical versions of JCE, both licenced under GPL, but one for sale and one for free, in the hope that commercial users of JCE would 'buy' the one.



As of version 1.1, JCE will be released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA licence, which will mean that JCE will no longer br free for commercial use. A licence or permission for commercial use will be available for purchase for between $10 and $15 (I haven't decided on a price yet), and will be valid for the life of JCE (that is from version 1.1 onwards) for a single instance of JCE.

Version 1.1 should be available in the next couple of weeks, and includes a lot of new stuff, including the latest update of TinyMCE,, a spellchecker, sorting and searching for the File, Image and Media Managers, as well as Flash FLV and MP3 players. Flash files will also be able to accept parameters.

I apologise for taking so long to release the next version of JCE, but I have been very busy lately, as well as learning ActionScript and rebuilding a whole lot of the JCE code.



Just thought I'd let you all know what I've been experimenting with for a future version of JCE.

JCE will soon include and AJAX library (xajax). What does this mean exactly? Well to quote from Wikipedia :

"Asynchronous JavaScript And XML, or its acronym Ajax, is a Web development technique for creating interactive web applications. The intent is to make web pages feel more responsive by exchanging small amounts of data with the server behind the scenes, so that the entire Web page does not have to be reloaded each time the user makes a change. This is meant to increase the Web page's interactivity, speed, and usability."

In the JCE 'Manager' plugins (Image Manager, Media Manager etc), the file and folder list displayed is located within an iframe which is reloaded everytime an action takes place (delete, rename etc.). This is a horrible waste of bandwidth, and takes a while to load if you have a large list of files and folders as these are re-read everytime the page loads. Using xajax, this is only done  when the plugin is first loaded, when the refresh button is pressed or when you change to a new directory. The file/folder list for the current directory is treated as a statc list, and operations are only performed on the selected file(s) or folder, updating the static list if the operation was successful.

There are other cool things we can do with this as well.

The Link Favourties feature for the Advanced Link plugin will re-appear, allowing you to quickly create, delete and re-use links.

Image Manager popups will change to allow for extended functionality and also create better popup links. In future, when you create a popup, the popup image's attributes will be stored in the database, and an id assigned, creating a unique link for that popup, something like : index2.php?option=com_jce&task=popup&pid=2. We will then also be able to add things to the popup, like lengthy descriptions of the image, or possibly even create an image slideshow from a number of images.


There are quite a number of possibilities, and at the moment this is all in a pre-alpha testing phase, but as soon as I think its working, and stable, it will be incorporated into JCE.







I have uploaded some updates to most of the JCE bits 'n pieces and added 2 new plugins:

Template Manager - Upgraded version of the original Templates plugin, with JCE 'manager' features ie: uploading, renaming, deleting etc.

Image Manager Lite - a cut down version of the Image Manager without the GD/phpThumb features of the original.


Grab them from the downloads section.